28 February, 2015

Possible UFO sighting in St Albans baffles resident

Was there a UFO over St Albans?
A “round silver object” flying in the air has puzzled one early morning commuter on her way in to the office.

Sue Ibbison, who lives in Marshalswick, was walking along Hatfield Road at 7.10am on Tuesday (24) when she saw the peculiar object “moving steadily in the sky” by the road’s junction with Ashley Road.

She said: “I had to get up early to walk to the station, I just saw it quite high up but not as high up as a commercial airline.

“It was silver and round but I couldn’t see any wings – I just thought that it was very strange.

“I thought it may have been a private jet but it seemed to be too high for that and it certainly wouldn’t have been a light aircraft because I would have easily heard it. It could have been a drone but I’m not sure.

“A couple of minutes later a standard ordinary Easyjet came into view which I could hear and see clearly.

“The small silver object pretty much directly ahead of this passenger jet continued slowly on its way. Oh for a pair of binoculars!”
She went on: “I just wondered if anyone else saw it as I found it very interesting and strange.”

Did you see the object in the Fleetville area of the city on Tuesday morning?

Link:  http://www.hertsad.co.uk/news/possible_ufo_sighting_in_st_albans_baffles_resident_1_3973290

UFO News These Past Few Days!

Military Say Crackpots Started UFO Problem

The military said crackpots created the UFO phenomena but in reality it was the U.S military and its personell that created the phenomena plus the senate and its coherts, the government allow a bucket load of ex-service men to be allowed to use the National Press Club in Washington as a place to protest their evidence and swear under oath that what they say is true, accurate and fully detailed. Read More!

Photographs capture Chinese space rocket burning up over western USA - Daily Mail Online
ten second time exposure photo
People across a wide swath of the West, from Arizona to Canada, looked up at the sky late Monday to see a cluster of weird lights followed by an orange tail streaking across the night. The lights were not a meteor or UFO, but a Chinese rocket booster that broke apart, said Maj. Martin O'Donnell, a spokesman for U.S. Strategic Command. Read More Click Me!

'UFO' caught on camera over Salt Lake City, Utah - Daily Mail Online

UFO Crash On Mars: NASA Mars Photos Reveal 'Tail' Of Downed Alien Spacecraft, UFO Hunters Say
The Alleged Image
Did a UFO crash on the surface of Mars sometime in the distant past? Or maybe on the not-so-distant past? A set of NASA photos snapped on the surface of our mysterious neighbor in the Solar System look to a UFO hunters to be solid evidence of a downed alien spacecraft that must have hit the Martian surface so hard that only its tail was left visible above the surface. Further Information
'UFO' over Donetsk: Skyline cam catches light in time-lapse - YouTube

21 February, 2015

UFO Captured Over Cornwall, On The Day Russian Bombers Are Escorted!

This was the image posted to the Facebook page by Mr Gillham.
A 'UFO' has been captured in a photograph in the skies above Cornwall - which has emerged on the day RAF jets scrambled to intercept two long-range Russian “Bear” planes over the region.

One Cornish beachgoer spotted something in the sky and, despite close scrutiny, it was not obvious what that object was - causing much speculation.

Members of the Cornwall UFO Research Group have been debating a possible extraterrestrial sighting after this image was posted on their Facebook page and began circulating on social media.

The image gained more interest today as RAF fighter jets escorted a Russian bomber plane away from the skies off the Cornish coast.

The picture appears to show a “triangular shape” hovering above the walkers gathered on Summerleaze Beach at Bude.

And David Gillham who posted it to the group, said it was the second sighting of the strange object in as many weeks.

“Just received this photo ... from a person in Bude. Any ideas what this object could be?,” he commented.

“Taken at Summerleaze Beach, Bude, N Cornwall 17th February 2015. Looks triangular....but I have no idea what it is?

“The second sighting I have witnessed around N Cornwall in two weeks!”

Members have discussed the possibility that image depicts a Russia bomber, similar to those spotted off the Cornish coast yesterday.

But as one individual points out, the photograph was taken on February 17 – the day before.

So the strange flying object appears to remain a mystery for now.

19 February, 2015

The Marines Are Building Robotic War Balls

The future of amphibious assault looks kind of like an explosive inner tube. It’s really a drone. 

Establishing a beachhead on enemy-held turf is historically one of the most dangerous jobs in warfare, just ask Achilles. But the robotic age may make it slightly less so.

A research team from Stamford, Conn. has developed an amphibious drone that they are currently testing with the Marines. The GuardBot is a robot ball that swims over water at about 4 miles per hour and then rolls along the beach, at as much as a 30-degree incline and 20 miles per hour.

It uses a nine-axis stabilization, “pendulum motion” propulsion system, which moves the bot forward by shifting the center of gravity back and forth and a variety of steering algorithms.

It took creator Peter Muhlrad some seven years to develop, but now that it’s complete Muhlrad says it can be rapidly produced in various sizes. Company documents suggest it can be scaled down to units as small as 10 cm and as large as nine feet. The company is planning to develop a prototype that’s 6 feet in diameter.

Muhlrad’s company, GuardBot Inc. has a cooperative research development agreement, or CRADA, with the Navy. A CRADA is a legal framework that allows private companies or researchers to use government facilities, research and resources to build things that are mutually beneficial to both parties. The information that the researcher discovers is protected for up to five years. Under many CRADAs the researcher does not receive money from the government but has the right to commercialize what he or she produces. The government retains a use license.

The company is currently working with the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab to test the GuardBot in an operational environment, though it’s unclear what that may be. Here’s the team presenting it at Marine Corps Base Quantico, in Virginia, in 2012. Watch it navigate the volleyball pit.

In January 2014, they tested it at the Naval Amphibious Base in Little Creek, Va., where the GuardBot successfully deployed from and returned to a naval craft.

Today, the machine is remotely operated over a 2-8 GHz datalink.

But Muhlrad and his team are working on new software that incorporates geographic information system data, or GIS, to allow for far greater autonomy. Just pick a spot on the map and the ball will get there.

“Depending on if we get funding, we could develop that in 8 to 10 months,” Muhlrad told Defense One.

Muhlrad designed the system primarily for surveillance and object inspection. It’s capable of 360 degree turns so its somewhat more maneuverable than other ground robots. In tests with Smith Detection’s raman laser spectroscope  in the payload (the two small transparent half-spheres on the side of the bot) it was able to detect explosive chemicals from about 2 inches away.

