27 August, 2015

U.S. astronaut says he was told there were UFO's at Roswell

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell recently talked to the Observer.com to clarify some remarks that have been attributed to him about UFO's and the famous incident in Roswell, New Mexico, where some claim a UFO crash-landed in the 1950's.

Mitchell, who grew up in the area, said he had never seen a UFO himself.

But he said he had talked to people who worked at the White Sands nuclear facility, who confirmed to him that UFO activity did take place.

He also said that the incident was kept secret because of the technology that could be obtained from the UFO's by "moneyed" interests.

More On the said topic: http://observer.com/2015/08/edgar-mitchell-apollo-14-astronaut-speaks-out-on-roswell-the-existence-of-aliens/

Source:  http://www.krmg.com/news/news/local/us-astronaut-says-he-was-told-there-were-ufos-rosw/nnRZZ/

UFOs in Yuma? Incident at YPG has gone unexplained for 60-plus years

Earthlings of the North End Rotary Club gathered at La Fonda Restaurant on Tuesday to hear Mark Schauer speak about the possibility of other-world visitors at Yuma Proving Ground.

“There are going to be two UFOs in this talk,” said Schauer, a public relations specialist at YPG.
The incidents in question happened in 1952. On April, 17, 13 soldiers on a field familiarization hike three miles south of what was then called Yuma Test Station, spotted a white object dart through the sky with a vapor trail at around 3 p.m.

The group was unable to get information with instruments at hand at that moment or for a second incident a few days later. On April 26, a report was made to YTS command and made its way up to U.S. Army Air Corps Command at Patterson Air Base. But why did such an incident garner interest at such a high level?

Schauer hypothesizes that the answer lies in the historical moment during which the soldiers were living.

“I think it was that particular moment in history,” he said.

Schauer detailed how rocket scientists in Nazi Germany began to build a rocket that was thought capable of reaching U.S. shores in 1940. Such fears of a long range missile attack were only amplified after the end of World War II when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics became the primary adversary of the U.S. in a period that became known as the Cold War.

“The fear of these men was that they were seeing tests of Intercontinental Balistic Missiles being shot from the Ural Mountains in Russia,” he said.

However, the Semyorka Missile — the U.S.S.R’s first ICBM — was not tested until May 1957, a month before the Atlas Rocket — the U.S. response to the Semyorka — was tested.

One clue was found from an earlier incident at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. There, an incident in April 1950 where the observers were able to capture readings on their instrumentation, left some tantalizing clues.

The object was flying at an altitude around 150,000 feet in the air and at a high rate of speed.

Schauer went through a number of armaments it was suspected of being but there was only one that came close to being a possibility, and that appeared to fall short of the mark in his eyes.

“One thing it could’ve been was the Honest John, the first nuclear capable surface-to-surface missile in the U.S. military,” he said. “It carried a war head that was about 20 mega tons in size, Hiroshima was 15 mega tons.

“But it only had a range of 15 miles,” he continued. “Theoretically, it could’ve been Honest John but in all probability it was not.”

However, Schauer said it was most likely the Lyrid Meteor Shower, a cosmic show that happens annually approximately between April 16 and April 25. Its existence has been known since the seventh century B.C., according to Schauer.

“It was probably a meteor,” he said. “But there was a fear that it was an ICBM from Russia.”

With the progression of the Space Race and the Soviet launching of Sputnik — the first ever man-made satelite in space — in 1957, as well as the recent events of the Second World War, Korean War and a fear of Communism, probably led to such high-level interest.

“Before too much longer, the idea of ICBM’s permeated daily life in the U.S.,” said Schauer, showing a slide of toys for children that were modeled on nuclear missiles.

As for the investigation, the paper trailed ended with no clear indication as to what the Army believed the YPG UFO to be.

“There was no determination,” said Schauer. “I suspect that they probably thought it was just a meteor.

“It was probably an out of this world visitor but not an intelligent one,” he continued, “just a meteor.”

