18 September, 2014

UFO sighting: locals witness strange white object in sky above Parramatta

A white UFO appeared to be hovering over Parramatta this morning prompting calls to talkback radio.

Callers to the Alan Jones Breakfast Show spoke about seeing a white balloon-like object that they could not identify high up in the air

Elsa called in saying: “We have been watching the UFO now for two hours from Baulkham Hills, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen it?”

Parramatta Advertiser also spotted the white circular object in the otherwise clear blue sky from Church St in central Parramatta about 9.30am this morning.

Another caller to radio station 2GB, Darren described seeing the unidentified object from Rosehill.
“It’s freaking us all out, we have been on site at Rosehill for an hour looking at this thing,” he said.


“It looks like a balloon or a plastic bag, but it’s really high and it hasn’t moved.
“I don’t know what it is, there’s been 10 of us staring at it for an hour, we’re getting no work done.”

Fred from Merrylands also saw the object in the sky earlier this morning.
“It’s basically moving from Merrylands to Parramatta,” he said.

“I thought it was a big balloon, then a cloud...I had to take my glasses off and clean them.”
An Airservices spokesman said all aircraft over Sydney today was identified and it was “operations as normal”.

“We get a number of inquiries throughout the year of unidentified objects in our airspace around the country,” he said.


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