15 August, 2014


Nurse Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy was forced by the US government into lifelong silence and hiding due to her involvement in the Roswell incident. She was the one who could communicate with Aril, the grey alien, lone survivor of the crash and did so with her under close supervision by military minds, hell bent on finding weapons for their wars, for six weeks in July and August of 1947 during Aril’s captivity.

Sixty years later after a lifetime of reflection and meditation, Matilda could no longer remain silent. Before she and her husband committed suicide, taking the story with them to their graves, she mailed LAWRENCE R. SPENCER the transcripts she’d smuggled out of her interviews with the surviving PILOT OF THE ROSWELL CRAFT in New Mexico in ’47. With her final act, she gave humanity a gift, that of hope and freedom, even though she was in fact a human inhabited by the soul of a grey alien.

Hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin induce Spencer to share the motives and projects the Aliens who invested in Earth, which they regard as a prison planet where ET s from all over this and other galaxies send souls to cycle through endless rebirths until they rediscover, in their unique paths, their spiritual connection with Source. The book, “Alien Interview” is dedicated to Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, who gave up her life to preserve the material contained in it. And, it is dedicated to all Immortal Spiritual Beings, whether they are aware of themselves as such, or not. It is especially dedicated to the wisdom, courage and integrity of those Greater Beings, who in various incarnations at various times during the past, in the present and into the future, enkindle and carry the Flame of Truth into the darkest corners of the universe.

This dedication is not only to crash the philosophical teachings and technologies developed by these beings, but to the demonstrated and documented courage to apply their philosophy in the face of overwhelming ignorance, overt hostility and aggressive suppression by lesser beings and by the self-serving vested interests of inter-galactic and planetary political, economic, and religious institutions.

Though relatively few in number, the profound wisdom and heroic dedication of such beings, and those who share their quest, have been the only effective deterrent to spiritual slavery. Freedom, Communication, Creativity ,Trust and Truth for all Immortal Spiritual Beings in this universe is their legacy. The Good Examples set by them is our sanctuary and sustenance. Personal, diligent application of their teachings is our weapon against the dwindling spiral of chaos and oblivion that is the material universe.

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