“I wish they were little green men,” giggled one audience member in a hushed whisper.

Source:  http://www.yumasun.com/news/ufos-in-yuma-incident-at-ypg-has-gone-unexplained-for/article_a086770c-4baa-11e5-b0a4-5b2ec2ab1a4d.html

25 August, 2015

Is this the worst UFO sighting video ever?

Footage apparently showing a UFO flying through the Manchester skies has been dubbed the worst fake alien sighting video ever.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube earlier today and was allegedly shot in Manchester on Sunday night.

It was shared by a user named Chebbers Deighton.

He wrote that he spotted the flying saucer when he was looking out of the window at his uncle’s house, adding: “Aliens have been coming round this way for ages, mucking about and doing there dodgy stuff.

“It’s defo an invasion, I would get the council to sort it out but I reckon they are [sic] in on it working with the space men!”

However, many viewers were quick to comment on the poor quality of the video.

One YouTube user wrote: “This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in yonks Chebbers. You’re not fooling no one with this shady camera work. And why does the date say last year?”

It comes after a spate of alleged UFO sightings across Greater Manchester.

In July a video was captured showing flashing lights in the Manchester sky and in February another social media user claimed to have filmed an alien hiding in Salford.

Source:  http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/watch-worst-ufo-sighting-video-9921259

'Crashed UFO' on Mars resembles famous Star Wars ship

If you thought Star Destroyers were only found in Star Wars flicks, you may be wrong. A photo taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover shows an object that, to some UFO lovers, looks like the same warships seen on the big screen.

"I found this anomaly in the latest Curiosity Rover photo. The black object looks like a crashed UFO," wrote UFO Sightings contributor Scott C. Waring. He added that the "craft" is only about 2.5 to 3 meters across, "so it probably only held a few passengers." 

Anyone familiar with Star Wars will recognize the similarities the object's shape seems to have with the film franchise's famous Star Destroyers – warships known for their firepower, which causes enemy ships to surrender or be destroyed. Though the fictional vessels were some 500 times larger than the object found on Mars.

Admittedly, it may seem a bit far-fetched – so perhaps its best you come to your own conclusion about the newest mystery object found on Mars. And while you decide whether the image resembles a real-life Star Wars spacecraft, Waring and other space enthusiasts will be anxiously awaiting any future photos.

"There is only one photo of the ship. The rover usually takes many of each area, but not this one. Perhaps tomorrow it will take more," Waring wrote. It's not the first intriguing object to be photographed by Curiosity.

Curiosity Rover Photographed Crashed UFO On Mars, UFO Hunter Says — Star Destroyer On Mars? | Inquisitr

Just two days ago, UFO lovers claimed to have spotted a “lizard” on “high alert” over the presence of the rover. Earlier this month, 'space boobs' also were reportedly spotted on Mars, with UFO believers saying they spotted an alien “woman with breasts and long hair.”

But it's not just women and lizards apparently wandering around the Red Planet. An “awesome Martian space crab” also caught the eye of ufologists this month.

Source:  http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/27970/56/

UFOs are no strangers to South Dakota

UFO’s have been reported across the United States and the World for many years. One of the most famous sightings is near Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, many claim to have seen, witnessed and even helped covered up the UFO crash site. The military investigators claimed the crash site was nothing more than a weather balloon.

South Dakota is not immune to UFO sightings. Several sightings have already been reported this year. Objects described as cylinder shaped, disk shaped, or flashing lights in a diamond formation have been reported. One in Rapid City was described as having a pulsing noise. Some lasted just a few seconds others minutes long. Nearby in Egan a bright light that was in the shape of a diamond was reported on February 27, 2015.

Does this proof that there is life beyond earth? What if you don’t see a UFO but think that extraterrestrial life is involve in an incident? Do you report it? Or do you look the other way believing others will think you are nuts?

In 1974, several strange accounts could not be explained. In Lake County and in Moody County near Flandreau investigations had begun to explain these strange and unbelievable accounts of local individuals.

