25 December, 2015

Mysterious Lights Pepper The Chilean Skies Over Santiago

International Online Zhuangao: According to British “Daily Mail” reported on December 23, on YouTube period of five minutes long video display, Santiago, Chile (Santiago) 4 group discovered floating over the mysterious luminous object, witnesses said theyIt is “UFO fleet.”

This video is called “San Diego discovered mysterious UFO”, the video, you can see the night sky mysterious luminous body floating in a strange formation in the distance, then spread out and eventually disappear completely.

The authenticity of this video caused a lot of controversy users, an audience wrote:. “At first I thought it was a Chinese lantern tied together, but they move very fast.” Another viewer wrote on Facebook He said: “this video seems to be very real.”

But others do not seem to believe that these mysterious lights might just leap UAV light emitted over the city.

Chile is not the first time UFO, in fact, Chile’s San Clemente (San Clemente) has become the country’s “UFO sightings of all.” The area often receives a mysterious luminous spheres disappear report in water or forest.

Source:  http://www.inews163.com/2015/12/24/chile-floating-mysterious-luminous-sky-witnesses-said-like-ufo-fleet-137304.html

Original Link (Chinese):  http://news.163.com/15/1224/15/BBK3EKG700014JB5.html

24 December, 2015

The Dulce Underground Base: How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go?

We’ve all heard rumors of secret government underground facilities such as Area 51 or Cheyenne Mountain, but how many of these facilities could there be, and what is taking place at these bases that is so secretive?

Approximately 83 miles (or 134 KM) north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada,  exists a top secret U.S. military installation dubbed by pop culture as Area 51 but insiders refer to it as Dreamland, the Nevada Test and Training Range, Watertown, Home Base, Homey Airport, or specific sites such as S-2, S-3 and the infamous S-4. 

The number 51 is only significant to land surveying, since the site exists in the dry bed of Groom Lake on grid square number 51 near the intersecting boarders of three counties in southern Nevada: Clark County, Lincoln County and Nye County. The nuclear testing site located just to the north is, for example, called Area 13, also named for the stretch of land it occupies.  Within grid square 51 is a6-by-10-mile block of land, at the center of which is a large air base the government will not discuss. This air base has the longest air traffic runway on planet Earth, but that’s just what is on the surface.

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08 December, 2015

NZ's haven for UFOs

 Kaikoura and Blenheim might just seem like pleasant destinations for tourists who want to drink wine, eat crayfish or watch whales.

What the tourists might not know, though, is that they’re just a stone’s throw from New Zealand’s UFO sighting hot spot.

Two hours east from Motueka and Nelson to the Kaikoura Coast is a haven for sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Sightings have been inconsistent but have never stopped, and there was one last month.

The sightings have also been occurring in the same area as the Waihopai Spy Base, the largest of its kind in New Zealand and part of a global satellite communications monitoring network.

So it is just a delightful coincidence?

Click below for the video
Source:  http://www.3news.co.nz/tvshows/story/nzs-haven-for-ufos-2015120718

More Information:
* Kaikoura Lights
* Waihopai Spy Base

05 December, 2015

UFO mystery turns 50 in Mt. Pleasant Township village

A Recreation of the Kecksburg Incident
Jim Romansky waited 20 years before telling anyone that he was face-to-face with a UFO that crashed in the woods outside Kecksburg on Dec. 9, 1965.

“I didn't want to be a candidate for the hospital down the road,” said Romansky, 69, of Derry, a retired machinist who at 18, was one of the first firefighters on the scene. 

He'd do the same today, he said, with the 50th anniversary of the incident set to occur Wednesday.
“If a flying saucer lands in my back yard and little green men come out, I won't even tell my neighbor,” said Romansky, who was ridiculed by some Kecksburg residents who didn't believe anything happened that night. 

“Half of the town believes the UFO story, the other half doesn't,” he said.
For half a century that debate has split the town. 

Responder recalls iconic incident 

Romansky was a volunteer firefighter in Lloydsville when the siren went off that cold, wet night in December. He took off running the 200 yards from his house to the fire hall and jumped on a truck that was headed out. 

“We have a call at Kecksburg,” he was told. “Downed aircraft, somewhere on the ridge.”
Once there, his crew joined firefighters from a number of other companies who divided into teams to begin the search for survivors. 

“I expected to see a smashed-up airplane or wings,” he said. “There was nothing like that, I saw this huge piece of metal. There was no crater, it plowed right into the ground and left a trail.” 

The metal object, large enough for a man to stand in, had no windows or doors and included what Romansky described as hieroglyphics on the side. 

“I'm looking at it, what the heck is it? This is no airplane,” said Romansky, who got a few feet from the object but did not touch it. 

As about 8 or 9 firefighters looked it over, two men in trench coats, one carrying a square box, came over the hill. 

“You're ordered out of the area,” one of the men said. “It is quarantined.” 

“In my mind, in my heart, I know what I saw,” Romansky said. “Ain't nobody going to convince me different.” 

He has thought about that night a lot over the years. 

“I feel that I am part of history,” he said. “It's something major, a UFO crashed in Kecksburg.”
Ron Struble thinks the device was manmade. 

“Something we put up and lost or it came from overseas,” said Struble, 72, of Kecksburg.
Either way, “after 50 years, people have a right to know.” 

Story refuses to go away, journalist says former Trib reporter Robert Gatty had just returned to the office from covering a meeting when managing editor Tom Aikens Sr. called him over. 

“I have the story of the century for you,” Aikens said, laying out the details for his rookie reporter.
“I'm thinking ‘He's jerking my chain,'” said Gatty, 72. “This is some sort of rookie initiation.” 

He arrived in Kecksburg to find almost two dozen military personnel lined up around the site. 

“I went up to the first guy and said, ‘What's going on?' and he said, ‘Nothing,'” Gatty said. 