No, unlike a one-armed PackBot, it clearly won’t be disabling explosives. And it won’t replace special operations teams, but it could accompany them on dangerous missions. When Defense One asked if the GuardBot could carry explosives rather than detection or camera equipment, Muhlrad answered simply: “Yes.”

Link:  http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2015/02/marines-are-building-robotic-war-balls/105258/

VIDEO: Could UFOs be flying over Orford?

This still was taken from aerial footage over the Orford Hotel
COULD this be evidence UFOs fly over the Orford Hotel?

This still was taken from aerial footage filmed by David Greatorex over the Gorsey Lane building last week.

Orford Hotel landlord Christopher Barral added: "Once the film was downloaded from the drone it has shown a surprising phenomenon, a potential UFO in Orford?

"Has there been any further history of UFO sightings in Warrington?"

Watch the footage here and let us know what you think below. 

Link:  http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/11800834.VIDEO__Could_UFOs_be_flying_over_Orford_/

Valley hosts world's largest international UFO convention

Thousands of UFO enthusiasts will gather on American Indian land in Arizona this week but not in hopes of a mass abduction.

Believers, skeptics, scientists and media personalities come together each year for the International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival , which according to their organizers, is the largest of its kind.

The convention kicked off Wednesday morning at the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Convention Center in the YawapaiNation, located in the Scottsdale area. This year marks the 24th annual incarnation of this particular convention and runs until Sunday afternoon.

Qualified experts, authors and researchers take the stage each day to talk about their experiences on a wide variety of subjects.

Next door to the convention center ballroom, you'll find vendors set up with healing crystals, hypnosis techniques, herbal lotions and soaps, extraterrestrial inspired art, apparel, and licensed therapists.

If you didn't pre-register for the conference and are still interested in attending, you can buy partial day and evening tickets here .

Click here to see the full schedule of events.

Link:  http://www.abc15.com/news/region-northeast-valley/fountain-hills/valley-hosts-worlds-largest-international-ufo-convention

18 February, 2015

UFO Drops Blobs of a Plasma-Like Substance

This is one of the strangest – and clearest – UFO videos making the rounds this week. A glowing UFO appears to drop or drip or leak blobs of a liquid or plasma substance which seems to form floating orbs and meteor-like flashes. No location, owner or any other details on the video are available at this time. What could they be?

Reports of UFOs “dripping plasma” are somewhat common, especially with glowing orbs. MUFON Case 44496 reports a similar occurrence of a UFO dripping something.

A flame colored sphere that appeared to change into two spheres, disappeared, then reappeared further off in the distance as one orb, disappeared again, appeared closer yet again and looked like it was discharging something from the bottom, became two.

On October 30, 2014, a glowing orb that seemed to separate into plasma-like blobs and then rejoin was recorded over Partille, Sweden, using night vision equipment. No conclusive explanation for this UFO has been given.

Many UFO experts believe glowing orb UFOs use some sort of plasma propulsion system which can create a plasma field around the hull that could cause the plasma drips.

The mother of all “dripping UFO” reports is the famous Maury Island incident. In June 1947, just weeks before the Roswell UFO incident, two men reported seeing six UFOs near Maury Island in Washington state. They claimed one UFO dripped a liquid substance that fell to the ground, injuring a fellow worker and killing a dog. One of the witnesses was reportedly contacted by a man in a dark suit, one of the first reports of what might be a Man in Black, and later retracted his account, saying it was a hoax. As a result, the validity of the Maury Island incident and the possibility of a government coverup are debated to this day.

Getting back to the plasma-dripping UFO video posted this week – no other information is currently available. I’m no expert on plasma propulsion or plasma UFOs or plasma drips. What do you think it is? Did these people witness another Maury Island incident? Was it a plasma UFO? What else could they have seen?

Link: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/02/ufo-drops-blobs-of-a-plasma-like-substance/

Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth

Scientists in the U.K. have examined a tiny metal circular object, and are suggesting it might be a micro-organism deliberately sent by extraterrestrials to create life on Earth.

Don't be fooled by the size of the object in the microscopic image above. It may appear to look like a planet-sized globe, but in fact, it's no bigger than the width of a human hair.

The University of Buckingham reports that the minuscule metal globe was discovered by astrobiologist Milton Wainwright and a team of researchers who examined dust and minute matter gathered by a high-flying balloon in Earth's stratosphere.

"It is a ball about the width of a human hair, which has filamentous life on the outside and a gooey biological material oozing from its centre," Wainwright said, according to Express.co.uk.

"One theory is it was sent to Earth by some unknown civilization in order to continue seeding the planet with life," Wainwright hypothesizes.

That theory comes from a Nobel Prize winner.

"This seeming piece of science fiction -- called 'directed panspermia' -- would probably not be taken seriously by any scientist were it not for the fact that it was very seriously suggested by the Nobel Prize winner of DNA fame, Francis Crick," said Wainwright.

Panspermia is a theory that suggests life spreads across the known physical universe, hitchhiking on comets or meteorites.

The idea of directed panspermia was suggested by Crick, a molecular biologist, who was the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953. Twenty years later, Crick co-wrote -- with biochemist Leslie Orgel -- a scientific paper about directed panspermia.

The abstract of their manuscript states:
It now seems unlikely that extraterrestrial living organisms could have reached the Earth either as spores driven by the radiation pressure from another star or as living organisms imbedded in a meteorite. As an alternative to these nineteenth-century mechanisms, we have considered Directed Panspermia, the theory that organisms were deliberately transmitted to the Earth by intelligent beings on another planet.
We conclude that it is possible that life reached the Earth in this way, but that the scientific evidence is inadequate at the present time to say anything about the probability. We draw attention to the kinds of evidence that might throw additional light on the topic.
In contrast to what Crick-Orgel speculated about in 1973, four decades later, a team of scientists, led by astronomer-astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe of the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology, announced they had found fossils with biological properties attached to a meteorite (check out the slideshow at the bottom of this story) that fell in Sri Lanka.

Of course, these controversial claims bring forth the skeptical side of science.

In the case of the meteorite fossils, astronomer Phil Plait wrote that the scientists didn't do a good enough job convincing him there were actual fossils in that meteorite.

Wainwright and his team launched balloons nearly 17 miles into Earth's stratosphere, and when they examined the material collected by one of the balloons (like the one pictured below), they discovered a small crash mark which indicated to them that the microscopic, circular object didn't simply land softly.

"On hitting the stratosphere sampler, the sphere made an impact crater, a minute version of the huge impact crater on Earth caused by the asteroid said to have killed off the dinosaurs," Wainwright said.

