26 September, 2015

Edward Snowden Has An Idea Why We've Never Heard From Aliens

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden has some strong opinions on communications — even when those communications are coming from aliens.

The former intelligence-agency contractor turned fugitive was an unexpected guest on famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk podcast on September 18. And, inevitably, the two got to talking about extraterrestrials.

Snowden became an infamous household name in 2013 when he leaked classified documents divulging the government's top-secret mass-surveillance program, which involved collecting personal information on Americans via phone records without their knowledge.

When the news broke, the US charged him with theft and espionage, and he's now living in Russia where he has asylum.

But Tyson scored an interview with him in New York City. How? Snowden rigged a robot that he can control from Russia, and rolled right into Tyson's office at the Hayden Planetarium in New York with his face displayed on the screen.

The conversation turned to encryption and cybersecurity, but here's where an astrophysicist differs from a journalist: Tyson's line of questioning quickly turned to how encryption relates to communication with ... aliens.

Tyson asked Snowden if a highly intelligent alien civilization might be communicating with encrypted messages. And Snowden had an unsettling answer.

First, Snowden said, let's assume that most advanced societies eventually realize that they need to encrypt their communication in order to protect it. This could also be the reason why we've never heard from other civilizations — their messages may have just been melding into the background static of the universe.

Here's Snowden's full answer, from the StarTalk podcast:
So if you have an alien civilization trying to listen for other civilizations, or our civilization trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society when all of their communication will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means.
So when we think about everything that we're hearing through our satellites or everything that they're hearing from our civilization (if there are indeed aliens out there), all of their communications are encrypted by default.
So what we are hearing, that's actually an alien television show or, you know, a phone call ... is indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation.

So it could be possible there are alien messages constantly hitting our satellites, and we just don't recognize them because they're so heavily encrypted. (The cosmic microwave background radiation that Snowden mentions is thermal radiation throughout the universe left over from the Big Bang. It basically looks and sounds like static to us puny humans.)
Of course, that's assuming an alien civilization has the same security issues that we have here on Earth, and they need to worry about protecting their communication system from their alien governments, Tyson jokes.

Snowden agreed that aliens might be a little more politically sophisticated than us.

Listen to the entire StarTalk conversation with Edward Snowden >>

Source:  http://www.businessinsider.com/edward-snowden-talks-alien-communication-with-neil-degrasse-tyson-2015-9?ref=yfp?r%3DUK&IR=T

‘What Is That?’ NH Man Spots Mysterious Flying Object

Pittaro's Captured Image
CONCORD, N.H.  — New Hampshire resident Mike Pittaro captured mysterious moving light orbs in the sky which, he says, could only be seen through the lens of a camera.

His find has many people wondering, what, exactly, was that?

Pittaro spotted the so-called UFOs just above the skyline near the Steeplegate Mall in Concord, NH, on Monday. In the video, which was shot after sunset, Pittaro stated that he moved away from the light post and could still see it.

The object then changes shape. The lights separate and then regroup. Others in the parking lot confirmed they too could see the orbs.

“After asking multiple people to use their cellphones, they too caught the exact same UFOs, verifying what we were recording,” Pittaro wrote in the thread.

His video has been shared nearly 4,000 times on Facebook.

“There’s something going on in our atmosphere,” he said.

Source:  http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/09/25/what-is-that-man-spots-flying-object-in-concord-nh/

UFO flying in the sea on Island of Pag, Croatia

Source: UFO flying in the sea on Island of Pag, Croatia by AudioColorWorld on Rumble

This object was filmed during a boat trip from the Island of Pag to the main land in Croatia. By accident the film maker discovered the UFO on the left side of the ship and immediately started filming. The shape of the object is unknown to us. But the way it flies and in continuity the way it dives down into the water is familiar to us. Many people who witnessed UFOs before tell us that there are no splashes when they dive into the water. Apparently a source of energy is generated by the UFO prior to the dive. In this video it is noticeable that some kind of blue light is created before it dives into the water. As soon as a UFO enters the water it is called USO (Unidentified Submarine Object).

