30 April, 2015

Astronomer claims to see UFO close to Montgomeryshire border

A KEEN astronomer believes he saw a UFO in the skies above his home close to the Montgomeryshire border – the second unexplained incident within a year in the area.

Jamie Keeling, 28, from Four Crosses was retrieving items from his car near his home when he claims to have heard a low, deep rumbling noise from above.

Mr Keeling says he saw a large black triangular craft flying overhead with a bright, pulsating red light at each corner. The close encounter occurred shortly before 10pm on Thursday, April 9, as the object apparently flew directly over the Powys skyline.

Mr Keeling said: “It was travelling at a constant speed and height. It was hard to tell what altitude it was flying at, but it looked very high and very large in size and was travelling due east.

“My father is a pilot, and I am a keen amateur astronomer, so I know what I am and am not looking at when it comes to things in the night sky.

“I wondered whether it could have been three military aircraft flying in formation, but all aircraft flying anywhere in the world are obligated to, and are not allowed to fly in any airspace, unless they have a very specific formation of lights displayed; that being a red light on the one wing tip and a green light on the other.”

Last August an “unexplained banana shaped object” was seen in the sky by a model plane enthusiast also in the Four Crosses area.

On this latest occasion light pollution hampered visibility on the night and Mr Keeling said it was impossible to distinguish whether the lights came from one large triangular aircraft or three military aircraft flying in formation.

He said there were no stars visible between the three red lights as the craft moved along it’s flight path, which led him to believe it was one solid craft, but because so few stars were visible on the night he could not be certain.

Mr Keeling believes he has seen the same mysterious craft on two previous occasions at the same spot at around the same time.

He added: “The sightings were the same each time but this time I had a much clearer view as I was standing out in the open in the middle of the road so none of the craft was obstructed and I was able to watch it until it disappeared into the distance.

“I don’t know what it was that I saw, but I do know it was a craft with lights that do not conform to the legal obligations set out by the FAA.

“Its speed was hard to judge as I couldn’t ascertain its distance from my position, but this was not a normal aircraft and I have no idea what it was.”

Link:  http://www.newsnorthwales.co.uk/news/147407/astronomer-claims-to-see-ufo-close-to-montgomeryshire-border.aspx


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