When it became clear he would not get access to the site, Gatty turned to townsfolk who were milling around nearby and found a few willing to talk. 

“They said it hovered and landed,” Gatty said. 

His story ran across the top of the front pages under the headline, “Unidentified Flying Object Falls Near Kecksburg, Army ropes off area.” 

“To me, it's just a great mystery, I love the story,” he said. “It's the story that won't let go.” 

And this is coming from a reporter who, admittedly, covered some other events of historical significance in the annals of American history, including the aftermath of the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., along with the 1968 Democratic National Convention, for United Press International, Gatty said. 

Today, Gatty serves as editor-in-chief of Convenience Distribution Magazine, a publication of the Convenience Distribution Association, and as editor of HIV Specialist magazine, a publication of the American Academy of HIV Medicine. 

“Nothing has stayed with me like the Kecksburg story has,” he said. 

Gatty annually gets attention as the anniversary date of the iconic incident approaches, he said.
“I get calls every anniversary from TV, radio ... one program keeps playing on the History Channel, hell that one must have been recorded seven or eight years ago,” Gatty said. “I haven't got anything new to say, but I'm always asked.” 

Legend aids creation of fundraiser 

July marked the 10th annual installment of the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department's Kecksburg Old Fashion Days & UFO Festival at the fire company's grounds located at the intersection of Claypike and Route 982 in the township. 

Beyond debate is the benefit of the event as the organization's main fundraiser, said Duane Hutter, the department's president and a township supervisor. 

“It means a lot to the fire department, because it's how we (maintain) our equipment and our buildings,” he said. 

For the first time, several of the incident's witnesses attented a conference dedicated to reflecting on the happening. 

The witnesses discussed their experiences and conducted a question-and-answer session. 

Throughout the decades, many of those people faced much ridicule for testifying to what they claimed to have seen, according to Stan Gordon, a Greensburg resident and author and researcher of unidentified flying objects. 

Many of those Gordon interviewed were children or teenagers at the time and later, because of their professional positions, asked to remain anonymous, he said. 

Gordon presented an illustrated lecture discussing his 50 years of investigation of the case, and he screened excerpts from his award-winning video documentary, “Kecksburg: The Untold Story,” which focuses on interviews with area witnesses, he said. 

He also updated attendees on more recent reported UFO sightings, purported Bigfoot encounters and other happenings reported from around the area, he said. 

Visitors also encountered displays prepared by John Ventre, director of the Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network; Fred Saluga, director of the West Virginia Mutual UFO Network; Jim Brown of jimsdestinations.com, a website devoted in part to paranormal studies; Brian and Terrie Seech of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies; Dave Dragosin, associate director of the Western Pennsylvania branch of the PA Bigfoot Society; Ryan Cavalline and Dave Rupert of The Legend Hunters; paranormal site investigators Cheryl Alsippi and Darlene Koedel; and Diane and Jim Trick of the Goosebumps Paranormal Society. 

“The money we raise is well used, and every dime goes to the fire department,” Hutter said. 

03 December, 2015

UFOs in Texas? Strange lights spotted over Houston suburb

The minute-long footage, uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 12, shows about a half dozen pulsating white lights as they undulate through various formations.

The voice of the cameraman can be heard saying, "What is that? I don't know... there's something falling out of the sky, dad."

A second man, presumably dad, weighs in that the apparition looks like fireworks, but soon concedes that he doesn't know what he's seeing in the sky.

Source:  http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/woodlands/news/article/UFOs-in-Texas-Strange-lights-spotted-over-6667359.php#photo-7565278

29 November, 2015

"Japanese Rocket" or UFO Seen In The North American Skies!

The Official story is a Japanese rocket carrying a communications satellite.

Japanese rocket surprises sky watchers: Unbeknownst to most people in North America this morning, Japan launched an H-2A rocket carrying the Telstar 12 Vantage communications satellite.

The resulting display surprised sky watchers in at least half a dozen states. “I was observing Comet Catalina before sunrise, when I noticed this thing halfway up towards Venus,” reports Glen Wurden of Los Alamos, New Mexico to Spaceweather.

Source:  https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/wtf-bizarre-spaceship-ufo-type-japanese-rocket-seen-over-the-usa/

Was a UFO Seen in Cape Town?

The hashtag #UFOSA was trending on Twitter today after numerous people reported seeing a “UFO” in Cape Town, South Africa. According to News24, the unidentified flying objects were described as green orbs floating in the sky. However, only photos — no videos — were taken of the objects.

Some people think something strange is going on, but others believe that with so few photos available and no videos, it’s likely just a plane flying by that was misidentified. What do you think?

Here are some of tweets caution is always advised.

Source: http://heavy.com/news/2015/11/was-a-ufo-sighting-seen-in-cape-town-south-africa-ufosa-photos-video-twitter/

28 November, 2015

Blue UFOs Sighted In Toronto, Canada

On November 25, 2015. In Canada's largest city of Toronto, a bluish streaming UFOs were spotted in the night sky.
Combined Snapshot of The Sighting

Youtuber "onetwo threefour" filmed the strange objects in the Toronto night sky, with two UFOs and a visible plane in the video.

24 November, 2015

9 Montreal UFO Sighting, Canada

9 Montreal UFO Sightings That Can Never Be Explained | MTL Blog

1. The Little Italy RooftopSighting of 1977
2.  The UFO Squadron Sighting of 1973
3. The Lake Baskatong Sighting of 1978
4. The Town of Mount Royal Sighting of 1985
5. The Place Bonaventure Incident of 1990
6. The Cote St. Luc Sighting of 2010
7. The Daytime Over Montreal Sighting of 2012
8. The Strange Lights In The Sky Sighting of 2013
9. The TVA Live Report "Glowing Orb" 2014

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22 November, 2015

Looks Like Russia & America Have The Same Problem "UFO" Missile Sighted By The Populace

Do you believe everything your government tells you? Russian don’t (duh), which is why there’s so much mystery and controversy surrounding a recent UFO sighting over the city of Omsk in southwestern Siberia.