A farmer near Rutland reported a three hundred pound bull was killed in his pasture. The animal’s blood had been drained, an ear and the tongue removed and the reproductive organs taken. The same thing happened in Chester and Flandreau. Small hoes were found near the body of the cattle. The holes were in a triangle pattern and less than two feet apart. The sheriff reported that no trace of blood could be found near the animals.

The animal deaths were identical to those of animals found in Nebraska. All the cattle were believed killed with in a three or four day period. Were there other discoveries not reported for fear of ridicule?

As with any conspiracy theory, the local sheriff did not buy into the outer space believe. Sheriff Bakke said “I feel these animal killings were done by a person or persons unknown, but that human beings definitely did the killing.”

Whether you believe in UFO’s or not, it definitely had to be the talk of the town. Speculations regarding aliens from outer space ran rampant. On the other end, there were those who just could not and would not believe in any notion of aliens.

If it was documented, written about or talked about, good, bad, strange or unbelievable, it is our history. The only question left. Do you believe?

Source:  http://www.argusleader.com/story/news/dell-rapids/2015/08/25/ufos-strangers-south-dakota/32057919/

Group Of UFOs Show Up Near Henderson Nevada

Description: Video of a group of UFO's that showed up in Henderson, Nevada on February 12, 2015. This was a nice change as I don't have too many captures from this location. As always they are one the edges of the city and don't stick around for too long.

21 August, 2015

This picture of a “UFO” image is trying to break the internet

It started with a rumor of a UFO spotted over a lake in Australia. One man in England set out to find the origin of this obvious fake, and traced it all the way to Jackson Hole.

The rumor initially began when the image was posted to Facebook on August 7. A man named David James from England saw the post and was determined to find the origin of the strange viral photo. A reverse image search on Google lead him to a Reddit thread. That is where he saw a comment that this photo wasn’t from Australia, but was in fact taken in Jackson Hole.

After some Facebook sleuthing of Jackson, he connected with local resident Dr. Rachael Dunlop. She worked with local James Metcalf and they were able to pinpoint the exact location where this photo was taken. The photo was taken at the Signal Mountain Lodge overlooking Jackson Lake.

So how is this trying to break the internet? As of 1:17 p.m. on August 17, the original Facebook post is up to 885,273 shares. Now 942,464 shares

Read the full story on the “UFO” in James’ blog post: www.skeptical.gb.net/blog/the-ufo-picture-from-australia-that-facebook-are-trying-to-remove-or-a-lampshade-in-jackson-hole-wyoming/


Source: http://buckrail.com/2015/08/17/this-picture-of-a-ufo-in-jackson-hole-is-trying-to-break-the-internet/

New UFO sighting in Louth is 'talk of the town'

A Louth man who claims to have seen a UFO hovering around last night has said it is 'the talk of the town.'

Keith Angel, of Grimsby Road, wrote to the Telegraph to report of an apparent sighting of a UFO or low flying aircraft which 'produced a deafening sound' and blew a' trail of flames.'

Mr Angel said the incident occurred between 11.30pm and midnight in the Grimsby Road area of Louth.

He said: "As I drove down Grimsby Road I heard a very loud jet engine sound above that of the car engine.

"As I arrived outside our house and opened the car door, the noise became absolutely deafening and I noticed what appeared to be aircraft navigation lights moving over the trees opposite our house and the circling above the church.

"The sound increased in volume as a trail of flame or hot exhaust gasses blasted out of the rear of the craft - similar to a jet fighter afterburner trail. This happened several times."
He added: "The strange thing was that the craft was only moving at the slower airspeed one would associate with a helicopter and the movements were somewhat erratic.

"However the extreme sound levels it was producing would normally be associated with a fighter plane flying at very high speed or landing or taking off.

"After around four minutes of this strange and spectacular display the craft flew off quickly in the direction of the Wolds and disappeared.

"Several friends also witnessed the mysterious display, and despite trawling the internet for reports and information, we have not been able to find anything out. Any ideas?"

