30 April, 2015

Astronomer claims to see UFO close to Montgomeryshire border

A KEEN astronomer believes he saw a UFO in the skies above his home close to the Montgomeryshire border – the second unexplained incident within a year in the area.

Jamie Keeling, 28, from Four Crosses was retrieving items from his car near his home when he claims to have heard a low, deep rumbling noise from above.

Mr Keeling says he saw a large black triangular craft flying overhead with a bright, pulsating red light at each corner. The close encounter occurred shortly before 10pm on Thursday, April 9, as the object apparently flew directly over the Powys skyline.

Mr Keeling said: “It was travelling at a constant speed and height. It was hard to tell what altitude it was flying at, but it looked very high and very large in size and was travelling due east.

“My father is a pilot, and I am a keen amateur astronomer, so I know what I am and am not looking at when it comes to things in the night sky.

“I wondered whether it could have been three military aircraft flying in formation, but all aircraft flying anywhere in the world are obligated to, and are not allowed to fly in any airspace, unless they have a very specific formation of lights displayed; that being a red light on the one wing tip and a green light on the other.”

Last August an “unexplained banana shaped object” was seen in the sky by a model plane enthusiast also in the Four Crosses area.

On this latest occasion light pollution hampered visibility on the night and Mr Keeling said it was impossible to distinguish whether the lights came from one large triangular aircraft or three military aircraft flying in formation.

He said there were no stars visible between the three red lights as the craft moved along it’s flight path, which led him to believe it was one solid craft, but because so few stars were visible on the night he could not be certain.

Mr Keeling believes he has seen the same mysterious craft on two previous occasions at the same spot at around the same time.

He added: “The sightings were the same each time but this time I had a much clearer view as I was standing out in the open in the middle of the road so none of the craft was obstructed and I was able to watch it until it disappeared into the distance.

“I don’t know what it was that I saw, but I do know it was a craft with lights that do not conform to the legal obligations set out by the FAA.

“Its speed was hard to judge as I couldn’t ascertain its distance from my position, but this was not a normal aircraft and I have no idea what it was.”

Link:  http://www.newsnorthwales.co.uk/news/147407/astronomer-claims-to-see-ufo-close-to-montgomeryshire-border.aspx

Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego

Did you see those mysterious lights southwest of San Diego on Tuesday night?

A viewer sent us several photos he took, capturing a string of multicolored lights in the sky above San Diego. 

The viewer, Larry Fox, said the lights that appeared to be red, blue and green kept flashing and changing colors from his vantage point in Del Cerro.

"It looked like a strobe light," he said.

Fox said he was out in his backyard when he saw the strange lights southwest of the Coronado Bridge. He didn't think it was a plane or even a drone because it was stationary.

"It was a series of flashing lights," he said. "If it was a plane, it would have moved."

A NBC 7 reporter and photographer also spotted the strange lights from San Ysidro as they were covering an unrelated story on Tuesday night.

A number of folks also called us here at NBC 7, reporting the same thing.
So did you see it? Leave us a comment below.

29 April, 2015

Are These Dancing Lights a UFO Sighting in Pampanga?

Creating a buzz on the Internet are posts from netizens that show dancing lights taken from Lubao Diversion Road in Pampanga a couple of days ago.

One video was posted last April 26 and from it, you can see fiery lights floating in the sky. According to Paolo Gallardo, the netizen who posted the video, the lights were there for a good 5 to 8 minutes. Watch his video below.

Gallardo sent us the photo below, which is the location where they saw the dancing lights. He said:
This is the exact spot where we took the video (at) night time. As you can see, NO MOUNTAINS IN THAT AREA, NO BUILDINGS. They were really in the sky, floating.

He further detailed that it was his cousin, Patrick Gallardo, who noticed the strange lights first.
Another netizen, Jojo Dimagiba, posted a video of the said dancing lights but mentioned that it was along SCTEX. Watch the video below.

Photos of the dancing lights were also posted online.

These photo below is from Jhic De Guzman Dimagiba. It was captioned as having the camera on aperture priority which caused downward streaks of light. Still, you can observe similar light patterns as with the two videos above.

Michael Francis Mendoza commented that a friend from Pampanga posted the following photo of dancing lights.

Netizens are divided as to what these dancing lights really are. Some say it could be a UFO sighting while some say it might just be a convergence of fireflies. Some joke about it saying its the Avengers coming or ET just phoned home.

Apparently, this is not the first time a UFO sighting is claimed in Pampanga. In the year 2000, mysterious light danced in the sky for about five hours over the towns of Mabalacat and Angeles. We haven’t found any updates about it though.

We are not sure what these dancing lights are. We are also interested in knowing what they could be.

What do you think these dancing lights are? UFO sighting? Some strong land-based halogen lights reflected on the clouds? Fireflies convergence?

Link:  http://www.wheninmanila.com/are-these-dancing-lights-a-ufo-sighting-in-pampanga/

Not A UFO But NASA's Super Pressure Balloon Seen in Australia

Many people in Victoria took a Nasa balloon for an unidentified flying object (UFO) and one of them even called police, the Southland Times reported.

People soon took to social media after spotting Nasa balloon in the sky above Victoria and thought it was a UFO.

Victorian Storm Chasers updated their Facebook page with a post saying "We have had a few images coming into the page about the mysterious slow high flying light over parts of Victoria tonight".

"We are able to confirm that it is a Nasa Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) which was launched last month in New Zealand," it read.

Many people had commented on the post saying they thought it was a UFO and the post had laid an unanswered question about what the mystery object was to rest.

Others said they thought it was the planet Venus, a jellyfish in the sky or the Goodyear blimp. The post was shared over 700 times and received almost 1,000 comments.

