03 August, 2015

Big Explosion Reported: Mysterious Object In Sky

(New Zealand Press Association) GREYMOUTH. February 6. A mysterious explosion of terrific force, and a strange object seen in the sky over the West Coast this afternoon, caused much speculation throughout the district tonight.

So far there has been no explanation of the explosion, nor of the object, with which it apparently was linked.

Responsible observers at widely separated points gave similar description of the object in the sky. It was stated to be cigar-shaped, bright silver in appearance, and traveling at a speed too great to estimate. It appeared to be losing altitude as it moved inland.

Two observers - one at Dobson and the other at Inchbonnie - claimed that the object was in two parts, and that the leading portion was much larger than the other. The object emitted a dazzling light.

Inquiries tonight indicated that the explosion occurred about 5 p.m. It was heard and felt over an area of several hundred square miles, and the strange object in the sky was observed simultaneously from at least four different places - the mouth of the Taramakau river, Greymouth, Dobson and Inchbonnie.

The explosion was heard by many persons in Greymouth; and at Nelson Creek, 20 miles north-east, it was violent as a clap of thunder.

The line of flight of the object was approximately south-west to north-east. It came from over the sea about 10 miles south of Greymouth,  and it course apparently took it into the foothills of the Southern Alps, about 25 miles from Greymouth.

An observer at Inchbonnie reported a huge column of smoke in the foothills of the Alps at the time of the explosion.

The Press, Monday, Feburary 7, 1955, page 10


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