03 August, 2015

A Cigar-Shaped UFO Seen In New Zealand, in 1955 And Crashed!

On Monday, February 8, there appeared in The New York Herald Tribune an AP report from Auckland, New Zealand, saying that a mysterious explosion of terrific force had shaken the west coast of New Zealand's South Island the day before.

A Strange silver shape flashing overhead at the same time was reported.

"Observers at widely separated points described the object as cigar-shaped and emitting a dazzling light and traveling at high speed.

They said it lost altitude as it moved inland toward the Southern Alps. The explosion was heard and felt in an area of several hundred square miles."

Below are the articles of the UFO Topic from New Zealand:
Mysterious Blast In New Zealand - Feb 6, 1955
Big Explosion Reported: Mysterious Object In Sky - Feb 7, 1955

The Original Document:

Original Source: http://www.fold3.com/image/6969792/


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