One witness was driving when she saw the light in the sky.

"I looked up and there was this weird thing in the sky, and there was a lot of other cars stopping to look at it too. It looked like a white circle with lines across it. It just didn't look right," she was quoted as saying.

She called police who took a report of the incident. The $1.6 million helium balloon was launched from Wanaka Airport in New Zealand on March 27.

It was expected to circle the world two or three times before landing in South America.

Link:  http://gadgets.ndtv.com/science/news/nasa-super-pressure-balloon-mistaken-for-ufo-in-australia-686127

Curious UFO photographed over Orlando Airport

On March 23, 2015, a young boy was taking randomly pictures of the Orlando airport (Florida, USA). A week later, his father noticed a very strange UFO on pictures.
Witness report:
1. My son took picture at airport he is 6 years old.
2. I noticed the craft in his picture a week later.
3. It is a UFO.
4. No clue on movement
5. I was in shock, but our family has a history of UFO sightings.
6. It was taken by my son of 6 years old he was randomly just taking pictures pure luck.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/5248/Curious%20UFO%20photographed%20over%20Orlando%20Airport

UFO caught on camera above streets of New York

A UFO soaring over the Bronx in New York City recently led to multiple 911 calls from panicked and freaked-out residents, it has been reported.

One terrified woman told a 911 operator that a "flying spaceship" was moving swiftly over East 149th Street and the Bruckner Expressway, the New York Post reported.

Self-described UFO journalist Ryan Sprague said that East 149th Street was close to La? Guardia Airport, which could lead to "misidentifications, however, witnesses should not be discounted.

Link:  http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ani/ufo-caught-on-camera-above-streets-of-new-york-115042800307_1.html

23 April, 2015

Mars Orbiter See's Curiosity Rover From Space!

Mars image from the orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona
A view from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on April 8, 2015, catches sight of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover passing through a valley called "Artist's Drive" on the lower slope of Mount Sharp.

The image from the orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera shows the rover's position after a drive of about 75 feet (23 meters) during the 949th Martian day, or sol, of the rover's work on Mars.

The location of the rover, with its shadow extending toward the right, is indicated with an inscribed rectangle. North is toward the top. The view covers an area about 550 yards (500 meters) across. An unannotated version of the image is at:


Curiosity used a route through Artist's Drive on its way toward higher layers on Mount Sharp after examining exposures of the mountain's basal geological unit at "Pahrump Hills." The rover's "Logan Pass" science destination is at the bottom left of this image. A wider map of the area is at


This image is an excerpt from HiRISE observation ESP_040770_1755. Other image products from this observation are available at:


The University of Arizona, Tucson, operates HiRISE, which was built by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Boulder, Colorado. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Project and Mars Science Laboratory Project for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington.

Link:  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4563

In Hastings, A Man Alleges He Took Photographs of A UFO

A Hastings man has sought the opinion of the Observer’s resident UFO expert after capturing an unexplained phenomenon on camera.

Alan Harding with his unusual images

Alan Harding visited our Woods House office today (Tuesday, April 21) to ask Malcolm Robinson to look over a series of pictures captured on his camera which appear to show a UFO.

Mr Harding set up his camera outside his Harold Road home to capture the alignment of the moons of Jupiter on the night of the solar eclipse on March 18.

However, when he viewed the images he spotted a bright object which appeared to move around the sky over the space of 12 minutes.

“I didn’t notice it until I emphasised the images otherwise I would have stayed up all night,” he said.
After taking the images to several observatories he decided to seek the advice of Mr Robinson.

Although his day job is selling adverts for the Observer series, Mr Robinson is a leading expert on UFOs and has just finished filming for a new Channel 5 documentary.

Alan Harding, from Hastings, captured this picture while photographing the moons of Jupiter
Speaking about Mr Harding’s images, he said: “My initial thought was that it may be lens flare – due to the nature of the bright planets sometimes there is flare to the left or the right.

“However, the gentleman assures me that it was not that and it certainly doesn’t look like that.

“My second thought was that something has flown into the camera shot like a gull but again, I don’t think it is that.”

Mr Robinson explained the vast majority of images turn out to be easily explained.

Of the remaining five percent, three per cent is military or other advanced technology and one per cent is an new atmospheric phenomenon.

Alan Harding, from Hastings, captured this picture while photographing the moons of Jupiter
“The one per cent that remains, the fly in the ointment, that is what keeps scientists and ufologists the world over interested in the subject,” he said.

“It is great to have a local man coming up with not just a strange story but some great images.”
Mr Harding said: “I take millions of images, I’m a technological person and I know all the issues you get with lens.

“I have got no explanation for it.”

Link:  http://www.hastingsobserver.co.uk/news/local/ufo-captured-on-camera-in-hastings-1-6700331

About 12 UFO sighted over Peoria, Illinois

On April 20, 2015, during night, a person has spotted about 12 orange unidentified orbs flying over Peoria, the largest city on the Illinois River. He has taken multiple photos of this phenomenon…
Witness statement:
It was 10 minutes before I started my shift at work so I went behind our building to smoke a cigarette. After lighting a cig to the corner of my eye 3 orbs as orange as the end of my smoke began to ascend and cross the sky. A few more appeared and I rushed to get my phone out. I had experienced seeing ufos 2 other times in my life and never got a chance to take pictures. I knew instantly what I was witnessing. After a few clicks I decided to try make a video but for some reason I couldn't see them on it so I switched back to the camera and took a few more clicks. Then I just watched as the continued their journey across the sky ascending more and more and then just disappearing. I felt great. I finally got some pictures of them :D.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/5197/About%2012%20UFO%20sighted%20over%20Peoria,%20Illinois

Mysterious 'Alien Spaceship' Being Transported Near Area 51, Nevada

Astonishing footage has captured the moment a mysterious UFO is transported through the desert on the back of a truck.

