16 April, 2015

Eclipse Films Raise Question - July 7th 1954

Shiny White Objects Look Like 'Saucers'

Olso, Norway UP -- A famed cameraman said pictures he took during the solar eclipse last week showed "shiny white objects like flying saucers."

Photographer Johnny Bjornulf said "It was especially interesting to find the objects" since they "nearly coincided in time with the observation of six 'flying saucers' from a BOAC plane off Labrador."

The cameraman discovered the shiny objects while showing a color movie of the eclipse in London last Monday. He flew back to Norway and examined  still pictures he took at the same time and saw the same objects.


Bjornulf took the pictures aboard a Scandinavian Airlines plane at 13,500 feet altitude while photographing the eclipse of the sun last Wednesday for scientists.

He said he had no idea the object were on the film until he saw the movie in London.

"My personal opinion is that the shining white spots on the pictures are some reflex phenomena, although I am quite sure that it is not due to any reflection in the camera lens."

He ruled out lens reflection because the objects appeared on film taken by two different cameras.

A photographic expert in London who saw one of the still pictures said sun reflections from the airplane wing through the plane's laminated glass may be responsible.


On one still picture, taken with the still camera, circular white spot can be seen midway between the sun and the tip of the airplane wing. The object has a very faint tail like the condensed vapor stripes sometimes seen in the wake of jet planes at high altitudes.

Another but vaguer "object" can be seen partly hidden by sunlit clouds.

"In my opinion the second flying saucer seems to be a kind of mirage of the first one," Bjornulf said.

Eugene Register-Guard, Wednesday, July 7, 1954
Link: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=yiZWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=xuIDAAAAIBAJ&pg=7019%2C4245747


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