24 September, 2015

MQ-9 Reaper Shows Potential on Maritime Matters

An MQ-9 Reaper, armed with GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided munitions and AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, piloted by Col. Lex Turner flies a combat mission over southern Afghanistan. U.S. Air Force Photo
The Air Force’s MQ-9 Reaper drone has successfully flown night-time missions over the ocean and also teamed with fighter jets in a strike exercise off the Florida cost, Air Force officials said.

“This was the first demonstration that the MQ-9 could complete the full kill-chain in a maritime environment,” Lt. Col. Travis Norton, chief of the Joint Readiness Branch at the Joint Staff, said Monday at the Air and Space Conference outside Washington, D.C.

“They also integrated with other aircraft,” including the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter “in a maritime environment where the adversary was swarming boats,” he said. “And they worked together very effectively.”

One of the unmanned aircraft — known in Air Force parlance as remotely piloted aircraft, or RPA — zoomed out to “get the big picture of where all these boats were and pass it to the fighters,” while another determined who was friend and foe, Norton said.

The use of the drones sped up the kill-chain, he said.

The exercise represents the kind of teaming of RPAs with manned aircraft that the Air Force will be emphasizing in the short-term, according to Maj. Jason Willey, MQ-9 Branch Chief, RPA Capabilities Division, Intelligence Directorate.

The advances come as the Air Force prepares to retire the MQ-1 Predator, which evolved since its inception from flying reconnaissance missions to strike operations. Today’s MQ-9 — a bigger version of the Predator — wields Hellfire missiles and is routinely used to carry out strike airstrikes.
In the future, the Air Force plans to use RPA transports and aerial refuelers, though Willey said this is much further down the road.

When it does happen, it would likely be used primarily for smaller aircraft bringing supplies to a forward operating base rather than strategic airlift such as a C-17, he said. The RPA for airlift will likely get its start in the commercial sector, he said.

Some Interesting Articles!

Source:  http://defensetech.org/2015/09/14/mq-9-reaper-shows-prowess-in-maritime-domain-air-force/

17 September, 2015

‘Facebook of Everything’: IT Security Firm Says China Indexing US Officials

A security firm has come out with an idea as to how the information of millions of federal employees, stolen in a hack of the U.S. government personnel office, could be used.

CrowdStrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch told Fox News that the hackers — believed to have links to China — responsible infiltrating the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and other networks are building a “Facebook of Everything” that could be used “to embarrass you publicly and force you to work for the Chinese government.”

“It’s, in effect, a private version of Facebook with much more detail about your life than even Facebook has that the Chinese now have access to,” Alperovitch told the news outlet

The OPM breach affecting 22.5 million people was announced in June, and hackers were believed to have accessed a form known as Standard Form 86, which requires applicants to fill out deeply personal information about mental illnesses, drug and alcohol use, past arrests and bankruptcies.

They also require the listing of contacts and relatives, potentially exposing any foreign relatives of U.S. intelligence employees to coercion. Both the applicant’s Social Security number and that of his or her cohabitant is also required.

Shortly after the hack was announced, Evan Lesser, managing director of ClearanceJobs.com, said that these records would “sure make the job easier” to blackmail someone.

According to Fox News, sources close to the investigation worry that the information from the hack could affect more than just employees with ties to the federal government, but also their families. Alperovitch told Fox the hackers could target children to “try to get them to reveal some information about their parent’s work and use that, eventually, for espionage activities. Information that has been collected about them may be used decades later.”

James Clapper, the nation’s top intelligence official, told the House intelligence committee last week that a muted response to most cyberattacks has created a permissive environment in which hacking can be used as a tool short of war to benefit adversaries and inflict damage on the United States.