Accompanied by a police escort, the truck is seen driving past a petrol station in Nevada with the strange disk-shaped object strapped to its trailer.

And many viewers have already been speculating as to what the strange structure could be, with some believing it may be an alien spaceship.

One commentator suggested that the operation looked very suspicious - since over-sized loads are usually required to be transported during business hours.

But others rubbished the claims, arguing: "That's not a ufo it's a b-2 stealth drone."

The clip, which has been uploaded to Dailymotion.com has racked up 229,869 views.

According to the filmmaker, the video was recorded in 2013 near to Area 51 - a site rumoured to be a top secret base where authorities met to study and even dissect alien life forms.

Earlier this week an alien hunting blogger claimed he had found photo evidence of a spaceship after scouring through old photographs from the early days of NASA's human space exploration.

The blogger believed that the image, taken in 1960, was proof of aliens keeping an eye on human life.

Link:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/watch-mysterious-alien-spaceship-being-5557212

20 April, 2015

Reagan asked Soviet’s help vs alien invasion—report

FORMER US President Ronald Reagan had reportedly asked the help of the former Soviet Union’s help in warding off an alien invasion.

According to an exclusive report by UK’s Sunday Express published on Sunday, Dr. David Clarke said in his new book titled “How UFOs Conquered The World: The History of a Modern Myth” that during Reagan’s first meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985, he reportedly asked Gorbachev to cooperate with the US if the Earth would be attacked by aliens.

“He ­surprised Gorby by saying he was sure the two superpowers would cooperate if Earth was threatened by alien invasion. Taken aback, the Soviet leader politely changed the subject,” Clarke said.

“Reagan’s comments to Gorbachev at the 1985 summit imply he might have believed the real threat came not from behind the Iron Curtain but from hostile extra-terrestrials,” he added.

Clarke’s book painted a picture of Reagan as an avid believer of the existence of aliens, claiming that the former president arranged a private screening of Stephen Spielberg’s “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” at the White House in 1982 for his guests, including judges and astronauts.

During the end of the movie, Reagan allegedly told the audience: “There are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is true.”

“Ronald Reagan was a born-again Christian and saw no contradiction between his faith and a belief in aliens,” Clarke said.

Reagan, a former Hollywood actor turned governor, served as the US president from 1981 to 1989. He died in 2004.

The book’s introduction said that it tries to “explore the origins of UFOs in the build-up to the First World War and how reports of them have changed in tandem with world events, science and culture.”

UFO Spotted In 1960 NASA Mercury Mission

A prominent UFO researcher has found something strange in a 55-year-old NASA photo — a photo taken by an unmanned space capsule from the Mercury Project, in the earliest days of the United States space program. The strange find led the researcher to ask whether alien observers have been keeping an eye on mankind’s missions into space from the very beginning.

Project Mercury ran for five years from 1958 to 1963 and was America’s first mission to put men in space.

But it was an unmanned mission, Mercury-Redstone 1A on December 19, 1960, that captured this potentially astonishing shot — uncovered this week by tireless researcher Scott C. Waring, editor of the popular UFO Sightings Daily blog.

“I found a disk in some photos of the Mercury mission. The mission took place in December of 1960, and why wouldn’t aliens be interested in watching a historical moment in human history?” Waring wrote on his blog.

“Especially since the capsule was unmanned, there were no worries that they would be seen. It’s actually the Earth in the background and the UFO is in space observing the Mercury capsule,” Waring continued. “The disk is hard to make out in the first photo, but three photos later its easy to see. It looks like a classic disk with a wedge cut out of it. We are living in a remarkably era, when certain deep truths about the universe come within reach of the human spirit.”

The photo sequence that Waring refers to can be seen at this link. But here is the photo that shows the “disk” most clearly.

Link: http://www.inquisitr.com/2023131/ufo-spotted-in-1960-nasa-mercury-mission-photo-early-space-mission-witnessed-strange-object/#utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+google%2FyDYq+%28The+Inquisitr+-+News%29

18 April, 2015

The US Navy's 'UFO' Drone Might Be Impressive But It's Heading To A Museum

The US Navy really wants a flying stealth drone. To that end the organisation has been developing a number of prototypes, the most prominent of which is the 'UFO' styled X-47B combat demonstrator.

While looking similar to other UAV drones, the Navy definitely has the claim of it being not only the most capable, but the scariest.

Whereas others have been limited to flying over land, the X-47B is capable of taking off/landing on a carrier, performing a range of defence and strike duties and -- most recently -- can even refuel itself using an airborne tanker.

Depending on which way you look at it however, there's some good/bad news. The X-47B is already a relic, the drone has carried out all the tests that were asked of it and it'll be sent to a museum to scare small children and mildly concern adults.

The Navy plans to use the results from this two year experiment to shape the designs for their next prototype and eventually, their first unmanned naval fighter jet.

Link:  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/04/17/the-us-navy-ufo-drone-might-be-amazing-but-its-heading-to-a-museum_n_7084990.html

17 April, 2015

Camera Mystery - 'Flying Saucers' In Eclipse Photo? July 7 1954

United Press

Olso, Norway, July 7 - A famed cameraman said told pictures he took during the solar eclipse last week showed "shiny white objects like flying saucers."

Photographer Johnny Bjornulf said "it was especially interesting to find the objects" since they "nearly coincided in time with the observation of six 'flying saucers' from a BOAC plane off Labrador."

The cameraman discovered the shiny objects while showing a color movie of the eclipse in London last Monday. He flew back to Norway and examined still pictures he took at the same time and saw the same objects.

