21 August, 2015

This picture of a “UFO” image is trying to break the internet

It started with a rumor of a UFO spotted over a lake in Australia. One man in England set out to find the origin of this obvious fake, and traced it all the way to Jackson Hole.

The rumor initially began when the image was posted to Facebook on August 7. A man named David James from England saw the post and was determined to find the origin of the strange viral photo. A reverse image search on Google lead him to a Reddit thread. That is where he saw a comment that this photo wasn’t from Australia, but was in fact taken in Jackson Hole.

After some Facebook sleuthing of Jackson, he connected with local resident Dr. Rachael Dunlop. She worked with local James Metcalf and they were able to pinpoint the exact location where this photo was taken. The photo was taken at the Signal Mountain Lodge overlooking Jackson Lake.

So how is this trying to break the internet? As of 1:17 p.m. on August 17, the original Facebook post is up to 885,273 shares. Now 942,464 shares

Read the full story on the “UFO” in James’ blog post: www.skeptical.gb.net/blog/the-ufo-picture-from-australia-that-facebook-are-trying-to-remove-or-a-lampshade-in-jackson-hole-wyoming/


Source: http://buckrail.com/2015/08/17/this-picture-of-a-ufo-in-jackson-hole-is-trying-to-break-the-internet/


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