The area has a rich history with apparent UFO sightings, with several reports having been made in the past.

Source: http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/New-UFO-sighting-Louth-talk-town/story-27631848-detail/story.html

Apollo 14 Veteran: UFOs Changed World History

A veteran US astronaut says the Cold War ended peacefully because extra-terrestrials visited Earth and kept nuclear war from happening, Fox News reports. Edgar Mitchell, who flew on Apollo 14 and was the sixth man to walk on the moon, says his version of events is based on military sources. Air Force officers "told me UFOs were frequently seen overhead and often disabled their missiles," he tells the Mirror. "Other officers from bases on the Pacific coast told me their [test] missiles were frequently shot down by alien spacecraft."

Those UFOs were allegedly spotted over New Mexico's White Sands military facility, where the first nuclear bomb detonation occurred in 1945. Mitchell himself grew up in New Mexico, not far from White Sands and the infamous Roswell site. "You don't know the area like I do," he adds. "White Sands was a testing ground for atomic weapons—and that's what the extraterrestrials were interested in.

They wanted to know about our military capabilities." Of course, doubters aren't hard to find. Nick Pope, who once conducted UFO research for Britain's Ministry of Defence, says Mitchell is "an honorable and truthful man," but the "idea that peace-loving extraterrestrials are here to warn humanity about our destructive ways" is common among New Age UFO lovers. "I'd [also] point out that it's almost exactly the plot of the classic 1951 sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still."

Mitchell's not alone, however: Ex-Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer claims UFO files have long been hidden as part of an international conspiracy, Huffington Post UK reports.

Source:  http://www.newser.com/story/211439/apollo-14-veteran-ufos-changed-world-history.html

If you see an UFO, don't call the RAAF

IF you happen upon a weird flying object, possibly not of this world, do not bother calling the air force. 
WHERE once the RAAF would investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) - which it terms unusual aerial sightings (UAS) - it now refers such reports to specialist UFO watchers.

That is unless it has defence, security or public safety implications, which could include crashing aircraft or space debris falling to earth.

Defence instructions relating to UAS - released under freedom of information and published on the defence website - say its UFO function officially ended in 1996.

"Scientific records suggested there was no compelling reason for the RAAF to continue to devote resources to recording and investigating of UAS," one document says.

But that apparently has not got through to the public, with the RAAF issuing fresh instructions to duty officers at air bases such as Richmond.

"Members of the community who seek to report a UAS to RAAF personnel will be referred to a civil UFO research organisation in the first instance," it says in a document dated July 2015.

It provides a list of known UFO organisations. Reports of burning aircraft or space debris should be referred to police or civil aviation authorities.

Source:  http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/if-you-see-an-ufo-dont-call-the-raaf/story-fn3dxiwe-1227489024245

18 August, 2015

A UFO Flys Beside An RAF Vulcan Recorded On Camera!

A SPEEDING UFO was seemingly spotted following in the wake of the RAF Vulcan which flew through Sussex.

Elaine Costello captured the image on Saturday afternoon, just moments after the decommissioned military jet passed overhead.

It shows a small, black object, speeding through the sky, close to the Shoreham Power Station, in Southwick.

Elaine said: “The object appears right after the Vulcan bomber has gone out of sight. It flits from the left of the screen to the centre where the video ends.

“I have slowed the video down and the object goes behind cloud briefly. I took stills from the video and zoomed in. The results are interesting. At least one other person saw the object.”

The images have since been shown to one of Sussex’s top UFO and paranormal investigators, who was ‘excited’ by the footage.

Malcolm Robinson, is the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, and has spoken about UFO phenomena at conventions across the globe.

Mr Robinson, who lives in Hastings, East Sussex, said that 95 per cent of all UFO reports turn out to have ‘natural explanations’.

He claimed that about four per cent of the reports could be accredited to a combination of ‘black budget’ stealth aircraft and rare, atmospheric phenomenon.