Was 13,500 Feet Up

Bjornulf took the pictures abroad a Scandinavian Airlines plane at 13,500 feet altitude while photographing the eclipse of the sun last Wednesday for scienctists.

He said he had no idea the objects were on the film until he saw the movie in London.

"My personal opinion is that the shining white spots on the picture are some reflex phenomena, although I am quite sure that it is not due to any reflection in the camera lens."

Not Reflection

He ruled out lens reflection because the objects appeared on film taken by different cameras.

A photographic expert in London who saw one of the still pictures said sun reflections from the airplane's laminated glass may be responsible.

On one still picture, taken with the still camera, a circular white spot can be seen midway between the sun and the tip of the airplane wing. The object has a very faint tail like the condensed vapor stripes sometimes seen in the wake of jet planes at high altitudes.

Another but vaguer "object" can be seen partly hidden by sunlit clouds.

"In my opinion the second flying saucer seems to be a kind of mirage of the first one," Bjornulf said.

Miami Daily News, Wednesday, July 7 1954
Link: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=VCIyAAAAIBAJ&sjid=IukFAAAAIBAJ&pg=3810%2C3075137

Chilean Government Confirm Mysterious Object Is NOT 'Made By Man'

A UFO that was sighted in Chile is 'not a known object made by man', according to the country's government.

Officials released the footage after completing a thorough investigation and have announced in a report that the mysterious object is not one they recognise.

They confirmed that the silver disc seen in the clip was approximately 10 metres in diameter and performed with vertical and horizontal movements that no other aircraft can do, according to Chilean media reports.

Scientists at the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Ariel Phenomena (CEFAA) confirmed: "It is not any weather phenomenon or any other known object made by man."

The footage was originally shot in April 2013 by miners who were working at the Collahuasi copper mine in north Chile.

Initially, they chose to keep the clip under wraps, for fear of being ridiculed, but later showed the clip to one of their bosses who insisted on sending copies to the CEFAA in February 2014.

here the mysterious object was seen by workers above a Chilean mine

The witnesses, who have chosen to remain anonymous, revealed that the object hovered in the sky for over an hour, and did not make any sound.

According to reports published in July 2014, the Chilean Meterological Office confirmed that the sky was clear on the day in question and now lenticular clouds (saucer shaped cloud formations) were recorded.

José Lay, director of international affairs at CEFAA also excluded the possibility that the UFO could be a drone.

"People in that area are well aware of the existence of drones.

"Fishing companies use drones and [they] make much noise. This was definitely not a drone."
Officials also ruled out experimental aircraft, weather balloons, or other military drills that could explain the incident.

 Link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/chile-ufo-government-confirm-mysterious-5529498

16 April, 2015

Eclipse Films Raise Question - July 7th 1954

Shiny White Objects Look Like 'Saucers'

Olso, Norway UP -- A famed cameraman said pictures he took during the solar eclipse last week showed "shiny white objects like flying saucers."

Photographer Johnny Bjornulf said "It was especially interesting to find the objects" since they "nearly coincided in time with the observation of six 'flying saucers' from a BOAC plane off Labrador."

The cameraman discovered the shiny objects while showing a color movie of the eclipse in London last Monday. He flew back to Norway and examined  still pictures he took at the same time and saw the same objects.


Bjornulf took the pictures aboard a Scandinavian Airlines plane at 13,500 feet altitude while photographing the eclipse of the sun last Wednesday for scientists.

He said he had no idea the object were on the film until he saw the movie in London.

"My personal opinion is that the shining white spots on the pictures are some reflex phenomena, although I am quite sure that it is not due to any reflection in the camera lens."

He ruled out lens reflection because the objects appeared on film taken by two different cameras.

A photographic expert in London who saw one of the still pictures said sun reflections from the airplane wing through the plane's laminated glass may be responsible.


On one still picture, taken with the still camera, circular white spot can be seen midway between the sun and the tip of the airplane wing. The object has a very faint tail like the condensed vapor stripes sometimes seen in the wake of jet planes at high altitudes.

Another but vaguer "object" can be seen partly hidden by sunlit clouds.

"In my opinion the second flying saucer seems to be a kind of mirage of the first one," Bjornulf said.

Eugene Register-Guard, Wednesday, July 7, 1954
Link: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=yiZWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=xuIDAAAAIBAJ&pg=7019%2C4245747

15 April, 2015

The truth is out there? UFO conference claims government conspiracy

Disclosure Calgary is one of four UFO conferences in the Disclosure tour on UFO research and the alleged cover up in the Canadian and American governments. Paul Hellyer, 91, a former defence minister under Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, announced in 2005 his belief in the existence of UFOs and will be one of the speakers at the event this Saturday, at the University of Calgary.

Large crowds apparently showed up for the first two events in Montreal and Toronto. Are the attendees of UFO conferences growing in number?
It’s growing very rapidly now, because there have been thousands and thousands of sightings all over the world, and a lot of people they’re in the loop and they believe, and their only reluctance is to talk about it because some of their friends are inclined not to believe them until they have their own experience. 

Because they are lying, the U.S. government, they have been lying for 68 years on this subject, and very significantly. It’s a cult of lying, of misleading the people, misleading Congress whose been putting up huge, huge sums of money they don’t even know about, and it’s long past time the truth is out. End the truth embargo and start telling the truth, because these are important subjects and the public, both in the United States but also here and elsewhere have a right to know about it.
How do you answer UFO skeptics?
I get them to read my books and others; because there’s so much literature on the subject, that it is just amazing. And the skeptics, by large, have never done any reading on it.
And it’s just like, take any other subject, physics or something that you are not familiar with, you can be skeptical of some of the rules and things people say if you haven’t taken time out to learn about it.