Even with this more recent discovery of a tiny globe found lodged into a high-flying balloon, the alien space seed proponents know they have a long way to go before that can be proven and accepted by the scientific community.

"Unless, of course, we can find details of the civilization that is supposed to have sent it in this respect, it is probably an unprovable theory," Wainwright conceded.

Time -- and space -- will tell.

Link:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/03/aliens-send-space-seed-to-earth_n_6608582.html

17 February, 2015

6 most interesting Bay Area UFO sightings

From 1947 to 1969, the Air Force recorded 12,618 UFO sightings and spent significant resources investigating each claim during an era rife with Cold War paranoia about enemies' secret weapons.

Here's a summary from the Bay Area:

San Mateo: Boy spots 'flying saucer'

On the morning on Dec. 6, 1962, a young San Mateo teen looked up in the sky and reported seeing a "flying saucer," about 100-feet in diameter, oval-shaped, soundless and red. In his handwritten letter to the Air Force

the 13-year-old boy recounted how he eyeballed the object traveling at between 100 mph to 2,000 mph. He included a drawing of the UFO, an oval with another concentric oval inside of it. The inner circle was labeled "elevated" while the large ring was "smooth." He compared the drawing to the 1951 movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still," where an alien lands and tells Earthlings they must live peacefully or be destroyed as a danger to other planets.

He concluded his report: "A lot of people think I'm batty but I don't care because I really did see it. I think it came from Venus. I'm very interested in science too so I'm not a crackpot."

Despite the boy's efforts, the Air Force determined it an "unreliable report," calling his story "conflicting" and speculated he might have seen a jet with afterburner or meteor.

For Further Reading: 6 most interesting Bay Area UFO sightings investigated by the U.S. Air Force

Queenstown Resident Photographs UFO in New Zealand

Queenstown man Verdun Waghorn was a UFO sceptic - until he photographed one. Now he wants to know if the truth is out there. A fortnight ago he was fossicking for rocks by the Dart River bridge on the Glenorchy-Routeburn road.

'I don't think it's green men from outer space" says Mr Waghorn. But he'd like to know what it was.

About noon, he took 20 photos of the surrounding landscape to show his family. Looking through the images that evening, he noticed one showed a small, dark shape in the western sky towards the Humboldt Mountains. He is sure he neither saw nor heard an aircraft at the time, and has been puzzling over the object ever since.

 In response to an Otago Daily Times inquiry, an Airways New Zealand spokeswoman confirmed air traffic control had no record of aircraft in the area at that time. Mr Waghorn said the object appeared in only one of the photos, so he felt confident in ruling out that it was a speck of dirt or small insect on his lens.

He had always been sceptical about UFO stories, ''but now I sympathise with them''. ''I'm sure there's a reasonable, rational explanation - I don't think it's green men from outer space - but whenever I look at it, I think it's such a weird shape. ''It doesn't look like a bird or a plane - it's got me baffled.'' - Otago Daily Times

Ex-UFO sceptic baffled by mystery - Queenstown News


Kent's Top 10 UFO Sightings

Data from the National Archives has shown that Dartford is a popular place for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) - so how does the rest of the county rank?

The term ‘UFO’ was not coined until 1953, by the United States Air Force, as a catch-all phrase for all of these objects. According to the force, a UFO is: “any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object.” Before this, UFOs were often described as ‘flying saucers’ or ‘flying ‘discs’.

Studies have concluded that most UFO observations are misidentified conventional objects or natural phenomena—most commonly aircraft, balloons, types of clouds, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planets - not to mention the small percentage being hoaxes.

Between 5 per cent and 20 per cent of reported sightings are not explained, and therefore can be classified as unidentified in the strictest sense. Despite various studies concluding that these flying objects don’t pose any threats to national security, or merit further scientific study, interest remains strong.

Here we list the top ten sightings of UFOs in Kent.

Number 1
DATE: January 6 2012
TIME: 1pm
Two mysterious floating objects were captured on film by an unsuspecting snapper as they drifted over Chatham. The strange orbs, or very similar ones, were later sighted in Essex.
The first image was captured by Ernestas Griksas, 21, who was taking a picture of a cherry-picker outside his home in Chatham at around 1pm. He didn’t notice the bizarre apparition until afterwards, when looking at the pictures.
Speaking at the time, Mr Griksas said: “There are two white discs I can’t explain. I’m nowhere near a flightpath. One is slightly fainter as if it is further away or going at a different speed.”
Nick Pope used to run the British Government’s UFO Project and is now recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on the subject.
He told Kent News: “Assuming the photos are genuine, they’re very interesting, although with one photo, nothing unusual was seen at the time, which raises the possibility that this was caused by a fault with the camera.
“We could be dealing with some sort of atmospheric plasma phenomenon, or some other rare meteorological effect. Other possibilities include a secret prototype aircraft or drone, though I wouldn’t expect to see them in these sorts of locations.
“It’s difficult to say, now I no longer work at the Ministry of Defence and have no way to access radar data or to get images analysed in a proper, scientific way.”
He added: “The south east is now the hotspot for UFO sightings.”

Number 2
DATE: October 10, 2013
TIME: 12.25pm
An eyewitness identifying himself solely as Nigel gave a detailed statement on a UFO facebook page about his sighting in Tenderten: “We were sitting in the garden, sky was perfectly blue without cloud. I heard a jet flying over, looked up and noticed a a319 easy jet, however approximately 2000/3000ft directly above the jet, there was a completely stationery bright silver object that was metallic in appearance, cylinder shape and other features.
“Aproximately every 15 seconds it would appear to pulse briefly, giving the appearance of vanishing, it would then re-appear in exactly the same position, slightly black briefly before re-gaining the silver tube appearance.
“It was high and I remember thinking surely the jet would have identified another object with radar. We watched it for around 6 minutes when it suddenly completely vanished , no sound and lights of any form.
“I know my planes extremely well, but this for me was stunning sighting on the off chance of looking up and clear skies. It was to high to try a record with my mobile phone. Location wise approximately above Ashford south.”

