12 April, 2015

Holiday Village of Chita UFO Falls From The Sky

As the head of the Trans-Baikal Territory Constantine Ilkovsky, crashed and exploded on the territory of the dacha cooperative object is related to the Ministry of Defence. The governor noted that now the cottages “Cossack farm” working law enforcement agencies. “ We live in a border area, some costs will be, as long as no one was hurt “, – quotes the head of the region, local media.

The fall of an unknown object and its explosion occurred in Chita April 8. At the site of a crater, one of the houses glanced roof. As a result of the incident no one was hurt.

The military were quick to say that on that day no exercise in Transbaikalia was not performed. 
Metal fragments of a mysterious “stranger” sent for examination. According to preliminary police blew up a gas cylinder.
UFO Explodes over Russian City ~ The Xenologist

Earlier in the coal mine in the Kuzbass miners have found an object that is very much like a flying saucer. It is a circle with a small hill in the center. Diameter stone disk is 1.2 meters, and weight – about 200 pounds. At the moment, scientists can not assume from what made unidentified object and what it actually is.

Link: http://russiannewsonline.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/on-holiday-village-in-chita-fell-ufo.html


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