Where is the proof of the existence of UFOs and aliens?
You have to read the books and get the evidence, and then you can check it out for yourself. There’s all kinds of proof, but only if you know where to look and taken the trouble to go and look.

Who is covering up and why?
The United States government is the principle villain. Why is a good question, you should ask them, because basically, at a hearing we held a couple of years ago in Washington, the consensus of the witnesses at the hearing, of whom I was one, was that it was power and greed.

They cover it up under the cloak of national security, but we all, I think the consensus of all of us who gave evidence there was that it had nothing to do with national security, it was a cover story to keep people from demanding answers, and that the real reasons were power and greed.

Have you seen a UFO or an alien?
I have actually seen one at our northern cottage. So has my daughter; there was one that went right past her window and around behind the boat house.

How would you recognize an alien?
I think it is partly by feel. I was in England last November, talking to one of the best ufologist I know, by the name of Timothy Good. And he has been in their presence three times, he told me. The ones that he saw were the ones that look a lot like us.

Because there are many species, dozens of them, and there are some that have the huge arms and the skinny legs and arms and so on, there’s another that looks like a preying mantis, but quite a few of them look like us. There are the Nordic Blondes for example, look so much like us you can walk down the street right past you and you wouldn’t even notice them.

But the ones he had seen were tall with blond hair, but had something about them that was a little bit different. He could tell, and them he could tell, telepathically, that they were visitors from some other place.

Do you think aliens are dangerous to us?
The easy answer is that they are nearly all benign and friendly, but maybe one or two species that are not.

One of the reasons we want the United States government to tell the truth is just what they know in this area.

Is the truth out there?
It’s coming out, slowly but surely, as the people who have been in the business get older and become closer to death, they’re beginning to talk more, beginning to tell the truth more.

13 April, 2015

12 April, 2015

Cabal keeping UFO secrets to blame for world’s woes, says former cabinet minister Paul Hellyer

Global warming just one challenge that could be faced with the extraterrestrial technology, former Liberal defence minster tells Toronto crowd on Saturday.

In his memoirs, former prime minister Lester Pearson said he would always wonder what might have happened had Paul Hellyer, not Pierre Trudeau, succeeded him in 1968.

But not in his wildest imaginings could Pearson have reckoned on the intriguing ways Hellyer would pass the decades even without the country’s top job.

All going well, Paul Theodore Hellyer — who first served in a Canadian cabinet 11 prime ministers ago under Louis St. Laurent — will be 92 this summer.

On Saturday morning, he was keynote speaker at a Toronto symposium on UFO secrecy, an event that saw about 150 people gather at a University of Toronto auditorium for the old politician’s fascinating review of what ails the country, the world economy, the entire planet.

In short, explained Hellyer, it is a secret cabal’s stranglehold on the international banking system, humankind’s failure to adopt the technology available from extraterrestrial visitors, and to apply it to the climate crisis of global warming.

“Most of us do not know what is going on,” Hellyer said. And the problem, he said, in the punning way he was famous for a half-century ago in Ottawa, is that “what you don’t see is what you get.”
To all appearances, the audience Saturday seemed to get pretty much what it came for.

Those in attendance passed through a lobby that, on its walls, had exhibits telling the story of doctors Banting and Best, and on tables beneath had vendors offering copies of Science Was Wrong, Flying Saucers and Science, UFOs and Aliens and, of course, Hellyer’s own books.

Hellyer was raised a devout Baptist, added a rich baritone to his church choir and studied as an engineer. After being elected, he served in cabinet for a few months under St. Laurent in 1957 before becoming defence minister under Pearson. In that portfolio, he played a key role in changing the Liberal government’s nuclear arms policy and integrating the Canadian armed forces.

Then things got a little hairy.

Hellyer ran for the Liberal leadership but lost to Trudeau in 1968, quit Trudeau’s cabinet and the Liberal party a year later, sat as an independent MP, joined the federal PCs and ran for their leadership in 1976, when he denounced Red Tories for not being true conservatives.

After that erratic phase, he tried unsuccessfully to negotiate the merger of the Canadian Action Party he founded with the NDP, rejoined the Liberals, made a few more doomed bids for election before turning his attention to UFOs, grand conspiracies and such.

Hellyer’s old pal in the Commons, Judy LaMarsh, with whom he sneaked across Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin in 1962 in a caper much frowned on by their bosses, once said “he wants to give people their money’s worth.”

You’d have to think that he did to those who’d ponied up $50 for a ticket on Saturday morning.
At first blush, it could have been a weekend continuing education class on, say, creative writing, or financial literacy for retiring baby boomers. But it was rather less banal.

Hellyer said that when extraterrestrials landed a flying disk in New Mexico — shortly after the end of the Second World War, a war that established the United States as the most technologically advanced nation in human history — well, “it was extremely upsetting” to the Americans to learn there were, in fact, other societies “light years ahead of theirs.”

Much of what has ensued over the last 60 years has been an effort to keep the public in the dark about technology available from ETs, he explained. “Why all the lies and coverup?”

Hellyer said he receives emails by the day from all over the world from people reporting UFO sightings.

From time to time, these visitors have interfered with control systems of nuclear missile installations on Earth, he said. The ETs have taken an inventory of earthly goings-on — “they have the whole picture” — and are not amused by what they see, he warned.

“It is my opinion that they look at us and say, ‘the children have been playing with matches.’ ”
Our planet is down to a few years, if not months, to get our house in order, he said. A key window for the massive monetary reform Hellyer says is needed to free up the resources to address climate change (in part by collaborating with the extraterrestrials) is in the final months of President Barack Obama’s administration, when he has little to fear from bold action.