“The one per cent that remain, is for me, personally something which is not of this world,” he said, “The weight of evidence that I and others have gathered over the years clearly show that we are dealing with a very real and bona fide phenomenon.”

Speaking of the image captured by Elaine, he said: “It certainly has the classic flying saucer shape although that in itself does not mean that it lends any credibility.

“Photographs of this nature normally show birds frozen in flight by the camera or a small insect close to the lens of the camera. But as the photographer filmed this as a pan then this certainly makes it far more interesting to me.”

He questioned whether the image could have captured a unmanned aerial vehicle or drone.

He added that the claim there were other witnesses to the incident was ‘equally interesting’.

“This for me, is one of the few times that a photograph have excited me and I would love to enquire more from the photographer,” he said.

Mr Robinson has appeared in numerous newspaper and radio interviews.

For details on his site, see here and here.

Source:  http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/video-ufo-sighting-in-sussex-1-6909258

Conspiracist Claims He Has Evidence The Australian Government is Working With ETs?

A PALMERSTON UFO boffin says he has new evidence the Government is collaborating with extra terrestrials as part of a grand conspiracy, which will ultimately cost millions of lives. 
Nick – who refused to give his surname on the grounds the Federal Government, Australian Defence Force and US Marines might track him down – said he had spotted “shadows” in the sky, which appeared immediately after looking into the sun.

Nick said the shadows were normally invisible to the naked eye, but were “clearly visible” in the photos he supplied exclusively to the NT News . (STORY HERE)

“Look, I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not really into the internet, but I’ve done a bit of reading, and there’s a lot of information about this online,” he said.

Nick said evidence of the extraterrestrial phenomenon has been obscured by “chemtrails” put across the sky by the US and Australian militaries.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but about a year ago the sky changed colour a bit,” he said.

“I think they’ve put something up there to stop us seeing whatever it is that’s coming towards us. I just thought I should let everyone know.”

An ADF spokeswoman said: “As far as I am aware, we have no involvement with this kind of activity.”

But Nick said army helicopters had been flying over his house ever since he captured evidence of the “conspiracy”.

The Defence spokeswoman denied the claims. “The helicopters are conducting routine training,” she said.

Optometrist Tony Hill advised against staring into the sun, even if there was the promise of learning about the paranormal.

“It does a lot of retinal damage,” he said.

Nick, however, said he would continue to research the phenomenon.

Source:  http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/palmerston-ufo-boffin-says-he-has-new-evidence-government-is-collaborating-with-extra-terrestrials-as-part-of-a-grand-conspiracy/story-fnk0b1zt-1227487518377

15 August, 2015

A UFO Tried To Kidnap An Elderly Man In Mexico - With Photo!

The Mexican Flag
A senior citizen found lying dazed and confused at a roadside in Mexico claimed a UFO tried to abduct him.

Francisco Acosta Tostado, 68, told authorities he was riding his bike on a state highway when the alien aircraft ran him over and attempted to kidnap him.

Local reports said he was discovered in a prone position in bushes on the side of the road, seriously injured and completely out of his mind.
Francisco Acosta Tostado (The Photo of The Incident)
A photo taken when he was discovered shows Tostado with blood on his shirt and according to a police report he was found with a deep gash in his head.

The incident occurred last month in the city of Paso de Ovejas in Veracruz, Mexico, reported La Voz de Houston.

Policarpio Carvajal was driving along the road when he spotted Tostado lying at the roadside, and instantly alerted emergency services.

Tostado was taken to a local hospital in nearby La Antigua for treatment.

State Police officers from Cardel attended the scene and Tostado was transferred to the regional hospital at Cardel.