“Until such time as we do create both the substance and the mindset of deterrence, this sort of thing is going to continue,” Clapper said, speaking specifically about the hack of federal personnel information linked to China in which personal data on current and former U.S. government employees, contractors, job applicants and relatives was stolen. “We will continue to see this until we create both the substance and the psychology of deterrence.”

While Clapper expressed his fear that information could be used to expose or blackmail American intelligence operatives, he said the U.S. has yet to see any evidence of the data being used in that way.

The administration has yet to act in response to the OPM hack.

Chinese intelligence is building private 'Facebook' of US government employees' | Daily Mail Online

Source: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/09/16/facebook-of-everything-it-security-firm-says-china-has-sinister-plan-involving-personal-info-of-top-u-s-officials-stolen-in-high-profile-hacks/

09 September, 2015

Mysterious UFO cluster filmed over Baltic Sea at sunset

 If aliens are coming to Earth, are they visiting Russia?

A new video uploaded to YouTube appears to show strange lights in the sky, hovering above the Baltic Sea on Russia's western edge.

The 'cluster' of UFOs were filmed at sunset which, according the the video's creator, is the best time to catch UFOs.

"When the sun is setting, the light that bends around the cloak will no longer work for a few minutes," wrote Scott C. Waring from ufosightingsdaily.com.

"This is why so many are seen during this time of the day," he wrote.
In the video, the glowing lights hang in the sky for a period of time, before vanishing - seemingly into thin air.

According to the video, which was uploaded to YouTube last week, the sighting took place on August 5, 2015.

It's possible that the craft could be the latest top secret Russian military hardware being tested under the steely gaze of premiere Vladimir Putin, or it could just be a few weather balloons out for a casual fly.

The video has yet to pick up any comments, but it will likely be well received by UFO enthusiasts monitoring new footage.

This is the latest in a number of unexplained videos uploaded to the internet. Earlier this month, a UFO was filmed above LA that bore a resemblance to a certain Ghostbusters character.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/science/mysterious-ufo-cluster-filmed-over-6402632

UFO visible North of Denver

This orb was seen by me at 5:20 AM on September 6th. It was visible for approx 45 minutes, during this time this 5 minute clip was shot. Notice how it moves and changes colors.

Silver UFO over Somersworth, New Hampshire

On June 2015, a man living in Somersworth (New Hampshire) has spotted a silver metallic craft flew over backyard of his house. UFO made no noise and has not wings.
Witness statement:
My name is John and my son and I were playing catch in our backyard in Somersworth, NH about 2 months ago. My son noticed this object coming toward us from behind me. He said, "What the heck is that" and I turned around looking for a bird or something. I was taken aback when I noticed this object. I am by far an expert, but I have been in the Air Firce for 16 years working aircraft maintenance (avionics). I walked toward the object trying to get a better angle under it because I could not make out any wings. The object didn't make any noise. It was metallic color like a Delorian and the glow is the Sunlight reflecting off its surface. The flight path in the picture is from right to left. I was so fixated on trying to make out wings and what type of aircraft, that I didn't think of pictures until I noticed it approaching the tree line. I rushed to get out my iPhone and take the picture.

I am still dumbfounded on what this was. I first thought a blimp or something because there are not any wings. Then I also see there is no pod beneath it. I just chalked it up to a UFO. Not necessarily alien related but definitely unidentifiable.

I recently made a connection to an old video of Bob Lazar and how he illustrates the propulsion system and the "gravity wave" that surrounds a ship. I then noticed the same magnetic field or gravity wave shape can be seen coming off this object in the picture. It looks as if the reflected light is being bent around a magnetic field!

This could be nothing but I figured I could send this off to you folks to look at. I am just a novice that doesn't "believe" but I do have an open mind and watch plenty shows and documentaries on this topic.