During a question period after the talk, one audience member suggested those on hand call themselves “Hellyer-ites,” the better (assuming, he said with a laugh, that Bill C-51 didn’t infringe on their activities) to reveal such alarming developments and demand action.

Though admittedly flattered, Hellyer — who said he is frequently on radio in the U.S. these days — suggested something like “Truth-ites” might better fit the bill. 

Holiday Village of Chita UFO Falls From The Sky

As the head of the Trans-Baikal Territory Constantine Ilkovsky, crashed and exploded on the territory of the dacha cooperative object is related to the Ministry of Defence. The governor noted that now the cottages “Cossack farm” working law enforcement agencies. “ We live in a border area, some costs will be, as long as no one was hurt “, – quotes the head of the region, local media.

The fall of an unknown object and its explosion occurred in Chita April 8. At the site of a crater, one of the houses glanced roof. As a result of the incident no one was hurt.

The military were quick to say that on that day no exercise in Transbaikalia was not performed. 
Metal fragments of a mysterious “stranger” sent for examination. According to preliminary police blew up a gas cylinder.
UFO Explodes over Russian City ~ The Xenologist

Earlier in the coal mine in the Kuzbass miners have found an object that is very much like a flying saucer. It is a circle with a small hill in the center. Diameter stone disk is 1.2 meters, and weight – about 200 pounds. At the moment, scientists can not assume from what made unidentified object and what it actually is.

Link: http://russiannewsonline.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/on-holiday-village-in-chita-fell-ufo.html

11 April, 2015

Pulsating Object Caught On Video in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

First noticed a pulsating object the night of March 18, 2015 while letting my dogs outside. I started to watch it with the naked eye, trying to determine what is was. After a few minutes I realized that it was not a plane or helicopter. This is when I got my camera and got the following images and videos. This object has been returning almost every night to generally the same area.


Link:  http://www.ufostalker.com/ufostalker/UFO+Sighting+in+Okotoks+Alberta+Canada+on+March+18th+2015/64556?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ufostalker+%28UFO+Stalker%29

Russian UFO researchers say they found 300-mil-yr-old 'screw '

A group of Russian UFO researchers claim they have found a 300-million-year-old metallic "screw" in the Kaluga region of Russia. They said the discovery is evidence that a technologically advanced civilization existed on Earth millions of years ago.

The alleged metallic screw measured about an inch in length.
Some UFO enthusiasts speculate that the "screw" might have been left behind by alien visitors to the Earth millions of years ago. But some critics have wondered aloud at the technologically "advanced civilization" that uses "screws" to hold advanced spaceship parts together. The Russian UFO research group, Kosmopoisk, first announced discovery of the 300-million-year-old screw embedded inside a rock in the 1990s. And since then mainstream scientists have struggled to explain it away as a natural phenomenon. Kosmopoisk ("All-Russian Research Public Organization”), also known as Spacesearch, specializes in UFOlogy, cyptozoology and other off-beat research pursuits.

The organization was founded in Russia in 1980, and has since grown into an international organization. The group conducts expeditions to remote sites on Earth in search for evidence of alien presence or activity, and cryptozoological species, such as Bigfoot or Almas. Kosmopoik researchers found the “screw” while visiting the Kaluga region of Russia to locate the site of an asteroid impact that occurred in 1990s.

While searching for evidence of the fallen asteroid, the researchers found a rock that appeared to have remains of a metallic screw embedded in it. The alleged screw measured about an inch in length. According to the website Ancient Code, the Kosmopoik Group researchers said the screw was composed of metal.

"Geologists estimated the age of the rock to be about 300-320 million years, older than the existence of dinosaurs. Evidence shows that iron atoms of the screw and the silicon atoms of the rock have in fact spread and fused, suggesting that the screw is by no means a recent addition to the rock."

Tests conducted on the rock in which the "screw" was embedded found that it was formed around the screw about 300 million years ago, implying that the "screw" was at least 300 million years old.
X-ray examination of the rock found another "screw" was inside the rock. 
Middle Jurassic crinoid fossis from Hamakhtesh Hagadol, southern Israel. The are about 10 mm compared with the ancient "screw" about one inch in length
However, mainstream scientists called to give expert opinion on the nature of the alleged "ancient screw" said they have based their judgment only on photos of the rock made available to them and that they have not had the opportunity to examine the rock physically. They said that based on the photos that were made available to them the screw is very likely the fossil of a type of sea creature known as a crinoid that lived millions of years ago. Crinoids were common in the seas in Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era about 200 million years ago. Several species went through mass extinction at the end of the Permian Period of the Mesozoic Era. 
But other forms still populate the oceans. In response to claims by some scientists that the "screw" is very likely the fossilized remains of an ancient crinoid, UFO researchers said that apart from the evidence that the screw is metallic, it is different from crinoid fossils that have been found, being much larger, according to the website Ancient Code. The reader may compare the photo of the alleged "screw" with those of crinoid fossils that have been found (see photos below) and make his own independent conclusion. But UFOlogists insist that the crinoid remains may look similar but they are different from the 300-million-year-old "screw" in size and composition.

However, some scientists note that there were hundreds of species of crinoids with different physical features. While UFO believers continue to claim that the "ancient screw" is evidence of ancient technological civilization millions of years old, mainstream scientists dismiss the claim.

Crinoid fossils from the Middle Jurassic Carmel: Formation at Mount Carmel Junction, Utah.