Was it a meteor? A missile? An alien spacecraft? A secret weapon? A response to the UFO/missile sighting in Los Angeles just days before?

Naval Missile Test Off California Creates Streaking Light, Causes UFO Speculation! | The Xenologist

The UFO was witnessed by thousand or more people early in the evening of November 17th. It traveled east over the sky and was seen in Omsk as well as in Tyumen, Tomsk and Novosibirsk in Siberia and Astana in Kazakstan.

UFO scares are the price we pay for secret missile tests, expert says | The Xenologist

The UFO was widely reported by the media in the area and eventually worldwide, possibly because of a similar sighting just 10 days earlier in Los Angeles. That one was widely attributed to a secret test of a Trident missile launched from a submarine. Was the Siberian UFO a secret missile test as well? (Are there any other kind in Russia?)


A UFO IN CHINA? No It's Just Simulator

A 9 meter high UFO has landed in China, Okay its NOT real UFO just a UFO-shaped model designed for the public to experience zero gravity weightlessness.

The 18.5 meter wide simulator popped up on Nov. 19, in the Nanjing Deji Plaza outdoor plaza for the public's enjoyment. Inside, visitors can experience a trip into the weightlessness of space thanks to a simulator.

19 November, 2015

Here's A List Of UFO Articles Circling Now! 19/11/2015

November 10
UFO-like meteor captured in the skies above Yorkshire | Metro News

The Debate Is Over. This Is the Best GOP Candidate for UFO Disclosure | Mother Jones

First it was aliens: Now 'UFOs' found flying above the surface of Mars in NASA photos | Daily Express

November 11
“Sorry, You Can’t See Our UFO Files”—Yours Sincerely, the NSA | Ufoholic.com

 UFO in Kuwait? Or just cloud formations… - Emirates 24|7

CREEPY! Bizarre "UFO" sighting in Kuwait - Local News, UFO, kuwait Local News - Ahlanlive

UFO in Houston? Mysterious light spotted in Houston sky over 'Be Someone' sign - Houston Chronicle 

November 14
Chileans post pictures online of ‘UFO’ hovering in night sky | Daily Mail Online

November 17
UFO hunter films alien megastructure over Melbourne - Yahoo7

November 18
Strange 'ancient face' spotted on Mars rock | Fox News

UFO News 2015: President Obama Says Roswell, Alien Secrets Are “Disappointing,” Dodges JFK Assassination

NASA alien shock: Astronaut tweets shot of 'UFO' taken from International Space Station | Daily Express

15 November, 2015

10 November, 2015

UFO scares are the price we pay for secret missile tests, expert says

LOS ANGELES (Tribune News Service) — Missile tests like the one the Navy performed off the coast of Southern California on Saturday night present military officials with something of a conundrum. One the one hand, said Loren Thompson, a military analyst with the Lexington Institute, the military needs to give local aviation officials enough information as to the time and place of an upcoming test to ensure no planes are in the area.

But at the same time, the military is determined to keep tests shrouded in secrecy in order to thwart any efforts by potential adversaries – namely Russia and China – to monitor the missile launch and flight, Thompson said. The confusion and social media uproar that erupted Saturday night as a mysterious white cone of light coursed across the night sky is an unfortunate but necessary tradeoff, Thompson added.

The need for secrecy was all the more important given the type of weapon the Navy launched Saturday from a submarine, according to Thompson. The Trident II (D5) missile is a centerpiece of the U.S. military’s ability to deter a nuclear attack and modernizing the weapon is a top priority, he said. Knowing in advance that a Trident was going to be tested would give prying eyes, for example sailors on a Russian submarine positioned in the Pacific, the ability to gather valuable information, Thompson said.

Tracking its trajectory, speed, electromagnetic emissions and other characteristics in real time could provide insights into potential vulnerabilities, Thompson said. This is especially true during the first stage of flight, the “boost phase,” when the missile’s rockets are firing and the weapon is most susceptible to attack, Thompson added. “The Russians and Chinese would have great interest in finding ways to defeat this type of missile,” he said. Witnesses across Southern California and Arizona posted and reported seeing the light.

Many used hashtags such as #ufo and #comet as they speculated about its source. Video blogger Julien Solomita was on a rooftop parking lot in Van Nuys shooting traffic and sunset scenes when he looked up and saw a bright circle of light in the sky. He followed it with his camera and at one point, he said, it looked like it was exploding. “For a brief moment, when the cloud got bigger, I was wondering, ‘Should we run?’ It looked so close,” he said. Since it was posted, has gotten nearly 1.5 million views and has been widely circulated on social media, helping to set off a furious round of speculation – was it a UFO? A missile? A comet? Solomita says he’s still not satisfied with the official explanation.

 “I'm not 100% convinced I know what happened no matter what news channels are saying. I'm kind of remaining skeptical because we were there, and it was crazy,” he said. If it was a missile test, he said, the public should have been better informed. “Why do a missile test over the second largest city in the U.S. and not tell anyone? That's pretty wild,” he said.

The missile test, first reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, was part of a scheduled, ongoing system evaluation, a Pentagon spokesman told The Times. Launches are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system, the spokesman said.

There More Too This Story Then The Government is Saying! 
 Advancements in Missile Technology, Quite Possible
Source:  http://japan.stripes.com/news/ufo-scares-are-price-we-pay-secret-missile-tests-expert-says

09 November, 2015

Naval Missile Test Off California Creates Streaking Light, Causes UFO Speculation!