Number 3
LOCATION: Tenderten
DATE: February 8, 2013
TIME: 1pm
An unidentified flying object was spotted in the skies over Ashford during ‘daylight hours’ according to an eye witness who was driving along the A2070.
The UK UFO sightings website received a witness statement from Martin Davey who says he was a passenger in a car when he spotted what he described as “the strangest object ever”.
In his post on the website he said he saw the UFO heading towards Tenterden just after 1pm, saying “I saw the strangest object ever very low to the ground floating or gliding away from the A2070 towards Tenterden direction.
“It was huge and how something that size flies is a mystery. It looked like an upside-down sharp-edged metal flower.”
“It was like a dark tin foil colour and smooth with a line of dots along the base of the bottom of the top bud. I watched for maybe a minute in utter disbelief at what I was looking at as it was nothing like I’ve seen before.”
Mr Davey described how the unidentified object went out of view as he passed some bushes and then disappeared.

Number 4
LOCATION: Dartford
DATE: Summer 1998
TIME: n/a
Irene Brennan gave an account of a bizarre light she saw drifting in the aky around Dartford: “I was driving down to Maidstone in Kent from Suffolk (in the evening) and somewhere on the road after the Dartford tunnel I noticed a bright light in the sky that seemed to be staying in the same place all the time,” she said.
“It stayed in the same position for quite a long while as I drove down the motorway and I approached it and literally drove underneath whatever it was.
“[It] was triangular shaped with lights at each corner and as I looked up I could see that the underside of the object was divided into sections. I wondered if it could have been a Harrier or the “invisible” Stealth bomber or something but I didn’t see any wheels hanging down, just the lights at the corner of the triangle”.

Number 5
LOCATION: Tonbridge
DATE: June 5, 2008
TIME: 12.55am.
Government documents released in 2009 revealed that defence officials had examined a report of a UFO seen over Tonbridge the previous June.
The Ministry of Defence releases details of UFO sightings every year.
The Tonbridge sighting took place on June 5 at approximately 12.55am, with an unidentified eyewitness saying that: “An object was flying around in circles at aeroplane level and sounded like an industrial train. There was a strange flashing on the object.”
That was not the end of the incident - just over three weeks later on June 28, a further sighting was reported, with the location specified only as Kent.

Link: http://www.kentnews.co.uk/news/top_ten_kent_ufos_have_they_been_spotted_in_your_area_1_3958024

Black UFO sighted above a plant in Argentina

On January 25, 2015, some workers have noticed a black unidentified flying object over a plant located in San Juan, Argentina. What is it? A drone or an alien spacecraft?
Ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:
A group of workers on their way to the Ullum Hydrolectric Plant in San Juan, Argentina were startled by a strange presence in the sky. One of them reached for his camera and managed to photograph the alleged apparition. The witnesses claim the object was moving, yet suspended in mid-air.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/4597/Black%20UFO%20sighted%20above%20a%20plant%20in%20Argentina

16 February, 2015

UFO Filmed in New Jersey Using Searchlights (UFO Lights Hovering in the Night Sky)

Description: UFO Filmed in New Jersey Using Search Lights (UFO Lights Hovering in the Night Sky) Video sent in from a man in NJ claiming to have seen UFO lights in the sky hovering over the woods near his home. The UFO seemed to be looking for something as it started using some kind of search lights at the end of the video.

15 February, 2015

“Something Is Monitoring The Planet, And They Are Monitoring it Very Cautiously” – Mike Gravel

The UFO topic seems to increase in intensity year after year. With a tremendous amount of credible information now available in the public domain, well known individuals are not afraid to share their voice with the world. It seems that a number of people would like to see this information surface, at the same time there seems to be so much secrecy behind the subject that a number of people would like to see it remain hidden.

Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), and 2008 presidential candidate says that there is “an extraterrestrial influence that is investigating our planet. Something is monitoring the planet and they are monitoring it very cautiously.” He’s not the only one making these claims. A number of Astronauts, Professors, high ranking military and political personnel have been doing the same over the years. Official documentation released from three letter agencies, governments, and the freedom of information act are available to the public domain and back up what is being said by these people.

These comments come from Mr. Gravel after the recent “citizens hearing on disclosure.”

The greatest form of ignorance is when someone rejects something they know nothing about – Wayne Dyer

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance – Albert Einstein.

The UFO “issue” is a complex one that branches into different areas like science, history, politics, consciousness and many more . It is without a doubt one of the most important topics the human civilization has come across, ever.

No doubt that human beings have been programmed with fear when it comes to this topic, and there is a good possibility that that has been done purposely. It’s time to let go of that, there is a whole galactic community out there teeming with life.

Our planet and the beings on it are currently going through a shift. We are beginning to see through the curtain that blinds the masses in all aspects of life. Our health, food, energy and financial institutions are much more transparent, and the people of Earth are calling for change. We are recognizing that we are what needs to change, we are the ones that do not resonate with this current system and we are the ones that have the tremendous potential to create something new. Maybe some groups of extraterrestrials are watching to see if we can do it? And maybe some aren’t.

Browse through our alternative/science/tech and multimedia sections for more information on UFOs and extraterrestrials if you are interested!

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.” – Dr Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor (source)

“Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time” Apollo 14 Astronaut (source # 1) (source # 2)

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help. Instead, some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously expensive wars, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on black projects which both congress and the commander in chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.” –
Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defence Minister (source)

UFO communications evident in Vancouver skies

Vancouver, BC – An exclusive video posted to YouTube revealed evidence for communications bridging the gap between human consciousness and other cosmic intelligences. A series of displays from mysterious sky objects recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, demonstrated how these entities appeared to possess an uncanny knack for showing up in the right place at the right time whenever the cameras were rolling. Captured over a five-year period, the luminous interactive displays were recorded using two different optical systems, including a professional series digital broadcast camera featuring a redundant triple-sensor array.

Click here to watch “A Pattern of UFO Communications” on YouTube, featuring highlights from five years of local skywatching and contact documentation: “A pattern of UFO communications is evident in the skies over Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bidirectional signaling bridges earth and air to evoke signs of psychic contact taking place over a multi-year period. Two different electronic instruments register the same repeatable phenomena indicating open lines of communications from advanced intelligences cooperating in the development of human consciousness.”

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, semaphore is a method of visual communications employing lights or flags that in late 18th century France utilized telescopes to perform long distance sightings of signals between fixed transmission points. The evidence appears to show that semaphore, an established mode of terrestrial communications utilizing lights and telescopes and the recent Vancouver, British Columbia video utilizing lights and telephoto optics possess more than a few similar traits.

The signaling interactions revealed in the video also appeared to show UFOs offering receipt of transmission acknowledgements like those utilized in data communications networks. Furthermore, synchronization of signals was evident in these instances where a clearly defined order of events occurs after commencement of signal transmission from the ground. These synchronized sequential communications between UFOs and people on the ground appeared to provide local evidence of an emerging global trend.