Weighing in on the matter, a UFO expert, Nigel Watson, author of UFO Investigations Manual, told the Daily Mail, "Lots of out-of-place artifacts have been reported, such as nails or even tools embedded in ancient stone. Some of these reports are interpretations of natural formations. In this case skeptics claim the screw is nothing more than the fossilized remains of a crinoid marine animal, while believers note that the screw is very different from the surrounding fossil evidence. 
"It would be great to think we could find such ancient evidence of a spaceship visiting us so long ago, but we have to consider whether extra-terrestrial spacecraft builders would use screws in the construction of their craft. "It also seems that this story is probably a hoax that is being spread by the internet, and reflects our desire to believe that extra-terrestrials have visited us in the past and are still visiting us today in what we now call UFOs." 
Coincidentally, crinoids have inspired concepts of alien morphology in some sci-fi movies, such as the 1979 movie, Alien.

10 April, 2015

UFO Explodes over Russian City

The incident took place in the Ugdan village earlier on Thursday. "I heard an explosion and saw a huge pillar of black smoke around 11 or 12 a.m.," Vladimir Milovanov told the local Altes TV channel. No one was injured in the explosion but a nearby building sustained minor damage.

Chita, Russia On Map
Policemen collected scraps of metal from the crater left by the blast and sent them for testing.

"The object could not be identified. It does not resemble anything. One of the theories [of what happened] – gas balloon explosion," the press service of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

It appears the Russian local administrative office had trouble coming up with a good lie, so it took a page from 1947 US - "it's a weather balloon".

Link:  http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/27244/56/

09 April, 2015

Japanese Lawmakers Address the UFO Issue

Like a black hole sucking the proceedings out of their familiar orbit, Antonio Inoki surprised his fellow lawmakers during a Diet assembly last Thursday by asking defense minister General Nakatani if Japanese warplanes had ever intercepted UFOs, or whether or not government studies had ever uncovered evidence of life beyond our earthly bounds.

As the extraterrestrial tangent continued, Nakatani responded by saying he had no knowledge of abductions, “Independence Day”-esque skirmishes between jets and intergalactic starships, or sightings of flying objects descending from the heavens. The Japan Times quoted the defense minister as saying: “They sometimes find birds or flying objects other than aircraft, but I don’t know of a case of finding an unidentified flying object believed to have come over from anywhere other than Earth.”

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that the Diet has been hijacked with such sci-fi proceedings. In 2007, the Associated Press quoted then–Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura as saying that he “definitely believes” in UFO’s, despite an official government statement that declared Japan’s airforce had “not confirmed sightings of unidentified flying objects believed to be from outer space.” Neither that article or the recent Japan Times piece cited why government officials are bothering to comment on flying saucers and little green moon men.

What shouldn’t have come as a shock, however, is Inoki’s willingness to broach this and other colorful topics. After all, conventionalism doesn’t appear to be part of the infamously red scarf clad, former wrestler-turned-politican’s repertoire. CNN notes that Inoki first nabbed international headlines in 1976 by going toe to toe with boxing champion Muhammad Ali for one of the world’s first multi-discipline fighting matches. A gripping in-depth profile in Grantland, meanwhile, details his forays into “sports diplomacy” [cf. Dennis Rodman] by making high profile visits to North Korea in 2013 and Iraq in 1990. That earlier visit was part of an effort to free Japanese hostages, but Inoki also used the trek as an opportunity to learn about Islamic practices. The Grantland author added that the then MP sported “tiny white shorts and a tight white T-shirt cheerfully jogging through Baghdad and waving to a guard manning a security gate before suiting up for meetings with Uday Hussein.”

During last week’s Diet session, Inoki said that he “did not know whether or not aliens existed, but he had once seen a mysterious flying object rocket into the air on the horizon and disappear.” If those interstellar travellers do exist, and mean us harm, we can at least take comfort in knowing that the unconventional  politician can ward those ETs off with his infamous bitch-slapping skills. For proof, just do a search for  アントニオ猪木ビンタ, or “Inoki bitch slap” in Japanese, and behold the statesman’s out-of-this-world smackdown capacity

Link:  http://www.tokyoweekender.com/2015/04/japanese-lawmakers-address-the-ufo-issue/

Barack Obama's former pilot tells of close encounter with UFO

One of President Barack Obama’s former pilots not only says he believes in UFOs and tells in great detail about the time he saw one while flying over Iowa.

Andrew Danziger, a 28-year airline veteran who was one of Obama’s pilots during his 2008 presidential campaign, told his story to the New York Daily News.

Danziger says his close encounter happened in 1989 while flying from Kansas City to Waterloo, Iowa. He describes it as a beautiful evening, with clear skies. He says both he, and Bruce, the captain, had noticed a white disc in the sky. For 30 minutes, that disc remained in the sky.

“We got busy with our flying duties and for a short while, maybe for a minute, both of us had looked away from the disc, but when I looked up at it again I saw something that has been burned into my memory,” Danziger writes.

I yelled to Bruce, “Holy s–t.” He immediately looked over from what he was doing. Above the clouds, where the white disc had been, was a now giant red ball. It was big and bright and just sat there above the clouds. It wasn’t intense enough to illuminate us with a red glow but it was still plenty bright. We sat there in stunned silence. We obviously didn’t want to hit it but quickly saw that it was flying parallel to our course. We weren’t on a collision course and we also weren’t gaining on it. Time became a blur as we continued our descent, this giant, red ball holding its course.

As the plane slowly descended to the ground, and was at 13,000 feet, the ball began a descent as well.

More On This Story Here | Sun Times

terrified mum's footage showing 'eerie' object floating in the sky while she does the washing

This is the moment a horrified mum saw what she believes was a UFO floating in the sky while she did some late-night washing up.

The woman, who has asked to only be to be known as Sammi, was in her kitchen when she spotted the unusual object from her window.

