13 February, 2015

Purple UFO Witnessed by TV Crew Filming Politician in Peru

Politicians in Peru are just like those in the U.S. – it takes something spectacular to get them to stop talking to a camera. That’s exactly what happened this week in Lima, Peru, when a TV crew doing an interview with a politician was interrupted by the sight of a purple UFO hovering over a construction site.

Lima Congressman Renzo Reggiardo was taping his program “Alto al crimen” (High Crime) at 10:30 am on February 10 in the Miraflores District of Lima when one of his camera operators noticed something in the sky behind him. They saw what appeared to be a purple disc spinning in place about 200-to-300 meters (650-to-980 feet) over a building currently under construction. Congressman Reggiardo stopped the interview (really!) and allowed his crew to continue filing the UFO.

Peru UFO part of extraterrestrial diplomacy according to Raelians | Further Information

The crew caught the attention of many people who came out to observe the UFO and offer suggestions on what it might be. Miraflores is near the beach but the object doesn’t appear to be a paraglider. The object was too large to be a drone and didn’t look like a balloon or bag. Witnesses said the object remained over the construction for two hours before leaving.

So what was this purple UFO? Since multiple videos were taken, CGI or dust on the lens is out. Eduardo Chávez Guerra, a member of the “Alto al crimen” crew, said the video he put on YouTube was 1080p HD video. Since he’s a professional with a TV camera, one would think the quality would have been better.

Then there’s Congressman Reggiardo. Although he certainly wanted the camera back on him, he allowed his crew to film the UFO. If he believed it was a UFO, why didn’t he call the military or air force to investigate? Did he know what the object really was? Was he under orders not to confirm it or cause alarm? Did it have to do with what was under construction or what the UFO might be observing?

Source:  http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/02/purple-ufo-witnessed-by-tv-crew-filming-politician-in-peru/


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