28 February, 2015

UFO News These Past Few Days!

Military Say Crackpots Started UFO Problem

The military said crackpots created the UFO phenomena but in reality it was the U.S military and its personell that created the phenomena plus the senate and its coherts, the government allow a bucket load of ex-service men to be allowed to use the National Press Club in Washington as a place to protest their evidence and swear under oath that what they say is true, accurate and fully detailed. Read More!

Photographs capture Chinese space rocket burning up over western USA - Daily Mail Online
ten second time exposure photo
People across a wide swath of the West, from Arizona to Canada, looked up at the sky late Monday to see a cluster of weird lights followed by an orange tail streaking across the night. The lights were not a meteor or UFO, but a Chinese rocket booster that broke apart, said Maj. Martin O'Donnell, a spokesman for U.S. Strategic Command. Read More Click Me!

'UFO' caught on camera over Salt Lake City, Utah - Daily Mail Online

UFO Crash On Mars: NASA Mars Photos Reveal 'Tail' Of Downed Alien Spacecraft, UFO Hunters Say
The Alleged Image
Did a UFO crash on the surface of Mars sometime in the distant past? Or maybe on the not-so-distant past? A set of NASA photos snapped on the surface of our mysterious neighbor in the Solar System look to a UFO hunters to be solid evidence of a downed alien spacecraft that must have hit the Martian surface so hard that only its tail was left visible above the surface. Further Information
'UFO' over Donetsk: Skyline cam catches light in time-lapse - YouTube


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