Source:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/6321/Silver%20UFO%20over%20Somersworth,%20New%20Hampshire

08 September, 2015

UFO Spotter Films ‘Blob’ Near Donald Trump’s Chopper

While Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump's helicopter was flying a group of children over the Iowa state fair as part of his campaign, an unnamed UFO spotter filmed a "blob" flying near the billionaire's chopper.

The witnesses posted a copy of the video on YouTube and reported the incident to the US national UFO database, Express reported on Friday, although the incident happened in mid-August. The intention of the witness was just to capture on video the helicopter flight.

"It was very hard to see the helicopter because of the glare on the screen. Later on that day when I was sitting in the shade I got my phone out to see how my picture came out. That's when I noticed the object in the photo," Huffington Post quotes the witness.

Following the witness's report, the Iowa Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) branch is reportedly investigating the incident. Roger Marsh, MUFON spokesman, did not discount the possibility that the blob could just be a bird or a second helicopter. He said photo analysis would be done to pinpoint what exactly was that object.

The photo that the witness submitted was tagged Case 69530 in the Mutual UFO Network database. MUFON is a California-based non-profit group that records and investigates reports of UFO sightings worldwide.

Besides Trump, UFOs are also allegedly bugging the Clintons. In 2014, former President Bill Clinton told TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he tried to investigate the activities at Area 51. For Pentagon, it is a top secret military base found north of Las Vegas, but to UFO believers, it is the alleged hiding place of crashed flying saucers.

Source:  http://en.yibada.com/articles/61141/20150907/ufo-spotters-film-blob-near-donald-trump-s-chopper.htm

07 September, 2015

Ryanair Flight Narrowly Avoids Fast-Moving UFO In Passenger Video

Passengers aboard a Ryanair flight to Spain got a little more excitement than they bargained for when their pilot violently swerved the plane to avoid what can only be described as a UFO.

The video, reportedly taken by a Dutch passenger, shows the wing and then the plane dipping and finally a very fast black object flying under the wing.

You can then hear gasps and excited chatting from passengers as it becomes clear that a number of those on board witnessed the event.

The video was apparently sent into conspiracy website Lionsground, who then published it on their YouTube channel.

Even when slowed down it's remarkably difficult to actually make out the shape of the object although it's clear that it was larger than a bird and certainly faster moving.

There is of course the possibility that this was a cleverly created fake, planes do pull tight manoeuvres all the time and it wouldn't have been too difficult to simply animate an object passing at the moment the plane turns tightly.

While UFO sightings take place all the time, it's not often you get one that's supposedly caught from a plane.

It's also important to remember that UFO doesn't mean aliens, indeed conspiracy theorists are open to all possibilities from secret stealth fighters to the notion that actually Tony Stark does exist and yes, that's Iron Man.

For now though we're happy to have our brains pleasantly confused as we have literally no idea what this is.

Source:  http://www.livetonews.org/2015/09/04/ryanair-flight-narrowly-avoids-fast-moving-ufo-in-passenger-video_n_8087884.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

Huge UFO Mothership Photographed Unknown Date With Image

The image below shows strange cloud formations caught on camera BUT with actual detail, lights and structure! In our eyes this is an INCREDIBLE capture and we really do urge you to share this post to the world and let people see this incredible photo of what appears to be a huge Mothership above Planet Earth. - Source: ZonNews

U.I.P Sighting Report – Location: Florida (suspected) – Date: Unknown (TBC)
Location of Sighting: Possibly Florida
Appearance: it appears to be a round object with fine details around the side. It appears to have a diamond shape at the bottom. Very large object. cloaked in the clouds.
Size: unknown
Distance: unknown
Day/Night: Daytime
Time: unknown
Surroundings: rural
Duration: unknown
Witnesses: unknown
Explanations: unknown, not a natural object, not a weather balloon, satellite, or blimp
Reported Previously: No
Views: I have read some material on UFOs. I have read the book Communion years ago. I also had a sighting once. I saw a large yellow Triangular craft move over head at a camp ground in the early morning once. I have had dreams about ships and other interesting things happen in my dreams.
Additional Comments: This picture was given to me by a boyfriend. it was in an old family photo album. I like it so he gave it to me. I put it away somewhere and forgot about it for years. just a few weeks ago, in August 2015, I got the inclination to read a book I had. I have not read for pleasure in years so I was surprised that I even wanted to pick up this book. It is called Mary’s message to the world. I opened it up and the picture fell out. I thought that I had lost it. The book it fell out of talks about possible UFO’s arriving to help humanity get out of the mess they have created.
Background: I just recently graduated with my bachelor of Science in Psychology. i am now working as a substitute teacher in Florida.
Display Name on Website: Yes
Location of Submitter: Orlando, Florida
Submitter Age: 44