A Navy spokesman told The San Diego Union-Tribune (http://goo.gl/95df3T) the Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted the missile test at sea Saturday from the USS Kentucky, a ballistic missile submarine.

Cmdr. Ryan Perry said the launches are conducted on a frequent basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system and that information about such test launches is classified prior to the launch.
The lack of information about the streak of light around sunset led to a flurry of calls to law enforcement agencies and lit up social media as people posted photos and video of the celestial sight.
Julien Solomita just happened to be shooting some video footage when his group saw something odd in the sky.

"It was very wild watching this in the sky," he said in an email to The Associated Press. "I can't really say what I thought it was because I've never experienced anything remotely close to it."

It wasn't clear whether the test was related to the rerouting of nighttime flights into and out of Los Angeles International Airport because of an active military airspace from Friday to Nov. 12.

Flights usually arrive and depart over the ocean from midnight to 6:30 a.m. to minimize noise, but they will have to go over communities east of the airport.

A message seeking comment from the Federal Aviation Administration hasn't been returned.

The test was conducted in the Pacific Test Range, a vast area northwest of Los Angeles where the Navy periodically test-fires Tomahawk and Standard cruise missiles from surface ships and submarines.

Source:  http://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/naval-missle-test-california-light

06 November, 2015

A Likely Explanation For Alien Abductions

Many people sincerely believe they have had such experiences, but there might be a simple reason

The October issue of The Psychologist is mainly devoted to psychological considerations of human interactions with outer space. The article I found most interesting, about close encounters with aliens, was written by Christopher French. Nick Kanas also speculates about how astronauts will cope with deep space travel. One fascinating scenario for interstellar expeditions described by Kanas involves a giant multigenerational starship on a 200-year expedition to Alpha Centauri (the closest star system to our solar system). The crew is socially engineered to ensure a stable population adequate to the limited space, food and water resources on board. 

The initial crew (150-180 people) are young, childless married couples who will not have children until they enter their 30s. The number of children would be limited to the population needs of the mission. The breeding cycle repeats for subsequent generations such that the population stratifies into echelons of well-defined demographics of roughly equal numbers over time, clustered into age groups about 30 years apart. The older members teach the youngest members, and the middle echelon performs routine maintenance work.

Most readers will know of Spielberg’s blockbuster 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but may not know that encounters with aliens are grouped into four categories: close encounters of the first, second, third and fourth kind. Christopher French convincingly explains away all stories of such close encounters.

A close encounter of the first kind is a simple sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) with no other supporting evidence. More than 95 per cent of UFO sightings are later explained as misidentified weather balloons, aircraft and so on. There is no reason to believe that the tiny percentage of sightings that cannot be identified are anything strange. A handful of sightings will naturally lack sufficient evidence for identification, just as the police cannot find enough evidence to solve every crime.

A close encounter of the second kind is a sighting apparently supported by physical evidence, typically photographs. However, these photographs are often ambiguous pictures of ordinary objects. It is now easy to fake a photograph using Photoshop, for example, and there have been many hoaxes. No convincing evidence has ever been produced to support a genuine close encounter of the second kind.

A close encounter of the third kind involves direct contact between humans and aliens who often have messages for humans, for example about the dangers of nuclear war.

Stories of close encounters of the fourth kind, where a human is abducted by aliens, now outnumber stories of encounters of the third kind. In an early 1957 report a Brazilian farmer described being pulled into an alien spaceship and forced to have sex with a female alien, who made barking sounds during intercourse.

The experience reported by Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 shares common features with many reports of encounters of the fourth kind. The Hills were driving home when they sighted a UFO. They arrived home later than expected and were to unable to account for a period of two hours. Betty started to have dreams in which aliens pulled her into their spacecraft and medically examined her. Years later, both Hills were hypnotically regressed by a psychiatrist and recovered detailed memories of the 1961 alien abduction and medical examination.

Most are sane

Experts agree that most people who claim alien abduction experiences are sane and sincerely believe they have encountered aliens. French proposes that a common phenomenon, sleep paralysis, could make many think they had contact with aliens. Sleep paralysis occurs just before one falls asleep or wakes up, normally lasts a few seconds and may feel a little odd, but no more.

But in a minority of cases it can be a terrifying experience, accompanied by a strong sense of evil, difficulty breathing, seeing lights and grotesque figures, hearing voices and feeling one is being dragged out of bed.

The next step for many is to consult a hypnotherapist in order to recover “lost memories” of the encounter. French argues, quoting considerable evidence, that hypnotic regression is very likely to produce false memories. The whole alien encounter phenomenon seems to have nothing to do with outer space and everything to do with inner headspace.

03 November, 2015

Humans Are Not From Earth - Part 2 - Debunked

'Humans Are Not From Earth' author claims that humans might actually be aliens.

Or rather that we were ‘planted’ here by an alien super-species – possibly for having done something really, really bad elsewhere in the galaxy.

The big clue is sunburn, argues the author of Humans Are Not From Earth. Why do we get it, if we were designed to be here?

There’s just one problem – it’s all bollocks, says the University of Minnesota Morris’s PZ Meyers on his Pharyngula blog. (This Link is Interesting)

Author ‘Ellis Silver’ – who says he uses a fake name to avoid being targeted by ‘religious extremists,’ said in an interview, ‘Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment:
harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring (raw) foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more. Plus there’s a prevailing feeling among many people that they don’t belong here or that something “just isn’t right”.

‘This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species. One reason for this, discussed in the book, is that the Earth might be a prison planet – since we seem to be a naturally violent species – and we’re here until we learn to behave ourselves. (There’s no sign of that happening.)’

Meyers is scathing, ‘It is just the most amazing gobbledygook. It is true that there are sequences in the human genome that are not identified as homologous to sequences in other species
‘Biologists aren’t surprised at all by them. We have multiple explanations that don’t involve aliens making transgenic monkey men. Ian Musgrave has the explanations.

