26 October, 2016

Russian Scientists Discover Secret Nazi Base in The Arctic!

"About 500 items of historical importance during the Second World War - in particular, gasoline cans and paper documents, bullets and personal care products, shoes with a swastika."  Press secretary of "Russian Arctic" national park Yulia Petrova has said about the findings.
Rumors about the existence of the base on the island of Alexandra Land went many decades. "Before that, it was about the only known from written sources, but now we have real evidence", - said a senior researcher at the National Park Evgeny Ermolov.
Experts believe that the secret base was built in 1942, on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler. Most likely, the Germans began to operate the facility in September 1943 and left in June 1944. The reason for folding mission scientists believe trichinosis - infected employees plant nematodes due to the use of raw meat of polar bears. Some members of the crew, scientists believe, died, and the survivors were evacuated seaplane BV-138 as part of a special rescue mission. The most valuable equipment was taken later the German submarine U387.
BV-138 Seaplane
"Treasure Hunter", also known as "Schatzgraber" - one of the most mysterious Nazi bases in the Arctic. The existence of meteorological and military direction-finding station became known in 1942, when Soviet pilots flew close to the base depots. However, traces of the Germans in the Soviet military island seen before - in 1941, and after World War II, the Nazis abandoned the base attended a specially organized Soviet expedition, which is preserved scraps of information. 
The Blohm & Voss Manufactured Seaplane BV-138, 1943
 For example, it is known that in September 1951 Icebreaker "Dezhnev", as reported in his book "Arctic shadow of the Third Reich" military journalist Sergei Kovalev, held in the strait between the island of George Land and Alexandra. The ship's crew explored the abandoned Nazi station. The expedition discovered five bunkers, designed for 30 people, meteorological mast and the antenna. The residential base bunker consisted of seven equipment rooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and pantry. A quarter of the construction was hidden in the ground, and the rest is painted with oil paint white.
U-Boats at Sea
Dugout surrounded by trenches, in which researchers found a radio station, mortars and machine guns. A more powerful transmitter was hidden under the tent is five kilometers from the coast, in the interior of the island. Also on the coast close to the base of found motorboat. The station was invisible from the water and was about half a kilometer from the coast, at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level. Obviously, the "Treasure Hunter" was in direct command of the Kriegsmarine (the German Kriegsmarine). 

This was confirmed by the Soviet military, which in the vicinity of the station, and the Nazi airfield on Alexandra Land saw podskalnuyu database of German submarines. Unfortunately, today the witnesses are dead, and the available information about the secret station is a collection of hard checked rumors. In wartime, close to the German airfield and weather station on the island of Alexandra Land was Soviet airstrip. Unlike Germany, it is not located in the excellent location of the island: the Arctic winds regularly purged, so dries slowly.

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