01 September, 2014

UFO Spotted In Melbourne Suburb, Australia

'It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before:' Residents spot a 'UFO' hovering over houses... but others argue it's just a drone

  • A UFO was spotted over a Melbourne suburb on Sunday night
  • One resident filmed the object as it hovered over homes in the Carnegie area
  • Astronomical Society of Victoria say it was simply a toy
  • UFO Research Queensland say sightings are on the rise on the Gold Coast
A UFO supposedly spotted over an Australian suburb on Sunday night has raised questions about just what the object was.

With flashing coloured lights in red, green and blue the aircraft hovered over the south-east Melbourne suburb of Carnegie for over an hour, according to residents.
One local told News Corp the object was very strange and unlike anything she had ever come across before.

'Someone said it could be a helicopter but it’s not moving, it’s been there for an hour now', Toni Koromilas said.

She added she may be way off track and the strange aircraft could have simply been a plane but admitted it looked 'bizarre'.
'Holy moly this thing keeps coming back to Carnegie we need to figure out why', Perry Vlahos from the Astronomical Society of Victoria Inc jokingly told Daily Mail Australia when asked about the object.

'I saw it first about three weeks ago so I followed it because I thought "what is going on here",' Mr Vlahoas said. He trailed it close to a nearby park before he realised what it was.

'If you went into the park I think you would find teenagers with some remotes in their hands he said, before Mr Vlahos added he believes it to be no more than a toy drone or gyro-copter fitted out with some impressive LED lights.

'If not, we need to figure out what it is about Carniege', Mr Vlahos said. 
The object has been spotted numerous times in the area lately, hovering 100-200 metres off the ground, usually around 9pm. 

UFO sightings are reported in Melbourne at least once a week according to local monitors, and instances are apparently on the rise in Queensland too.

'In the last couple of years there's been an increase of reports from the Gold Coast area', president of UFO Research Queensland Sheryl Gottschall told Daily Mail Australia.

She revealed her association gets about 100 reports per year, but they are just one of many groups around Australia keeping track of sightings.

Ms Gottschall said she herself had a number of sightings and what she described as a 'close encounter' while living in Brisbane.

'I was living at Mount Gravatt and it was in the early hours of the morning... I saw three small beings standing beside my bed', she revealed.

The creatures were apparently two to three feet tall with inverted heads and 'wrap around black eyes'.

'I was terror-struck', Ms Gottschall said.

'People see things and try to put these experiences in context, which doesn't always work ... There's a high strangeness factor to these experiences people have.'


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