10 September, 2014

UFO Empties Water Tank - Rosedale, Australia – 1980

In 1980, one of Ufology's best UFO/Water cases took place. Allegedly, a 10,000 gallon water tank was emptied at the White Acres farm in Rosedale, Victoria on September 30. Also featured was the landing of a UFO. It is odd that UFO and Water cases are not addressed as they should be. There is a definite connection between the two, and there are numerous theories as to why UFOs are often seen near or in water.

Sometimes, contact with the ocean is unplanned, as in the Shag Harbor Crash. In the case of the photograph of a UFO in Costa Rica there is no doubt that an unidentified object is partially submerged in the ocean. What its agenda was, we do not know. In the well-known case
of Buff Ledge we are reminded of how easily UFOs can navigate through the air and well as water. To see some synopses of other water cases, pay a visit to Unidentified Submersible Objects.

There is also a rare case of a USO being photographed under water. See a full report and the photo at USO Photographed under Aegean Sea. Now back to our case from Australia.

The Rosedale Event
This case has been highly touted by Australian researcher Paul Norman, who claimed it a  'very impressive UFO landing and physical  trace event.' The case at Rosedale was not isolated; the entire Gippsland region reported that water was taken from a number of lakes,  and other water storage facilities. These events occurred from '85-'90. Obviously something very unusual was happening. Though these  cases were important, the Rosedale case was the most heralded of them all.

The case began when the caretaker of "White-Acres" property, a 54-year-old man, heard and witnessed various unsettling actions from  the livestock one night. He had trouble sleeping that night and was up about 1:00 AM. Then he witnessed a domed UFO with a white top.  The object was only about 8 ft.  in altitude. He could see orange and blue lights could be seen on the surface of the object.

The caretaker estimated the objects size at about 28 ft. in diameter and 15 ft. tall. Oddly, the object did not light up the ground as it moved along, yet the object was self-illumining.

Actions of the UFO
The UFO appeared to hover over a 10,000 gallon water tank before it landed some 50 ft. from the tank. The caretaker, riding a  motorbike, approached the object and got to within ten yards or so. He heard a type of whistling noise before it changed to a an 'awful  scream.'

A black tube (evidently a type of water hose) now appeared around the base of the UFO. A loud bang was heard as the object lifted itself  up and moved away from the landing spot. A blast of hot air accompanied the lifting of the UFO, almost knocking the bike-riding  gentleman to the ground. After it repositioned itself, it went silent.

Debris fell away from the UFO, and it moved out of sight to the east. The eyewitness described the object in greater detail: There were  two sections, one 'a white dome on top and a larger orange section underneath.' He also noted circular windows or lights on the bottom  section. And there was the unusual tube or water hose connected to the bottom of the UFO.

Description of the Object
The witness described the object as consisting of two sections, 'a white dome on top and a larger orange section underneath' and around  the bottom section he also stated there appeared to be 'circular windows or lights' - what makes the account all the more interesting is  the fact that he also described a kind of 'tube' appearing from the base of the object which isn't the first time this has been reported.

Aftermath of the Event
The caretaker became sick with nausea and headaches for several weeks following the incident. This is, of course, due to close proximity  to radiation. He also discovered some strange clues after the departure of the UFO. The major one was that the entire contents of the  10,000 gallon tank were gone, revealing a muddy bottom which was coned-up about 2 ft. tall. This was obviously from the power of the  suction from the tube. Where the object had landed now revealed a 30 ft. diameter ring of black, flat grass. Also, yellow flowers previously in  the circle was gone.

An Investigation Begins
Investigations were conducted by a number of people including Bill Chalker, Gary Little and Keith Basterfield. The men began their  investigation in December, 1980. They went one step at a time, leaving nothing out. Even three months after the event, the landing spot  could be made out, though it had naturally faded. The area had been mowed in the interim, but only a small area of the circle had begun  to regrow vegetation.

Soil and rock samples were taken, but results showed nothing unusual, probably because of the passage of time. The owner of the  property was interviewed, but because he had no direct involvement in the events, he could add nothing of importance to the case. GTV 9 news was contacted which had taken film of the event only a few days afterward it occurred.

There was found a possible second witness to the UFO, but few details of what he saw was revealed. Soon, there would be other, though separate events which would only add weight to the odd events in the Gippsland area of Victoria.

Link:  http://ufos.about.com/od/aufotimeline/fl/UFO-Empties-Water-Tank-Rosedale-Australia-ndash-1980.htm?nl=1


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