18 February, 2015

UFO Drops Blobs of a Plasma-Like Substance

This is one of the strangest – and clearest – UFO videos making the rounds this week. A glowing UFO appears to drop or drip or leak blobs of a liquid or plasma substance which seems to form floating orbs and meteor-like flashes. No location, owner or any other details on the video are available at this time. What could they be?

Reports of UFOs “dripping plasma” are somewhat common, especially with glowing orbs. MUFON Case 44496 reports a similar occurrence of a UFO dripping something.

A flame colored sphere that appeared to change into two spheres, disappeared, then reappeared further off in the distance as one orb, disappeared again, appeared closer yet again and looked like it was discharging something from the bottom, became two.

On October 30, 2014, a glowing orb that seemed to separate into plasma-like blobs and then rejoin was recorded over Partille, Sweden, using night vision equipment. No conclusive explanation for this UFO has been given.

Many UFO experts believe glowing orb UFOs use some sort of plasma propulsion system which can create a plasma field around the hull that could cause the plasma drips.

The mother of all “dripping UFO” reports is the famous Maury Island incident. In June 1947, just weeks before the Roswell UFO incident, two men reported seeing six UFOs near Maury Island in Washington state. They claimed one UFO dripped a liquid substance that fell to the ground, injuring a fellow worker and killing a dog. One of the witnesses was reportedly contacted by a man in a dark suit, one of the first reports of what might be a Man in Black, and later retracted his account, saying it was a hoax. As a result, the validity of the Maury Island incident and the possibility of a government coverup are debated to this day.

Getting back to the plasma-dripping UFO video posted this week – no other information is currently available. I’m no expert on plasma propulsion or plasma UFOs or plasma drips. What do you think it is? Did these people witness another Maury Island incident? Was it a plasma UFO? What else could they have seen?

Link: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/02/ufo-drops-blobs-of-a-plasma-like-substance/


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