Source: http://zonnews.com/news/1374-vintage-photo-of-a-huge-mothership-ufo-sent-to-u-i-p.html
More Detailed Information Here: http://www.ufointernationalproject.com/ufo-photos-and-videos/vintage-photo-of-a-huge-mothership-ufo-sent-to-u-i-p/

04 September, 2015

Did The Moon Break Off Or Was A UFO watching the Apollo landing?

Um... is it possible that a bit of the Moon literally broke off or was a UFO watching the Apollo landing? NASA won't say anything. NASA has a lot of explaining to do.

 One of the image they simply can't explain is where where it seems as if "a piece of the Moon" appears to have "broken off" in one of the Apollo 11 images. The images caught the attention of UFOlogists around the globe when YouTube user Streetcap1 uploaded the images to his UFO research channel.

US-based Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily said: "This is a great photo of the moon in high quality. "However there is one odd thing about it. A piece of it is breaking away." He added: "It is possible that aliens have evolved so high, that living longer is the gold of their times.

So to accomplish this, they create ships and buildings that blend into the environment. This could be a ship leaving the surface, and if astronomers see it moving through space, they will believe it to be an asteroid." YouTube user Streetcap1 also said in the video it looked "like a piece of the moon is breaking away".

So what are we looking at in the mysterious Apollo 11 image? Is this really some sort of UFO as Waring and other suggest? Or is it possible that there is a perfectly normal explanation? So far, it seems that the boys and girls at NASA have had a difficult time explaining the image. Luckily there are two images of the same area of the moon taken by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

The two images were taken just moments apart, and mysteriously only one of the images features the mysterious "object." What's your guess? Are we looking at an optical illusion? A piece of the moon breaking off? A UFO? Or another NASA spacecraft? Dwayne Brown from NASA's communications office has not commented about the mysterious Apollo 11 image.

Is NASA avoiding talking about the image because they are unable to explain it? And how likely is it that we are looking at some sort of UFO as many UFO websites suggest?

Whatever the mysterious object is, it certainly is out-of-place, has no explanation and is one of the many NASA images that is most definitely "anomalous." Let us know what you think about the object and NASA's silence.

Source:  http://www.ewao.com/a/1-um-did-a-bit-of-the-moon-break-off-or-was-a-ufo-watching-the-apollo-landing-nasa-wont-say

Sir Patrick Moore ‘Saw UFO Being Filmed’ Before BBC Edited It Out Of Documentary

Matt Lyons, an alien researcher, made the bold claims during the 50th anniversary of the ‘Warminster Thing’ – after local residents of the Somerset town began reporting strange noises and paranormal residents in 1965

Iconic TV astronomer Patrick Moore saw a UFO caught on camera while making a documentary during the 1960’s – but the BBC edited it out, an alien researcher has claimed. Matt Lyons, an alien researcher, made the bold claims during the 50th anniversary of the ‘Warminster Thing’ – after local residents of the Somerset town began reporting strange noises and paranormal residents in 1965.

