25 December, 2015

Mysterious Lights Pepper The Chilean Skies Over Santiago

International Online Zhuangao: According to British “Daily Mail” reported on December 23, on YouTube period of five minutes long video display, Santiago, Chile (Santiago) 4 group discovered floating over the mysterious luminous object, witnesses said theyIt is “UFO fleet.”

This video is called “San Diego discovered mysterious UFO”, the video, you can see the night sky mysterious luminous body floating in a strange formation in the distance, then spread out and eventually disappear completely.

The authenticity of this video caused a lot of controversy users, an audience wrote:. “At first I thought it was a Chinese lantern tied together, but they move very fast.” Another viewer wrote on Facebook He said: “this video seems to be very real.”

But others do not seem to believe that these mysterious lights might just leap UAV light emitted over the city.

Chile is not the first time UFO, in fact, Chile’s San Clemente (San Clemente) has become the country’s “UFO sightings of all.” The area often receives a mysterious luminous spheres disappear report in water or forest.

Source:  http://www.inews163.com/2015/12/24/chile-floating-mysterious-luminous-sky-witnesses-said-like-ufo-fleet-137304.html

Original Link (Chinese):  http://news.163.com/15/1224/15/BBK3EKG700014JB5.html


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