20 September, 2014

UFO spotted over St Helens?

A baffled reader has sent in this picture which he believes shows a UFO flying over St Helens.

The 39-year-old spotted the object hovering over fields near Sutton at around 7pm on Monday night.
He told the Reporter it appeared to hang in one spot for almost a minute before darting suddenly to the right, then disappearing out of view.

Before the object vanished, the father of two managed to capture this image on his mobile phone.
And he insists it was not a Chinese lantern - or an ordinary aircraft.

“To be honest, before Monday I didn’t have any firm opinions either way but this has changed my mind,” he said. “It has really fascinated me. It just hung there in a way normal aircraft don’t.

“I was giving the dog a walk and no-one else was about but that’s not to say other people didn’t see something that night in a different part of town.

“I’m convinced that the normal explanations of Chinese lanterns don’t apply to this.

“I’m sure there will be cynics but since it has happened a lot of other people have told they have had similar experiences around St Helens.

“Who knows, may be this town is a bit of a hotspot for UFO activity!”

Link:  http://www.sthelensreporter.co.uk/news/local/ufo-spotted-over-st-helens-1-6847357


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