‘Some are artifacts — as I said, if you’re just looking for starting and ending punctuation, purely by chance you’re going to find strings that match your criteria in a random collection of letters.

‘Some are genes that have undergone so many substitions that they’re no longer recognizable as the original sequence. Those would be especially interesting in an evolutionary sense, I would think, but they’re rare.

‘Some are products of horizontal gene transfer. We don’t need aliens to inject us with strange DNA, viruses do it naturally.’

Source:  http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/02/hang-on-are-human-beings-actually-aliens-and-not-from-earth-5475385/

01 November, 2015

UFO spotted at Delhi airport; Indian Air Force on high alert

Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi has been put on high alert after an unidentified flying object was spotted at the airport.

Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) at the airport are regularly spotting suspicious objects flying over the airport which appeared thrice on Friday morning, according to media reports.

On Tuesday, ATC noticed a drone like object flying over the runway but it has no visual proof to support its claim.

Reportedly, Indian Air Force tried to track down the object by sending a chopper but could not find anything.

On Wednesday night, Air Vistara flight from Bhubaneshwar also complained of being distracted by a beam of laser light while it was landing at IGI. Pilot also claimed that the object was 6 nautical miles away from the flight. There were more than 100 lives at risk in that flight.

At 10:44 am on Friday, a member of the Indian Air Force who sits at the ATC tower of IGI airport noticed a flying object over runway 9-27, also known as the smallest run way of Delhi airport. He reported two more object at 10:50 am and 10:55 am which were flying outside the airport boundary. But this time also they do not have any evidence.

As per the reports, a meeting was conducted between Intelligence Bureau, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and Bureau for Civil Aviation Security with Delhi Police so as to ensure the regular watch on such aerial threats.       

'UFOs' spotted around Delhi airport; air force on high alert | Khaleej Times

Under Section 144 of CrPC it is prohibited to use fly any object by any individual or a group in areas around the airport.

Source:  http://www.indiatvnews.com/news/india/ufo-spotted-at-delhi-airport-indian-air-force-on-high-alert-55665.html

31 October, 2015

A Face Sculpture Found on Mars! Proof

More proof that an ancient Martian civilization may have existed on the planet at one time, according to a new article on the inquisitr.com.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has discovered a stone carving of an alien face — evidence of ancient alien civilization on the Red Planet — according to online UFO and Mars anomaly hunters.

The Martian Face Sculpture

This is a real face, deliberately made. If you expect to find a Da Vinci carving on Mars, you will be disappointed. Mars inhabitants had low art skills, but to them, these sculptures were exceptionally beautiful.”

Other possibly reasons why the face “looks crude,” according to UFO hunters, could be that the work of art is heavily eroded by the Martian weather after millions of years. Another possible explanation that alien hunters may want to consider is that the face is a work of abstract art.

It is also possible that the face is an accurate representation of the physiognomy of an ancient alien race with large “negroid” nose and thick lips. But the face looks unfamiliar to human observers and could be mistaken for chance arrangement of rocks because it is alien.

bottom right (link: http://curiositymsl.com/imgpoint.php?name=1144ML0051851120501599E01_DXXX)
Mars anomaly hunters believe that relics of ancient Mars civilization are more difficult to identify because, unlike remains of human civilization that are only a few thousand years old, Mars archaeological remains are millions of years old and thus more severely degraded by the elements.

Red UFO Descends On An Indian Village

Kanagal village in Periyapatna taluk of Mysore district is suddenly in limelight after few agricultural workers reported UFO and a “humanoid figure” sighting.
The unidentified figure was spotted by seven agricultural workers in Kanagal village in Periyapatna taluk of Mysuru district at around 2pm on October 1, 2015, as they worked in paddy fields.

sketch credit: thexenologist.com
They said the Alien humanoid figure dressed in orange came towards them from a red spacecraft which has flashes and sparks around it. Which emerged from the clouds took few photographs and took to the skies again.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said: “Sightings of flying people are not uncommon and such sightings have occurred long before the interest in flying saucers or aliens.
“What these villagers saw is hard to say, though it certainly had an impact on them and that it was something unusual.”
Since the sighting, people with an interest in aliens have been making the trip to Kenagal to talk to the women involved.
T A Manjunatha, an alien enthusiast. said: “The women claim that the spacecraft descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we are assuming that they are not lying.”

29 October, 2015

There's An Alien 'Tower' In The Mysterious Ceres 'Bright Spot'? UFO Researcher Claims

A top online UFO researcher says that an alien “tower” on the asteroid Ceres has emerged from close analysis of a NASA photo of the mysterious “bright spots” on the surface of the celestial body classified by the space agency as a “dwarf planet.” NASA has remained both fascinated and mystified by the bright spots that were first noticed in photos from the Dawn space probe inside an area that scientists have dubbed the Occator Crater.

A NASA video using composite, 3D images from the Dawn spacecraft, giving Earthbound viewers a 360-degree “tour” of the Occator Crater may be viewed on this page, above.

the original

NASA scientists have yet to come up with a good explanation for the strange, bright white spots on the surface of Ceres, but as the Dawn spacecraft draws nearer and nearer to the dwarf planet, they expect that some answers may come into focus.

In late July, Dawn had lowered itself to an orbit of about 2,400 miles above the surface of Ceres, which is believed to be the largest of the thousands of asteroids in the solar system’s asteroid belt that orbits the sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

the enchanced image

But using his own photographic software, UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring — the man responsible for either making or publicizing dozens of similar “discoveries” in NASA inages such as the “moon-size” alien ships seen orbiting the sun, and “alien cities” supposedly found on the surface of the moon — enhanced the Sawn spacecraft photos and now says that he has seen that they reveal some kind of an “tower” in the Occator Crater.
Presumably, the structure, if indeed it exists, would be of alien origin.

