16 October, 2014

Undefined UFO snapped near Sofia, Bulgaria

On September 2014, in broad day-light, a person has taken several photos of the mountain near Sofia, in Bulgaria. But, on one of them, he has noticed a strange bright UFO…
Witness statement:
I went go a Rooftop café with a friend. It was a sunny day in Sofia on the 30rd of Sept 2014.
As the place and the view were new to me I took several pictures of the mountain. The sunlight was strong so I couldn't really see my iPhone screen (especially the small window of the app Hipstamatic I used to get a retro filter).

After I went back to our table at the shadow, I looked at the photos taken short seconds one after or other. That's when I noticed a flying object on one of them.

I talked to a friend who is scientific and interested in the topic and he send me your website.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/3510/Undefined%20UFO%20snapped%20near%20Sofia,%20Bulgaria


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