09 February, 2015

Bradford resident records ‘UFO’ before it allegedly flies away

The bright circular object was recorded in the sky yesterday on the 7 February by a man walking home from the shop.

The uploader narrated in the video: “As I was just walking home from the shop something zigzagged about in the sky… unfortunately I was coming back from the shop and had to go in and get a camera.

“It’s hard to explain to people. It can’t be a star because of the zigzagging it was doing. The only thing I can see in the sky is the aeroplane trail and a cloud, but there are no stars at all.

“It’s so dark out there that I can actually see the trails of aeroplanes, and they’re going right through where this thing is.”

The alleged UFO was stationary and moving at times whilst it was being recorded but it also did a small ‘loop-de-loop’ off-camera.

It was supposedly in the sky for an hour.

Link:  http://www.yorkshirestandard.co.uk/news/weird/bradford-resident-records-ufo-before-it-allegedly-flies-away-9950/


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