20 September, 2014

Baulkham Hills Residents Spot UFO In The Sky?

Hello everyone ,
Early this morning at around 9:40 am I began to film an unusual object in the sky looking S/E from Baulkham Hills . The object for at least 35 minutes seemed to be completely stationary and was extremely bright. Reports soon came flooding in to radio stations and the police about the object from all around Sydney . Literally thousands everywhere have seen this object and soon I was receiving calls about it.

The object began moving very slowly and over a two and a half hour period I was lucky enough to capture it on 9 different cameras in Full HD and on still photographs.
The object appeared as a luminous but semi - transparent mass in the shape of an oval or an egg.
We had 11 people including neighbors and even a postman stop and witness the object , all were amazed at what they were witnessing.

The early excuse issued today by authorities was that it was a helicopter checking out power lines, but now the military has become involved it has been called a drone... Of course.
We have nearly 300 videos and photos showing small white and red spheres flying around the larger object , aswell as helicopters circling the object and also hovering above the yard while we were filming.

The object was quite low and very large in comparison to planes flying near it , and with no visible wings or rotors to keep it aloft for such a space of time it is highly doubtful it was a drone of any type.

Over the coming days I will share some of the video footage of the object . Next week I will be appearing in the women's weekly magazine ' Take 5 ' talking about the UFO phenomena and the importance of the media's role in the subject over the years .

During an investigation in Kiama with a fellow A.A.P.I. investigator two nights ago , a huge orange sphere appeared in front of us and over the course of 3 minutes the object would disappear and reappear . We got some decent footage of it which I will also share over the coming days .

Damien John Nott

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/damienjohnnott/posts/564435503660716


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