18 August, 2015

Conspiracist Claims He Has Evidence The Australian Government is Working With ETs?

A PALMERSTON UFO boffin says he has new evidence the Government is collaborating with extra terrestrials as part of a grand conspiracy, which will ultimately cost millions of lives. 
Nick – who refused to give his surname on the grounds the Federal Government, Australian Defence Force and US Marines might track him down – said he had spotted “shadows” in the sky, which appeared immediately after looking into the sun.

Nick said the shadows were normally invisible to the naked eye, but were “clearly visible” in the photos he supplied exclusively to the NT News . (STORY HERE)

“Look, I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not really into the internet, but I’ve done a bit of reading, and there’s a lot of information about this online,” he said.

Nick said evidence of the extraterrestrial phenomenon has been obscured by “chemtrails” put across the sky by the US and Australian militaries.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but about a year ago the sky changed colour a bit,” he said.

“I think they’ve put something up there to stop us seeing whatever it is that’s coming towards us. I just thought I should let everyone know.”

An ADF spokeswoman said: “As far as I am aware, we have no involvement with this kind of activity.”

But Nick said army helicopters had been flying over his house ever since he captured evidence of the “conspiracy”.

The Defence spokeswoman denied the claims. “The helicopters are conducting routine training,” she said.

Optometrist Tony Hill advised against staring into the sun, even if there was the promise of learning about the paranormal.

“It does a lot of retinal damage,” he said.

Nick, however, said he would continue to research the phenomenon.

Source:  http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/palmerston-ufo-boffin-says-he-has-new-evidence-government-is-collaborating-with-extra-terrestrials-as-part-of-a-grand-conspiracy/story-fnk0b1zt-1227487518377


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