31 October, 2015

Red UFO Descends On An Indian Village

Kanagal village in Periyapatna taluk of Mysore district is suddenly in limelight after few agricultural workers reported UFO and a “humanoid figure” sighting.
The unidentified figure was spotted by seven agricultural workers in Kanagal village in Periyapatna taluk of Mysuru district at around 2pm on October 1, 2015, as they worked in paddy fields.

sketch credit: thexenologist.com
They said the Alien humanoid figure dressed in orange came towards them from a red spacecraft which has flashes and sparks around it. Which emerged from the clouds took few photographs and took to the skies again.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said: “Sightings of flying people are not uncommon and such sightings have occurred long before the interest in flying saucers or aliens.
“What these villagers saw is hard to say, though it certainly had an impact on them and that it was something unusual.”
Since the sighting, people with an interest in aliens have been making the trip to Kenagal to talk to the women involved.
T A Manjunatha, an alien enthusiast. said: “The women claim that the spacecraft descended close to 500 feet from them and they could spot humanoid figures. They have no clue about aliens and they have not even heard about such things. So we are assuming that they are not lying.”


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