Source:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/mexican-senior-citizen-claims-ufo-attempted-abduct-article-1.2326756

More Information here: its in spanish 

Orange UFO Seen Over The Glaswegian Sky! Scotland

A Scottish Photographer Captures UFO During An Upcoming Meteor Shower

The images, showing a strangely-shaped orange object in the sky, were captured by Scottish photographer Stuart Noble as he was preparing his equipment ahead of the Perseids meteor shower earlier this week.
Stuart said: “I was shooting the Perseids shower and just setting my cameras exposure when I caught this. Shaped like an arrow, the object can be seen near the top of the photos and doesn’t look like conventional images of aircraft at night, or indeed the International Space Station (ISS).
Most UFO ‘sightings’ in the UK are normally put down to the ISS or lights from aircraft. But in 2013, the pilots of an Airbus A320 on approach to Glasgow Airport reported coming into close contact with a ‘blue and yellow’ aircraft that passed around 450ft beneath the aeroplane as it was coming into land.

An report from Airprox, the body that investigates near-misses, was inconclusive, with members unable to identify what the mystery object might have been.

Source:  http://scottishindependence.com/2015/08/ufo-spotted-in-glasgow-sky/

12 August, 2015

Police reveal they have dealt with multiple reports of UFOs

It may sound out of this world but Thames Valley Police has dealt with 15 reports of aliens in just four years.

All of the cases were reported between 2011 and 2014 across the force area.

They also include three sightings in neighbouring Milton Keynes, two in Oxford, five in Reading, two in Slough and one in High Wycombe.

Residents in Chipping Norton even claimed to have spotted little green men twice - and were so concerned they called the police force for help.

Back in 2007, UFO expert Michael Soper claimed the Thames Valley area was becoming an alien hotspot.

“It is quite active,” he said.

“There are more paranormal events in Oxfordshire than in any other part of the country and they can be dramatic.

“We have had a landing near Wallingford.

“I think we are being visited by dimensional craft.

“I don’t know whether they come from another race of humans from another dimension.”

But the number of UFO sightings reported to police has decreased, according to a Freedom of Information Act request by our colleagues in Banbury.

In 2011, Thames Valley Police received seven calls concerning aliens.

Just three years later (in 2014), the number had dropped by more than a third with only two calls reporting aliens.

But Michael, of Contact International UFO Research based in Wheatley, is expecting a boom in reports soon.

He added: “I do expect reports of sightings of UFOs to pick up because we’re coming up to a period of change in the solar cycle.

“People do still informally report sightings to us.

“Our view is that these things are happening all the time, what varies is people ability to see them and inclination to report them.

“Generally speaking Oxfordshire is very remarkable for these lights that appear in the skies.”

Many sightings of UFOs have been logged across the county in recent years.

Back in November 2013, a resident in Banbury described seeing a metallic rectangular object with a large “shark” shaped fin and bright orange light around it flying in the skies over Banbury.

They added: “It was flying from my left to right on a straight path, however once it was past the boundary of the town (on the right) it increased in speed dramatically, pitched up and to the left then down to the right in an elongated ‘S’ shape and then I lost it behind the house adjacent to the garden.

“This is not something I can logically explain away, particularly the increase in speed and the way it turned in the sky.”

Another sighting was reported in May 2012, when a man spotted a “ball of light” over the M40 which split in two and flew off towards Banbury.

In 2007, a man spotted three “bright white lights in the form of a triangle” over Chipping Norton that “shot across the sky in perfect formation” towards Oxford.

Source:  http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/more-news/police-reveal-they-have-dealt-with-multiple-reports-of-extraterrestrial-life-1-6898043

06 August, 2015

UK Resident Sees UFO Fly Though A Rainbow! With Picture

I was enjoying a cigarette when i took a picture of the ufo flying into a rainbow from my balcony 

I noticed its shiny exterior and notices it foremast due to the rainbow 

I blinked and the object was pretty much gone much to my disappointment making ni sound at all and disappearing from my vision completely, I was overwhelmed and excited by what i saw and also very elated. - SURREY, UK
The "Shiny" UFO of  Surrey, UK

Source:  http://www.ufostalker.com/ufostalker/UFO+Sighting+in+Surrey+United+Kingdom+on+August+5th+2015/69011