The 26-year-old mum, who lives in Barwell, told the Hinckley Times: "I have seen drones and I have let off Chinese lanterns myself before.

"It was not like anything I have ever seen before.

Watch The Footage Here | Mirror Online

"I ran straight outside and started filming on my mobile phone.

"It wasn’t very good so then I got my partners camera and ran upstairs to get some clearer footage.
"There was this constant light and it was quite low. It looked like it was in between some trees but it’s hard to tell when it’s far away in the sky.

"It was hovering. It dipped slightly up and down and after around 15 minutes it completely disappeared. It was towards the direction of the Pingles pet store.

"There was no noise coming from it at all.

"I found it quite eerie."

Sammi said that the object she saw was definitely not a helicopter or a plane because of the way it moved.

She added that she had seen other UFOs on several occasions but none like this one.

Sammi added: "I have definitely seen UFOs before.

"The first time I was about seven-years-old and living in Birstall. Me and my sister were sharing a room and her friend was over.

"We were telling stories then we looked out of the window and saw some flying coloured bright lights. It was just like a flying saucer. It was there with flashing lights and then it was suddenly gone.
"The other time I was at Thornton Reservoir and I was about 22. It was really high up in the sky and was a sort of triangle shape and was a white colour.

"I spent ages watching it and it didn’t move then it just completely disappeared.

"We don’t know what’s out there but it creeps me out a bit.

"I don’t think we can be the only people in the solar system. Lets just hope they are not like the things the movies depict them as."

Link:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ufo-sighting-watch-terrified-mums-5481106

08 April, 2015

Scientists crack the code of the 4,000 year old Ancient ‘Phaistos Disk’

Scientists have been trying to decipher the mysterious "Phaistos Disk" ever since the 4,000-year-old clay disk, which is 16 centimeters in diameter, was discovered in 1908 on the Greek island of Crete.

But no one seems to have been able to translate the mysterious language inscribed on the disk, which dates back to 1700 B.C. and the height of the Minoan civilization -- until now.

Gareth Owens who has studied Classics & Ancient History at UCL, and has received a Phd from EKPA on the Structure of the Minoan Language. For the last 6 years, he focuses on the Enigma of the Phaistos Disk. «We can now 'read' and 'hear' 90% of the Disk he told The Huffington Post.

The disk can be read spirally, i.e., from the rim inwards. The disk's two sides bear a total of 242 signs which can be divided into 61 groups and there are 45 different signs on the Disk.

Link: http://verytopsecret.info/scientists-crack-the-code-of-the-4000-year-old-ancient-phaistos-disk/
Original: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/scientists-crack-code-of-4000-year-old.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+UfoSightingsHotspot+%28UFO+Sightings+Hotspot%29

Plasma ORB captured over Tijuana in Mexico - Apr 6, 2015

In many sightings, the UFOs have a plasma-like appearance, like the plasma ball captured in the sky over Tijuana in Mexico on April 6, 2015.

Some scientists assume that this UFO phenomenon is caused by highly charged atmospheric plasmas. These were named unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs).

In a high-energy state, the UAPs are visible to the naked eye, but in a lower energy state they may only be visible in the infrared spectrum or on radar.

The UAPs generally have a magnetic field about 5,000 times weaker than Earth’s, but the UAP’s field is pulsed and rotating, which seems to provide them with their source of propulsion.

The UAPs were also capable of flying in formation and quite frequently formed complex geometric arrangements of three to five balls that gave a very good approximation of the underside shape of a classic UFO. These balls were able to move synchronously and were observed to be able to join and then part again. When flying in formation, light in between the balls of plasmas often appears to be blocked, giving the appearance of a solid craft.

UAP or UFO? It remains a mystery.

Link: http://verytopsecret.info/plasma-orb-captured-over-tijuana-in-mexico-apr-6-2015/
Original:  http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/plasma-orb-captured-over-tijuana-in.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+UfoSightingsHotspot+%28UFO+Sightings+Hotspot%29

UFO Had Front-Row Seats to the Villarica Eruption in Chile

Source: La Cuarta and Planeta UFO
Date: March 6, 2015

Chile: UFO Had Front-Row Seats to the Villarica Eruption

Retired academic from the University of Chile photographed a static sphere over the volcano for one minute and forty-six seconds.

Eduardo Hidalgo was a chair of the department of Kinesiology of the U. of Chile until he retired. He sold his consultancy and relocated to within 20 kilometers to the west of the volcano. At 03:00 yesterday, he woke up to relieve himself at the same time the eruption started. He ran to find a Canon camera that his son had brought him from the U.S. - "I put it on a tripod and started taking pictures that I showed the following day to a German photographer, who was intrigued by a strange dot of light," he explained.

At noon, he transferred the images to his computer and discovered an orange ball he considers to be a UFO, since unlike the material emerging from the crater, the object did not move in the sequence of eight photos taken between 3:04 to 3:05 and 46 seconds, according to the camera's timer.

"I calculate that it was some 1500 meters over the volcano. I believe it's a UFO as it remained motionless."

Meanwhile, ufologist Nicolas Maisterow said that spotting UFOs during natural disasters is a recurrent phenomenon, particularly in seismology and volcanology. "There are theories about volcanos being entrances to subterranean worlds inhabited by intraterrestrial or extraterrestrial beings," said the researcher, who recalled reports from people claiming to "imps" emerging from the ruins of the homes destroyed by the 1939 Chillán earthquake.

To paranormal researcher César Parra, "before any natural catastrophe or disaster, a series of events that border on the paranormal and the ufological can generally be seen."

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Liliana Núñez Orellana]

Link:  http://inexplicata.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/chile-ufo-had-front-row-seats-to.html