To further clarify, the ordering of these events was depicted on screen as:
1. Signal transmission
2. Receipt of transmission acknowledgement

Contemporary digital data communications between computers on the Internet utilize binary on/off encoding to transmit information in strings of ones and zeroes. A brief exposition on the evolution of binary encoding in human history cites its appearance in the Sanskrit Vedas, the communications logic of German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz and the Boolean logic of English mathematician George Boole.

Readers who wish to deepen their understanding of how seemingly meaningless on/off iterations can convey meaning between communicators may try using this free online translator to decode the following strings of numbers written in binary and paste their translations in the comments section below:

01010100 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101100 01101001 01100110 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01101110 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00101110
There is more to life than what we know. (The Binary Code)

The highly publicized 1974 Arecibo message transmitted by professional scientists into space fabricated the popular illusion of mainstream science’s interest in communicating with extraterrestrials. 25 years later it was revealed by Cornell News how this event had less to do with any serious attempt at understanding the subtleties of human-ET communications, offering in their place only a crude unilateral exhibition of the transmission capabilities of that era. As far as communications were concerned, Arecibo was all about affectation in the absence of authenticity.

This reporter had previously concluded that possibly more valid instrumental evidence for ET contact was published to YouTube in 2012 than SETI has produced in the past 40 years, a scenario which apparently eluded teams of scientists struggling to appear relevant during an era of widely-accessible, affordable digital night vision. The suggestion that authentic human-ET communications were taking place outside of the sphere of common public knowledge during the time of Arecibo was highlighted in the 1977 film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” wherein elite operatives of an international shadow governmental body are portrayed using sound and light signals to communicate with ET spacecraft.

In present day contact circles, the theme of elitist politics runs deep through the CSETI culture, whose skywatching protocols apparently require participants to voluntarily surrender their rights to free speech in a country where those rights are protected by constitutional law. A document hosted on the CSETI.org website titled “AGREEMENT FOR PARTICIPANTS IN CSETI’S AMBASSADORS TO THE UNIVERSE TRAINING RETREAT” states unambiguously how signatories “Agree to hold all proceedings of this CSETI Ambassadors to the Universe Training Retreat confidential and agree that it shall not be shared publicly without the prior express written consent of CSETI.”

Are such undemocratic and elitist practices providing a smokescreen of cover for professional misconduct and potentially criminal abuses? Some attendees at the reportedly disastrous 2013 Contact in the Desert UFO conference appeared to believe this to be the case.

The four incidents of clearly illustrated Vancouver UFO communications from the years 2009, 2013 and 2014 depicted in the video “A Pattern of UFO Communications” exceeded one Latin maxim’s consideration for the number three. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Norman Mineta had illustrated his own plan-detecting methodology by citing the rule of three on a number of occasions as expressed in the maxim “omne trium perfectum” (Latin: “Everything that comes in groups of three is complete”).

“When you see one of something happen, it’s an accident. When you see two of the same thing happening, it’s a trend. When you see three, it’s a plan,” said the former transportation secretary in an on-camera interview posted to YouTube. Click here to watch former United States Secretary of Transportation and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Norman Mineta explain how the rule of three guided his analytic perspective on questions related to national air transportation safety.

To clarify further, in his testimony before the 9/11 commission, Norman Mineta stated the following:
MR. MINETA: Absolutely. And in terms of what motivated me to bring all the aircraft down, as you see one thing happen, that’s an accident. When you see two of the same thing occur, it’s a pattern. But when you see three of the same thing occur, it’s a program. And so at that point I decided to bring all the aircraft down.

During an interview with UC Berkley’s Daily Californian newspaper, the former transportation secretary observed how “If you see one of something occur you consider that an accident. But when you see two of the same thing occur then you know that there is a pattern or a trend. In this instant we had three of the same thing occur, and that is a program or a plan. So I then informed the FAA to bring all the airplanes down.”

By such a Mineta standard reiterated below it can be understood that multiple incidents of UFO communications in Vancouver are no accident and not simply a pattern but are in fact indicative of planned communications leading to the unfoldment of human consciousness and the integration of modern civilization with a larger cosmic society. “Well, when that third one went into the Pentagon, it’s like anything else. If you see one of something it’s an accident. When you see two of the same thing, it’s a pattern or a trend. But when you three — see three of the same thing occurring, then you know it’s a program or a plan.”

[Originally published in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for January 25, 2014]

Link:  http://newsinsideout.com/2015/02/ufo-communications-evident-vancouver-skies/

14 February, 2015

Stephen Hawking Says Alien Contact Could Lead To Catastrophe

Scientists have received a warning from Stephen William Hawking against their attempts to contact aliens and let them know that humans are here on Earth.

Efforts to beam messages from Earth have intensified in recent years in the hope to finally make contact with other intelligent beings from another planet. But renowned physicist Hawking doesn’t in favor on these attempts saying that it could result in a catastrophic event.

Hawking stressed that the alien visitation on Earth would be much like when Columbus came to America, which did more harm than good to Natives.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in California has been using the most advanced telescopes to send data to nearby planets and stars.

Science advisor in the box office hit film Battleship, Seth Shostak of SETI, said that they have plans to pick star systems within 20 light years. However, NASA consultant and American scientist David Brin has issued a caution saying that the contact would inevitably transform human destiny and that the attempts should only be done if the whole world is on the same page.

Exiting WH aide: I missed my chance to spill UFO secrets

John Podesta
John Podesta’s biggest regret on leaving the White House is not proving Fox Mulder right.

“My biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files,” he tweeted on Friday, his final day as counselor to President Obama.

He added the hashtag “#thetruthisoutthere,” in a reference to the long-running television show “The X-Files.”

Obama adviser John Podesta's biggest regret: Keeping America in dark about UFOs - Yahoo News

Podesta is leaving the White House on Friday after one year helping to oversee climate change and energy policy, among other issues, and is seen as a likely choice to lead Hillary Clinton’s expected presidential campaign. He formerly worked as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton before starting the liberal Center for American Progress think tank.

The humorous tweet about his time in office came in a list of his top 10 moments over the last year, including the landmark joint agreement between U.S. and China to reduce carbon emissions and an effort to protect people’s privacy amid the rise of “big data” in the digital age.

'The truth is still out there': Outgoing top Obama aide John Podesta reveals his biggest regret from 2014 was his failure to disclose UFO files - Daily Mail Online

“It's been a tremendous privilege to serve a great President and the country for this last year,” he tweeted.

Podesta is being replaced by Brian Deese, the deputy director of the White House budget office.

