14 February, 2015

Stephen Hawking Says Alien Contact Could Lead To Catastrophe

Scientists have received a warning from Stephen William Hawking against their attempts to contact aliens and let them know that humans are here on Earth.

Efforts to beam messages from Earth have intensified in recent years in the hope to finally make contact with other intelligent beings from another planet. But renowned physicist Hawking doesn’t in favor on these attempts saying that it could result in a catastrophic event.

Hawking stressed that the alien visitation on Earth would be much like when Columbus came to America, which did more harm than good to Natives.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in California has been using the most advanced telescopes to send data to nearby planets and stars.

Science advisor in the box office hit film Battleship, Seth Shostak of SETI, said that they have plans to pick star systems within 20 light years. However, NASA consultant and American scientist David Brin has issued a caution saying that the contact would inevitably transform human destiny and that the attempts should only be done if the whole world is on the same page.


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