“Looking back at Ceres I still wonder about the glowing structures. There were a few new photos and I decided to try my best to get something out of it. I used and abuse my photo program until this object came out. Now I didn’t do anything except add darkness and sharpening,” Waring wrote on the UFO Sighting Daily blog.
“These objects we see are the glowing alien structures in crater. Most of them are something out of a futuristic novel with chaotic directions and shape, but one has angles, height, roundness…all the qualities we recognize on Earth as a tower.”

NASA scientists say that at one time, Ceres was a full-fledged planet in our solar system, and in addition to the intriguing bright spots, the celestial body contains a number of other remarkable features, including what NASA has described as a “pyramid,” actually a giant mountain on the surface of Ceres.
“As we slowly approach the stage, our eyes transfixed on Ceres and her planetary dance, we find she has beguiled us but left us none the wiser,” said Dawn mission investigator Chris Russell, who is based at the University of California at Los Angeles. “We expected to be surprised; we did not expect to be this puzzled.”
Given the mysteries of Ceres that seem to baffle even the finest minds NASA has to offer, could the “discovery” made by one, individual UFO researcher be dismissed out of hand?

28 October, 2015

Manitoba a hotspot for unidentified flying objects

On a clear night in Manitoba, people may see all sorts of things in the sky – planes, birds and perhaps, a UFO.

It seems the province is a hotspot for unidentified flying objects.

Winnipeg's Kent Graham witnessed a UFO this summer.

"Your eye goes to it right away," said Graham. "It was like an orange sparkler coming down. Then the sparks went away and it was just a globe of orange light that just started doing crazy moves."

Over the years, thousands of reports just like Graham’s have been logged and some defy explanation.
Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski told CTV there are reports dating back to 1792.

"David Thompson was in an area that was now around Thicket Portage in 1792, and it was winter," said Rutkowski. "They saw a mass of gelatinous luminosity moving through the air. It actually approached them. And when it was a few hundred feet from them, it dropped to the surface of the lake and vanished from site."

Rutkowski said Thompson had no reason to make up this story.

He added, given the time period, it couldn't have been a plane or other manmade object Thompson spotted in the sky.

The researcher said while most UFO reports are later identified, about 17 per cent are officially labelled as unexplained.

"After being involved in this for more than 30 years, there is a real phenomena," said Rutkowski. "It's not something that's made up, it's not hallucinations. People are actually seeing things."

What those things are, remains unknown.

Source:  http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/people-are-actually-seeing-things-manitoba-a-hotspot-for-unidentified-flying-objects-1.2630577

Can A UFO Be To Small? This Can!

A pyramid-shaped UFO that appeared over Brazil in June has belatedly become an issue among UFO hunters.

Last Monday, UFO Sightings Daily showed a video of the bronze UFO over Sao Paulo on, June 14. The UFO appears to be about the size of a bird.

Scott Warning of UFO Sightings Daily said there had been sightings of other pyramid-shaped UFOs.

"For example, on Oct 5, 1996, a pilot over Pelotas, Brazil, recorded a similar bronze pyramid shape in the sky," he said.

Source:  http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/world/2015/10/524_189478.html

WTF! A Bear On The Martian Surface?

Alien hunters have done it again! Scouring NASA's database of rover photos, extraterrestrial enthusiasts claimed to have spotted a baby bear wandering alone on the red planet's rocky grounds.

UFO Sightings Daily writer Scott Waring announced in one of his latest blog posts that a bear-like creature was spotted by fellow alien hunter Paranormal Crucible of YouTube in one of NASA's photos. Waring claims that this is a proof of living creatures existing on Mars, and adds that this is why NASA posts photos only in black and white.

"There is a reason NASA puts photos into black and white. To hide the living creatures and plants that are an obvious color," Waring wrote in his blog post.

There is a version of NASA's photo on his site with the bear colored in for easy viewing.

Aside from a bear, the UFO hunters claimed to have also found a prairie dog, a squirrel and even an alien woman watching the Rover from a distance on Mars.

NASA rarely, if ever, comments on these sightings, save for a rare refute of the claim that NASA is hiding information of extraterrestrial life from the public and the possible reason why UFO hunters see what they want to see on Rover photos.

"There is no group that would be happier to see such a thing than the 500 scientists around the world who work on this Curiosity rover," NASA scientist Ashwin Vasavada said, adding that they haven't seen anything remotely like what the UFO hunters claimed to have spotted so far.

Vasavada added that he blames the sightings on pareidolia, or a psychological response that tricks the mind in seeing what it wants to see when it spots familiar objects in new or random places.

Nevertheless, UFO hunters are convinced with what they saw and are relentless in their quest to let the rest of the world know the truth.

Waring said that he will send this information to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon via Twitter in his attempts to spread this sighting to the world.

"I will send this to the Secretary General of the United Nations...(as) I often alert them about these amazing discoveries," Waring wrote in his site. While he has yet to receive a positive response, he is continuing his efforts along with a plea for others to share these findings and "help them open their eyes and see the truth."

Source:  http://www.techtimes.com/articles/99994/20151027/alien-hunter-wants-to-inform-un-about-walking-bear-on-planet-mars.htm

UFO Buzzes Through Ulan-Ude, Russia

The latest unidentified flying objects in the capital of Buryatia have had the social media buzzing in recent days.

A woman reported seeing a 'glowing' entity in the sky above Ulan-Ude with 'a lot of green lights, some red and blue'. She watched with her son and male two passers-by as the mysterious object disappeared and then reappeared 'very close', making a noise like the engine of a car, she claimed.

The men at first claimed it might be a toy plane or drone. 'When it stopped right above us, I could not say a word and saw the two men running to hide in a building,' said the woman.