Link:  http://thehill.com/policy/technology/232777-outgoing-wh-aide-jokes-i-missed-my-chance-to-spill-ufo-secrets

13 February, 2015

Purple UFO Witnessed by TV Crew Filming Politician in Peru

Politicians in Peru are just like those in the U.S. – it takes something spectacular to get them to stop talking to a camera. That’s exactly what happened this week in Lima, Peru, when a TV crew doing an interview with a politician was interrupted by the sight of a purple UFO hovering over a construction site.

Lima Congressman Renzo Reggiardo was taping his program “Alto al crimen” (High Crime) at 10:30 am on February 10 in the Miraflores District of Lima when one of his camera operators noticed something in the sky behind him. They saw what appeared to be a purple disc spinning in place about 200-to-300 meters (650-to-980 feet) over a building currently under construction. Congressman Reggiardo stopped the interview (really!) and allowed his crew to continue filing the UFO.

Peru UFO part of extraterrestrial diplomacy according to Raelians | Further Information

The crew caught the attention of many people who came out to observe the UFO and offer suggestions on what it might be. Miraflores is near the beach but the object doesn’t appear to be a paraglider. The object was too large to be a drone and didn’t look like a balloon or bag. Witnesses said the object remained over the construction for two hours before leaving.

So what was this purple UFO? Since multiple videos were taken, CGI or dust on the lens is out. Eduardo Chávez Guerra, a member of the “Alto al crimen” crew, said the video he put on YouTube was 1080p HD video. Since he’s a professional with a TV camera, one would think the quality would have been better.

Then there’s Congressman Reggiardo. Although he certainly wanted the camera back on him, he allowed his crew to film the UFO. If he believed it was a UFO, why didn’t he call the military or air force to investigate? Did he know what the object really was? Was he under orders not to confirm it or cause alarm? Did it have to do with what was under construction or what the UFO might be observing?

Source:  http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/02/purple-ufo-witnessed-by-tv-crew-filming-politician-in-peru/

12 February, 2015

1956 Maui UFO Sighting Report Included in Air Force Files

A 1956 UFO report from Maui is included in now unclassified documents that were compiled and investigated by the US Air Force. According to the Air Intelligence Information Report, a 56-year-old retired Lahaina woman reported seeing an orange object with a “flame” and “muffled roar” during the night time hours on Jan. 20, 1956.

1956 Maui UFO Report

According to the report, the woman observed the object coming fast from the distance, then slowing and hovering, and finally fading into the distance into a valley on the Island of Molokaʻi, about 10 miles across the channel.

The report states that the woman observed the object at night for about 25 minutes while looking through a screen window. Investigators noted that, the “color, size and flight path as described by (the) observer leaves little doubt that (the) object was actually an aircraft.” The report further stated that, “diffusion and refraction of such lights passing through the dense atmosphere close to the Earth’s surface accounts for observer’s generous estimates of size and color.”

The Air Intelligence Information Report is part of the Project Blue Book from the National Archives Archival Research Catalog that is searchable online at the Fold3 website, which provides access to US military records, including the stories, photos, and personal documents of the men and women who served.

The Project Blue Book includes US Air Force investigations into unidentified flying object sightings reported between June 1947 and December 1969. A total of 40 documents surface when the search word Hawaiʻi is entered, with reports filed in Hilo, Honolulu, Kauaʻi, Hickam Air Force Base, Waikīkī Beach, ʻEwa Beach, Pearl Harbor, Haleʻiwa, Barbers Point, and Kunia.

Link: http://nationalufocenter.com/2015/02/1956-maui-ufo-sighting-report-included-air-force-files/

Local UFO investigator: It's 'obvious we're not alone'

Harry Willnus knows all too well that eyebrows will rise when he talks about unidentified flying objects, but that doesn't stop the retired social studies teacher from continuing his 60-year quest to see the issue become accepted by the mainstream population.

"UFO sightings are reported every day around the world and in every country around the world," said the Salem resident and former president of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world's largest investigative body looking into the UFO phenomena.

Willnus, like other UFO enthusiasts ask, "Are we alone in the universe?"

That question will be the focus of his appearance on the Science Channel's show "Close Encounters." Now in its second season, Willnus will appear on an upcoming episode scheduled to air at 10 p.m., March 10. Willnus will share his vast knowledge about the highly publicized March 1966 reported UFO sighting in Dexter,. He'll be on the show again, at 10 p.m., March 31, talking about a reported sighting in Exeter, N. H.

In the March 20, 1966, Dexter case a group of people, including police officers, reported seeing an object turn from a blue green to a brilliant red to a yellow coloring. It rose 500 feet and returned to the ground, one man said.

Trying to investigate further, the officers said they went out to the far edge of the wooded area and also saw a brilliant light appear and then disappear. The officers said when they returned to their patrol vehicle, a group of people had gathered and reported seeing something similar. These witnesses said the object departed in a western direction at a high rate of speed.

Area reports
A UFO investigator, Willnus sat in the living room of his home and retold other stories of what he believes are extraterrestrial visits. Like a sighting by WJR reporter Marc Avery on Feb. 10, 1978.

Avery was on his way to the airport on Interstate 275 when he and his wife saw two lights hovering over their car "for 30, 40, 50 seconds." He called the radio station and spoke on air, describing the aircraft with Warren Pierce. Willnus has the report recorded on his smart phone.

The citing was never debunked, Willnus said. In fact, two men, who were walking in the Merriman Road and Michigan Avenue area later reported they saw a similar aircraft about five minutes before Avery's report.

The U.S. Air Force investigated UFO sightings from 1947 to 1969, in Project Blue Book, which consisted of 12,618 accounts spanning nearly 130,000 pages, Willnus said. The project was discontinued, however, after a committee formed at the request of President Gerald Ford concluded UFOs weren't a threat to national security.

Sightings on the rise
Sightings have doubled in the last couple of years, Willnus said.

"This major increase shows there's something going on," he said. "It's driving the interest in the number one question: 'Are we alone?' Are there other intelligences out there?

"After studying UFOs, it becomes obvious we are not alone," Willnus continued. "I base that on the fact that there are 200 sightings every day around the world. There's pictures, photos and movies. It's not a hoax when these crafts can disappear before our eyes. Or fly at over 1,000 miles an hour and make a right angle turn – or, stop on a dime."