MYSTERIOUS UFO? A Cloud-Like UFO Flies Through Skies Above New York

A man has captured the moment a ‘cloud looking’ formation with lights hovered over his home before flying away. But others claim it is a UFO.
Hector Garcia said that the cloud, filled with flashing lights, flew off like a spacecraft as he filmed it from a window.
“Looking out my window this morning there was a cloud coming down from the sky with sparkling lights in it was moving weird so I pulled my phone out,” he wrote on his YouTube post.
Social media users were quick to react.
‘It looks like a large mass of soap suds to me and not a cloud. Not sure how this would’ve become air born. Perhaps it blew off of some industrial site?’ one person wrote.
‘This is a UFO... its unidentified, it’s flying, and it is indeed an object,’ another added.

Pensioner driven to sell her caravan after being pestered by UFOs

Extraterrestrial beings are trying to contact humans by using caravans?, says 72 year old lady

For years and years, we humans have been wondering if we're alone in the universe, but caravanner, Helen Chapman, 72, certainly doesn't think so. In fact, she claims she is being harassed by extraterrestrials.

Chapman, who is convinced that aliens are trying to contact her ever since spotting three triangular UFOs while watching the sunset in her caravan at the end of June, heard a loud bang one evening and, upon inspection, noticed that a dent had been made on one of the external walls of her caravan.
Sadly, she's now so terrified that she will be selling the vehicle in which she has lived for 11 years.

The ex-hospital cleaner was given such a fright from the UFO sighting that she refused to go back into her lounge area for a month. To compensate, she watched her 52 inch flat screen television in her lobby.

Explaining the terrifying ordeal, Chapman told The Sun: "I'll never forget hearing that huge bang on the back of the caravan. It was about 11 at night. As soon as I heard it I knew it was the aliens.

"I think they want to have contact with us and they are using the caravan as a way of contacting us and want to get some kind of message through, like a portal.

"I am afraid to look outside at night now. I am an old lady. What would they want with me? I think they want to use my caravan as a contact point.

"I am a level-headed person and was not what you would call a 'believer' before this happened."

There could be some truth to the freaky report though, because there was a separate sighting of a UFO in the same week, just 25 miles away from Chapman's caravan.

A video recording of the sighting showed a ball of light hovering over houses, moving backwards and forwards. When questioned, experts said that Chapman's description was consistent with other flying saucer reports and "warrants investigation".

Despite being confident in what she saw, Chapman isn't afraid to admit that she doesn't expect people to believe her, as even her daughters laughed when she told them about her extraterrestrial experience.

The pensioner from Luton confessed: "I know by coming forward and saying I have seen a UFO, I am opening myself up to ridicule but I don't lie.

"I don't want to do that but I feel like I am being watched and being targeted and it's been a frightening experience - not one that I would choose to happen."

UFO spotter and ex-British Transport Police detective, Gary Heseltine, supported Chapman and told The Sun: "The fact that she saw three objects all hovering together makes it more unusual than most sightings.

"It's certainly a very interesting case. Because she is used to seeing the planes in the area and knowing what they look like, I would be surprised if she had mistook them for something.

"A lot will depend on the speed that the objects were travelling. It definitely warrants more investigation."

Have you had any freaky extraterrestrial experiences when out caravanning? Let us know in the comments below.

Source:  http://www.caravantimes.co.uk/news/people/human-interest/pensioner-driven-to-sell-her-caravan-after-being-pestered-by-ufos-$21385723.htm

05 August, 2015

A ‘UFO’ Was Just Filmed Overtaking a Plane in New York City

Social media users are speculating whether a UFO was spotted behind a Virgin Atlantic plane right after it took off from JFK Airport in New York City. The so-called UFO is spotted flying above or behind the plane:

Rick from LookNowTV found the video, and he thinks it’s real:
“The person that saw this UFO at JFK films planes often and looks to catch UFOs on video. I have no reason to believe this guy is a hoax. It’s really unidentified. I shared it with my friends to get further opinions on it, and we could not come to a definitive conclusion on what the object might be so I decided to go with it and share it online.”
However, Russ Kellett, a UFO expert from the U.K., isn’t convinced. He told MailOnline:
“It seems to get narrower and wider as it’s moving, it’s hard to say. I always send footage to an expert to image enhancement as it looks good but unfortunately it could be anything.
There should be nothing getting that close to an aircraft. It doesn’t look to be a bird or anything like that but at a different angle it could be anything. You can believe in UFOs and be logical about images as well.”