'It was a very large saucer with bright green lights in the middle. My son got scared, grabbed my hand and we ran away. I never believed that something like that could exist.'

Source:  http://siberiantimes.com/other/others/features/f0172-ufos-buzz-city-of-ulan-ude-with-residents-seeingvery-big-saucer-with-bright-green-lights/

22 October, 2015

Space Archaeologists Search For Dead Alien Civilizations

Archaeology has gone interstellar.

The peculiar behavior of KIC 8462852—a star 1,500 light-years from Earth that is prone to irregular dimming—has prompted widespread speculation on the Internet that it is host to an “alien megastructure,” perhaps a vast array of orbiting solar panels.
Scientists have pointed out various natural, non-alien phenomena that could be causing the stellar light show, but the SETI crowd isn’t taking any chances. Astronomers have begun using a radio telescope, the Allen Telescope Array, to detect possible signals in the vicinity of KIC 8462852.
But, the astronomers might be eavesdropping on a tomb.
For years, SETI researchers have argued that we can narrow our search for alien intelligence by looking for telltale signs of large, sophisticated structures built by advanced civilizations. They call this “cosmic archaeology.”
Yet, even if we were to find such artifacts, there’s no guarantee that the civilizations that created them are still around. Floating in space, abandoned for millennia, these objects could be the interstellar equivalent of the statues at Easter Island or the Egyptian Pyramids.
In fact, we might confront the morbid scenario that intelligent life periodically emerges on other worlds, but has an unfortunate tendency to self-destruct.
Sadly, it’s not implausible, given the devastation we’ve wrought during our relatively brief span as the dominant species on this planet.
That’s why a trio of scientists recently published a guide to help astronomers detect alien apocalypses—whether it’s the chemical signature of a world filled with rotting corpses, the radioactive aftermath of nuclear warfare, or the debris left over from a Death Star scenario where an entire planet gets blown to bits.
Call it SEETI, the Search for Extinct Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Read More........ (National Geographic)

13 October, 2015

China Enters The Search For ET With The Largest Telescope Ever Built!

Chinese scientists are constructing the world's biggest radio telescope, which will be more effective than any other at picking up weak messages from outer space that could be linked to intelligent life.
Assembly of the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope, or FAST, began in July and is expected to be completed in 2016.

Once finished, the reflector dish of the telescope will be 500 metres in diameter, replacing Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory, only 300 metres in diameter, as the world's largest.

The wider the dish, the more effective the telescope becomes at picking up weak messages from outer space.

Nan Rendong, the chief scientist of the FAST project, told the Xinhua news agency: "A radio telescope is like a sensitive ear, listening to tell meaningful radio messages from white noise in the universe."

"It is like identifying the sound of cicadas in a thunderstorm."

Rather than sitting above ground, the telescope's dish is sunken into a natural bowl-shaped valley in China's Guizhou province.

The geography of the surrounding hills and the remoteness of the site mean that there will be less interference from Earth-based radio signals.

The dish will be suspended slightly above ground level by a series of strong pillars and cables, allowing operators to move it and listen in to noises coming from different parts of space.

Although the dish is huge, the scientists may have a long wait if they want to pick up on alien radio signals.

The SETI Institute, which leads humanity's search for extraterrestrial life, has never picked up any message that conclusively comes from an alien civilisation, despite having a number of Earth and space-based telescopes at its disposal.

However, even if aliens don't make contact, radio telescopes smaller than FAST have been used in the discoveries of new planets, comets and pulsars.

The construction of the telescope also represents a huge advance for China's native space programme.
Despite the country's peaceful explorations into space only beginning in the 1990s, they have already sent a human into orbit, and are currently planning the launch of a space station and a manned mission to the Moon, both scheduled to take place at some point in the 2020s.

The development of the telescope will allow Chinese scientists to have their own first-hand data and equipment, rather than having to rely on information supplied by foreign space telescopes.

Wu Xiangping, the director-general of the Chinese Astronomical Society, told Xinhua: "Having a more sensitive telescope, we can recieve weaker and more distant radio messages."

"It will help us to search for intelligent life outside the galaxy and explore the origins of the universe."

Source:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/china-fast-telescope-search-for-alien-life-a6690681.html

More Information:
http://www.space.com/28665-seti-astronomer-frank-drake-interview.html (How about the international scene?)

03 October, 2015

Ceres 'Spots' Remains A Mystery, or Does It? Researchers Say

The team behind Nasa's Dawn mission to Ceres has released striking new images, but remains unable to explain the dwarf planet's most intriguing mystery.
The Occator Crater |
Blue is the lowest elevation, and brown is the highest. The crater, which is home to the brightest spots on Ceres, is approximately 56 miles (90 kilometers wide). Link
Bright spots within a 90km-wide crater have baffled scientists since the probe spied them on its approach.

Now in orbit around Ceres, Dawn is gathering detailed data about the world's geology and its composition.

Mission researchers described the latest images at the European Planetary Science Congress in Nantes, France.

NASA's Dawn Images Sparks Existence of Alien City on Ceres | The Xenologist

Currently, their best guess to account for the spots is an expanse of some type of salt - but this is speculation.

"We haven't solved the source of the white material," said the mission's principal investigator Chris Russell from the University of California Los Angeles.

"We think that it's salt that has somehow made its way to the surface. We're measuring the contours, trying to understand what the surface variations in that crater are telling us."

Ceres is a 950km-wide dwarf planet sitting in the Solar System's asteroid belt. Dawn is currently orbiting it at a distance of 1,470km and imaging the entire surface every 11 days.