Willnus also refers to a case involving former Novi resident Nancy Tremaine, who had described being abducted by a UFO off Orchard Drive near Meadowbrook Road in the 1960s. Former Novi Police Chief Lee BeGole, who spoke to the Novi News last year at age 93, didn't see the UFO, but he was on duty at the police station the night the incident occurred.

BeGole said an off duty officer told dispatch he saw a strange object overhead and police dispatch took multiple calls from people who said they also saw a strange object in the sky.

If you ask your 10 best friends if they ever had a UFO experience, Willnus said, 10 percent would say, "yes."

"But, people get laughed at once they say that," Willnus said. "And then they say, 'I'm not going to share that again.'"

Not always out of this world
He does note, however, that 90 percent of reported UFOs can be explained by something other than an extraterrestrial visit. The "UFO" might actually be a blimp, a flock of birds flying at night or even the planet, Venus, because it's the closest to Earth and moves quickly.

"The other 10 percent, we're not sure what they are," Willnus added. "I think a good many of those are that we are being visited by intelligent life off the planet Earth. Look at the evidence. The evidence is, overwhelmingly, there is a UFO phenomenon that we don't understand at this time.
"I'm getting up there and I want this story to break before I pass," he said. "Some people in the U.S. government are aware we are being visited. This is a cosmic Watergate where there is a cover-up keeping this from people. The best thing that could happen is if governments, including the United States, would come out and say, 'The UFO phenomenon is real and don't panic, because they don't appear to be here to harm us.'"

Link:  http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/02/10/michigan-ufo-investigation/23192927/

11 February, 2015

Scientists discover organism that hasn't evolved in more than 2 billion years

This is a section of a 1.8 billion-year-old fossil-bearing rock.
The greatest absence of evolution ever reported has been discovered by an international group of scientists: a type of deep-sea microorganism that appears not to have evolved over more than 2 billion years. But the researchers say that the organisms' lack of evolution actually supports Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

More Here!

Discovery Of 'Dragon' Dinosaur In China Could Explain Myths

University of Alberta paleontologists including PhD student Tetsuto Miyashita, former MSc student Lida Xing and professor Philip Currie have discovered a new species of a long-necked dinosaur from a skeleton found in China. The findings have been published in a new paper in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

This illustration shows what the newly discovered long-necked dinosaur may have looked like.
Qijianglong (pronounced "CHI-jyang-lon") is about 15 metres in length and lived about 160 million years ago in the Late Jurassic. The name means "dragon of Qijiang," for its discovery near Qijiang City, close to Chongqing. The fossil site was found by construction workers in 2006, and the digging eventually hit a series of large neck vertebrae stretched out in the ground. Incredibly, the head of the dinosaur was still attached. "It is rare to find a head and neck of a long-necked dinosaur together because the head is so small and easily detached after the animal dies," explains Miyashita.

The new species belongs to a group of dinosaurs called mamenchisaurids, known for their extremely long necks sometimes measuring up to half the length of their bodies. Most sauropods, or long-necked dinosaurs, have necks only about one third the length of their bodies.

Unique among mamenchisaurids, Qijianglong had neck vertebrae that were filled with air, making their necks relatively lightweight despite their enormous size. Interlocking joints between the vertebrae also indicate a surprisingly stiff neck that was much more mobile bending vertically than sideways, similar to a construction crane.

"Qijianglong is a cool animal. If you imagine a big animal that is half-neck, you can see that evolution can do quite extraordinary things." says Miyashita.

Mamenchisaurids are only found in Asia, but the discovery of Qijianglong reveals that there could be as many differences among mamenchisaurids as there are between long-necked dinosaurs from different continents.

"Qijianglong shows that long-necked dinosaurs diversified in unique ways in Asia during Jurassic times--something very special was going on in that continent," says Miyashita. "Nowhere else we can find dinosaurs with longer necks than those in China. The new dinosaur tells us that these extreme species thrived in isolation from the rest of the world."

Miyashita believes that mamenchisaurids evolved into many different forms when other long-necked dinosaurs went extinct in Asia. "It is still a mystery why mamenchisaurids did not migrate to other continents," he says. It is possible that the dinosaurs were once isolated as a result of a large barrier such as a sea, and lost in competition with invading species when the land connection was restored later.

The Qijianglong skeleton is now housed in a local museum in Qijiang. "China is home to the ancient myths of dragons," says Miyashita, "I wonder if the ancient Chinese stumbled upon a skeleton of a long-necked dinosaur like Qijianglong and pictured that mythical creature."

Story Source:
The above story is based on materials provided by University of Alberta. The original article was written by Kristy Condon. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.

Link:  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/01/150128160506.htm

NASA releases details of Titan submarine concept

Now that NASA has got the hang of planetary rovers, the space agency is looking at sending submarines into space around the year 2040. At the recent 2015 NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Symposium in Cocoa Beach, Florida, NASA scientists and engineers presented a study of the Titan Submarine Phase I Conceptual Design, which outlines a possible mission to Saturn's largest moon, Titan, where the unmanned submersible would explore the seas of liquid hydrocarbons at the Titanian poles.

If you had to choose the odd man out of all the moons of the Solar System, Titan would be it. Larger than the planet Mercury, it's the only moon with a proper atmosphere. In this case, one composed largely of nitrogen and methane at a pressure one and half times that of Earth's, which is remarkable when you consider that the gravity is only 0.14 g. It is, however, unpleasantly cold at a nippy minus 290 °F (minus 179 °C).

As a result of the Voyager and Cassini probe flybys and the Huygens probe landing, it's been established that there are three large polar seas on Titan consisting of methane and ethane in a composition similar to that of liquified natural gas.

The largest of these is Kraken Mare, which was discovered by the Cassini probe n 2007. It lies in the Titanian arctic between 60 and 80 degrees north latitude, covers 400,000 sq km (154,000 sq miles), and may be 160 m (525 ft) deep, though some estimates place it beyond 300 m (1,000 ft). It even has tides due to the pull of Saturn, a complex shoreline, and evaporite deposits, so it's of particular interest to scientists.

Titan Submarine

Unfortunately, as anyone who has peered over the side of a boat can tell you, there's only so much that can be learned by looking at the surface, so NASA is considering what kind of a submarine would be able to explore the depths of Kraken Mare.

Titan Submarine Exploring The Kraken Mare
NASA's conceptual Titan submarine is based on experience gained from the building and operations of drone submersibles on Earth. Weighing in at about one tonne (2,200 lb), it uses conventional electric propulsion modified for use on Titan for a 90-day mission covering 2,000 km (1,240 miles) of Kraken Mare.