Source:  http://www.epochinspired.com/inspired/1704602-a-ufo-was-just-filmed-overtaking-a-plane-in-new-york-city-really/

03 August, 2015

A Cigar-Shaped UFO Seen In New Zealand, in 1955 And Crashed!

On Monday, February 8, there appeared in The New York Herald Tribune an AP report from Auckland, New Zealand, saying that a mysterious explosion of terrific force had shaken the west coast of New Zealand's South Island the day before.

A Strange silver shape flashing overhead at the same time was reported.

"Observers at widely separated points described the object as cigar-shaped and emitting a dazzling light and traveling at high speed.

They said it lost altitude as it moved inland toward the Southern Alps. The explosion was heard and felt in an area of several hundred square miles."

Below are the articles of the UFO Topic from New Zealand:
Mysterious Blast In New Zealand - Feb 6, 1955
Big Explosion Reported: Mysterious Object In Sky - Feb 7, 1955

The Original Document:

Original Source: http://www.fold3.com/image/6969792/

Big Explosion Reported: Mysterious Object In Sky

(New Zealand Press Association) GREYMOUTH. February 6. A mysterious explosion of terrific force, and a strange object seen in the sky over the West Coast this afternoon, caused much speculation throughout the district tonight.

So far there has been no explanation of the explosion, nor of the object, with which it apparently was linked.

Responsible observers at widely separated points gave similar description of the object in the sky. It was stated to be cigar-shaped, bright silver in appearance, and traveling at a speed too great to estimate. It appeared to be losing altitude as it moved inland.

Two observers - one at Dobson and the other at Inchbonnie - claimed that the object was in two parts, and that the leading portion was much larger than the other. The object emitted a dazzling light.

Inquiries tonight indicated that the explosion occurred about 5 p.m. It was heard and felt over an area of several hundred square miles, and the strange object in the sky was observed simultaneously from at least four different places - the mouth of the Taramakau river, Greymouth, Dobson and Inchbonnie.

The explosion was heard by many persons in Greymouth; and at Nelson Creek, 20 miles north-east, it was violent as a clap of thunder.

The line of flight of the object was approximately south-west to north-east. It came from over the sea about 10 miles south of Greymouth,  and it course apparently took it into the foothills of the Southern Alps, about 25 miles from Greymouth.

An observer at Inchbonnie reported a huge column of smoke in the foothills of the Alps at the time of the explosion.

The Press, Monday, Feburary 7, 1955, page 10

Mysterious Blast In New Zealand - Feb 6, 1955

AUCKLAND, N.Z., Feb 6 - A mysterious explosion of terrific force shook the west coast of New Zealand's South Island today.

A Strange silver shape flashing overhead at the same time was reported.

Observers at widely-separated points described the object as cigar-shaped and emitting a dazzling light and traveling at high speed.

They said it lost altitude as it moved inland toward the Southern Alps.

The explosion was heard and felt in an area of several hundred square miles.

Today 50 years ago UFOs Where SPOTTED In Sioux City, Iowa

Residents describe them as "bright, red, moving swiftly and silently" as unidentified flying objects were reported sighted over Sioux City Tuesday night.

A flurry of reports started about 8:30 p.m. and continued until 10:45 p.,m., filtering into local authorities, the U.S. Weather Bureau, the Sioux City Air Base and The Journal. Sightings were reported in Riverside, Morningside and mid-city.

Reports of UFO sightings have come in increasing numbers recently in the upper Midwest, including by highway patrolmen and weathermen.

But could this document prove it was just a plane?
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