Ceres continues to amaze, yet puzzle us, as we examine our multitude of images, spectra and now energetic particle bursts,” said Chris Russell, Dawn principal investigator at the University of California, Los Angeles. - scitechdaily.com

Mysterious White Spots on Ceres Are Probably Salt | Science, Space & Robots

Source:  http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-34403738

02 October, 2015

George Bush Senior on UFOs: "Americans Can’t Handle the Truth"

George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and Jeb Bush (Left to Right)
ORLANDO, FL | Joined by his father George H. W. Bush and his brother George W. Bush during Jeb Bush’s latest fundraiser in Orlando this week, George Bush Sr left the large crowd of Jeb Bush partisans uneasy after responding to a question on UFOs by an activist/journalist which the answer took the crowd, and reporters, completely by surprise.

In hope of helping his son’s Jeb Bush struggling presidential campaign, George Bush Sr and former president George W. Bush have been campaigning behind the presidential candidate in hopes of bringing the Bush family’s name once again behind the Oval office, but some experts believe this kind of incident could cost him the race.
The man that asked the question has been identified as Adam Guelch, an active member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which credits itself as being the world’s oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body
During the fundraiser, a man in the crowd raised a strange question which led to an even more surprising response by the former president and CIA director. The man asked George Bush Sr when the US government would tell Americans the truth about UFOs, to which he responded: “Americans can’t handle the truth” before the questioning was briefly halted by organizers of the event.

Oddly enough, it is not the first time George Bush Sr has had a controversial opinion on the UFO subject as a similar incident occurred on March 7, 1988, during a trip to a George Bush for President Rally in Rogers, Arkansas.

The to-be president was then asked, in the advent that he became president, if he would tell Americans the truth about the existence of UFOs, to which Bush replied: 
“I am very careful in public life about dealing with classified information” he told the reporter.
James Adder, journalist for the Arkansas Globe at the time, also asked about Bush’s knowledge about the UFO phenomena, on behalf of which Bush answered: ” I know some. I know a fair amount” before ending the interview.

A loss of cognitive functions, believe experts

George Bush Sr which is in a frail state of health, might be suffering from a neurological disorder such as Alzheimer, which could explain his weird comment, believe some experts.

“At the venerable age of 91, it is quite normal to suffer from a loss of cognitive functions. Clear symptoms are a difficulty to express yourself coherently, loss of memory, dementia. This is possibly the root cause for the awkward comments” explains neurologist John O’Briar.

A Jeb Bush campaign spokesman told reporters George Bush Sr’s comments “did not reflect in any way the opinions of presidential candidate Jeb Bush” and that Jeb Bush supporters “are entitled to their own views on a variety of subjects”.

Source:  http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/george-bush-senior-on-ufos-americans-cant-handle-the-truth/

26 September, 2015

Edward Snowden Has An Idea Why We've Never Heard From Aliens

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden has some strong opinions on communications — even when those communications are coming from aliens.

The former intelligence-agency contractor turned fugitive was an unexpected guest on famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk podcast on September 18. And, inevitably, the two got to talking about extraterrestrials.

Snowden became an infamous household name in 2013 when he leaked classified documents divulging the government's top-secret mass-surveillance program, which involved collecting personal information on Americans via phone records without their knowledge.

When the news broke, the US charged him with theft and espionage, and he's now living in Russia where he has asylum.

But Tyson scored an interview with him in New York City. How? Snowden rigged a robot that he can control from Russia, and rolled right into Tyson's office at the Hayden Planetarium in New York with his face displayed on the screen.

The conversation turned to encryption and cybersecurity, but here's where an astrophysicist differs from a journalist: Tyson's line of questioning quickly turned to how encryption relates to communication with ... aliens.

Tyson asked Snowden if a highly intelligent alien civilization might be communicating with encrypted messages. And Snowden had an unsettling answer.

First, Snowden said, let's assume that most advanced societies eventually realize that they need to encrypt their communication in order to protect it. This could also be the reason why we've never heard from other civilizations — their messages may have just been melding into the background static of the universe.

Here's Snowden's full answer, from the StarTalk podcast:
So if you have an alien civilization trying to listen for other civilizations, or our civilization trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society when all of their communication will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means.
So when we think about everything that we're hearing through our satellites or everything that they're hearing from our civilization (if there are indeed aliens out there), all of their communications are encrypted by default.
So what we are hearing, that's actually an alien television show or, you know, a phone call ... is indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation.

So it could be possible there are alien messages constantly hitting our satellites, and we just don't recognize them because they're so heavily encrypted. (The cosmic microwave background radiation that Snowden mentions is thermal radiation throughout the universe left over from the Big Bang. It basically looks and sounds like static to us puny humans.)
Of course, that's assuming an alien civilization has the same security issues that we have here on Earth, and they need to worry about protecting their communication system from their alien governments, Tyson jokes.

Snowden agreed that aliens might be a little more politically sophisticated than us.

Listen to the entire StarTalk conversation with Edward Snowden >>

Source:  http://www.businessinsider.com/edward-snowden-talks-alien-communication-with-neil-degrasse-tyson-2015-9?ref=yfp?r%3DUK&IR=T

‘What Is That?’ NH Man Spots Mysterious Flying Object

Pittaro's Captured Image
CONCORD, N.H.  — New Hampshire resident Mike Pittaro captured mysterious moving light orbs in the sky which, he says, could only be seen through the lens of a camera.

His find has many people wondering, what, exactly, was that?

Pittaro spotted the so-called UFOs just above the skyline near the Steeplegate Mall in Concord, NH, on Monday. In the video, which was shot after sunset, Pittaro stated that he moved away from the light post and could still see it.

The object then changes shape. The lights separate and then regroup. Others in the parking lot confirmed they too could see the orbs.

“After asking multiple people to use their cellphones, they too caught the exact same UFOs, verifying what we were recording,” Pittaro wrote in the thread.

His video has been shared nearly 4,000 times on Facebook.

“There’s something going on in our atmosphere,” he said.

Source:  http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/09/25/what-is-that-man-spots-flying-object-in-concord-nh/