Because of its elongated shape, the sub would need to be delivered to the surface of Titan using a winged spacecraft similar to US Air Force X-37 lifting body, which could survive a hypersonic entry into Titan's atmosphere, ditch on the surface of Kraken Mare, and then sink away, leaving the submarine floating on the surface. After orientation and testing, the sub would then begin its mission. Because of the great distance from Earth, the submarine would operate with a very high level of autonomy.

Titan Submarine Sonar Scanning The Oceans of Titans

At its heart, the submarine would use a 1 kW radiothermal Stirling generator. This would not only provide power to propel the craft, but it would also keep the electronics from freezing. Unfortunately, Titan is so cold that it's almost a cryogenic environment, so the waste heat from the generator would cause the liquids around it to boil and this would need be taken into account when designing the sub to minimize interference. However, NASA estimates that the boat could do about one meter per second (3.6 km/h, 2.2 mph).

For economy and simplicity, the conceptual submarine would not use an orbiter as a relay because an orbiter would need to be nuclear powered and include a propulsion system, which would greatly increase the cost and complexity of the mission. Due to the large amount of data that needs to sent to Earth, the submarine needs a large dorsal fin that includes a planar phased-array antenna. While

operating, the submarine would surface for 16 hours per day for Earth communications during which it would study its surroundings using a mast camera. This is a bonus because the high latitudes mean any break in the Titanian clouds would be rewarded with spectacular views of Saturn on the horizon.

Like an earthbound submarine, the Titan sub would use ballast tanks, but their design is still open to question because methane and ethane are not water and Titan is very different from Earth. The liquid density of different ratios of methane to ethane, for example, is very variable compared to that of fresh versus salt water, so something as basic as the size of the tanks has yet to be sorted out.

Titan's gravity is low, but if Kraken Mare is as deep as some theories indicate, and taking into account the composition and temperature of the Titanian atmosphere, it could also cause trouble because at great depths the nitrogen in the ballast tanks could condense into a liquid, which could result in a sudden loss of buoyancy. For this reason, the tanks would need to use a piston to allow in and expel liquid rather than relying on air pressure as in a conventional submarine.

NASA doesn't say much about the objectives of the Titan submarine, but it would probably be a full itinerary. This would likely include the study of the structure and composition of Kraken Mare in terms of both its liquid and its sediment. Also, since Titan has an overabundance of organic chemicals, the submarine would be tasked with looking for traces of prebiotic compounds that could give clues as to how life began on Earth.

The animation above shows the conceptual Titan submarine in action.

Source: NASA (PDF)

Link:  http://www.gizmag.com/nasa-titan-submarine-concept/35960/

10 February, 2015

UFO encounter in Brazoria County lives on

HOUSTON - On the back roads of Brazoria County, somewhere between Damon and West Columbia along Highway 36, they still talk about a pair of purple and blue lights.

It's the story of Brazoria County Deputy Bob Goode and Chief Deputy Billy Edwin McCoy. It was September 3, 1965.

McCoy's son Kevin was eight years old at the time.

"I remember the excitement," he said. "Dad said what he remembered more than anything is he said it just absolutely scared the hell out of them."

The story, heavily detailed in Brazoria County lore but also in government documents, goes something like this. It was 11pm. The deputies were driving from Damon to West Columbia together in a Brazoria patrol interceptor.

They saw mysterious blue and purple lights on the horizon. The lights eventually grew so close and so intense they filled the inside of their squad car. And they swore they saw some form of spaceship a football field long. Both men would eventually draw almost identical sketches of the object for investigators to see.

"They were just scared to death whenever this thing came and they were screaming, go, go get out of here," said Kevin McCoy who said his dad was absolutely convinced what he saw was real.

"He firmly from the time he saw it to the day he died it was real, no doubt," said McCoy.

We missed our chance to talk to the men about the UFO. Goode was 50 years old at the time of the unexplained event almost 50 years ago. Billy McCoy, at 86, died just last year.

But at the Brazoria County Historical Museum, Billy McCoy has his own file. And it includes his own voice: a tape recording from 1985. The two hour interview, 20 years after the UFO incident, was part of an oral history program by the museum to document and record the experiences of some of its noted residents.
McCoy discusses his life in Brazoria County and his career as a chief deputy and as a businessman. And several pages of the transcript are devoted to the UFO encounter of 1965.

"That thing was right on top us," McCoy told the interviewer. "The inside of our car was totally illuminated with that purple light."

"Of course there was quite a bit of excitement in our car, quite a bit of hollering and yelling. Some words there that probably shouldn't be repeated on this tape," he said with a laugh. "Bob, he showered down on the gas and we took off from there just as fast as that police interceptor would go.

I could see it move and it went straight back at a much slower speed then what it came up on us and it just, when it got back over in the area of the Bernard River it just shot straight up in the air and disappeared."

"If anyone ever sees what we saw that night, there won't ever be any question in your mind about something being there. It's so vivid in my mind, I think I could live to be 150 and I'd never forget it!"
We asked UFO investigator Chuck Stansburge, with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) what he thought of the Brazoria incident. Stansburge, also a former law enforcement officer in Colorado now retired and living in Rosenberg, says the Brazoria deputies had to deal with a skeptical government, just like every other person in the more than 12,000 UFO sightings investigated for Project Blue Book: program designed to document UFO sightings, but disprove them as lights reflecting on fog or figments of everyone's imagination, and thereby calm a nervous public in the wake of the Roswell incident and the 1950's and 60's fears of communist Russia.

"From what I've read they seem pretty adamant about what took place," said Stansburge of the deputies. "Too many people in this world know that they (UFO's) exist. And yet the governments, some of the governments, especially ours, say no they don't exist."

In that archived audio interview, Billy McCoy talked about that too.

"There's not a thing that I have said was a figment of anybody's imagination, is not a concocted story any extent. The things happened just as I said they happened. I don't believe it could possibly be anything from this earth."

And what makes the story live on these 50 years later is that both men were well-respected. McCoy was a successful high school athlete, a Golden Gloves boxer, a chief deputy, a businessman who kept telling his tale and taking on any critics who might doubt his honesty.

"I think that he was cool with it. I think that he firmly believed it. And any time anyone brought it up he loved talking about it," said McCoy's son Kevin. "He never questioned himself, he never said maybe. I never heard him say anything other than absolutely we saw something."

And it's something they still talk about in Brazoria County. And in a way, Billy McCoy still talks about too – to anyone still willing to listen.

Links:  http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2015/02/10/ufo-encounter-in-brazoria-county-lives-on/23155753/