Detailing the claims, Mr Lyons revealed how local reporter Arthur Shuttlewood had spoken to Sir Patrick as he stargazed in the village in January 1969. But despite being a renowned UFO sceptic, Sir Patrick and his production crew were said to have spotted a ‘UFO’ - and their watches stopped when they arrived on the site. Mr Shuttlewood wrote: ‘Just after a satellite arced from north to south, the attention of a camera man was drawn to an orange glow that developed into an ellipsoidal craft flying low in the opposite direction to the satellite.

Did BBC cover up UFO sighting by Sir Patrick Moore? | The Sun

‘It then flared into a glowing brilliance as it glided unerringly and silently towards the darkened copse saddling Cradle Hill.’ And while Sir Patrick referred to the‘UFOs’ as ‘inexplicable light formations’, a BBC producer later thanked Mr Shuttlewood for an‘unforgettable and wonderful experience.’

Denying the claims, a BBC Spokesperson said: ‘We have a lot of things in the BBC archive but no aliens or flying saucers.’

Source:  https://uk.news.yahoo.com/sir-patrick-moore-saw-ufo-120404093.html#uOJvFiZ

03 September, 2015

Strange Light In The Sky Explained

South Floridians who were outside early Wednesday morning may have seen a strange light streaking across the sky and wondered “what the heck is that?”

Residents from the Palm Beaches to the Keys snapped pictures of the white light with what looked like a twin billowing smoke plumes behind it.

A UFO? A comet? A strange visitor from another planet?

Nope to all of the above. It was a rocket.

The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station just before dawn. On board was a U.S. Navy communications satellite.

“Built by Lockheed Martin, this U.S. military spacecraft will provide narrowband tactical communications designed to significantly improve ground communications for U.S. forces on the move,” according to SpaceFlightNow.com.

Meteorologist Craig Setzer says the rocket was highly visible because the sun was hitting the rocket exhaust above the horizon while we were still in darkness before sunrise.

More Images

More Information on The Rocket Here its a pdf file



UFO Report File from German intelligence

The universe, aka/the final frontier, nevertheless provides boundless room for speculation. This will by no means satisfy stubborn UFO adepts. For instance, the editor of the Web site grenz/wissenschaft aktuell [boundary/science blog spot] dug up another UFO file from the Foreign Intelligence Service [the Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND] that is supposed to remain sealed until 2021. File B206/1914 from the Federal Archives in Coblenz is keeping the issue of extraterrestrials alive: On August 26, 1986, three officers working the night shift at the Puttgarten border control and ferry station observed an unidentified flying object hovering outside the window of their office. And with the thoroughness expected of Germans, one is quoted as saying: "Please initiate UFO procedure!"

Source:  http://worldmeets.us/dertagesspiegel000020.shtml#.VeedXpc2W1R

Alien-Hunters Spot UFO Firing Weird ‘Ray’ At Earth

Is this an alien craft ‘decloaking’ like a Star Trek spacecraft, before unleashing a hellish beam weapon on the planet below?

Or is it lens flare on one of the Space Station’s camera.

Alien-hunters UFO Sightings Daily spotted the weird flashing craft in a live feed from the Space Station, which then mysteriously cut out.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says, ‘How much longer will NASA go on with this charade?’

‘This looks like a craft in space and is partly cloaked. The sun at a certain angle and is causing a small part of the UFO to become visible.

‘This is a very cool catch by Streetcap1. NASA noticed it and went to blue screen.’

Source: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/alien-hunters-spot-ufo-firing-weird--ray--at-earth-095246345.html#4Kzt7Z6

Cloudy FAA data skews drone threat

A UFO sighting 51,000 feet above Washington is not something one might expect to read about in a database linked to a news release by the Federal Aviation Administration titled: “Pilot reports of close calls with drones soar in 2015.”

But it’s in there.

Among other incidents, a large Predator-style drone crashed near a residential area, according to the FAA database.

And a drone was hovering in unauthorized airspace close to a crime scene being investigated by the Inglewood Police Department in California.

All are striking events.

But they’re not about close calls between drones and manned aircraft like planes and helicopters.
According to the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a nonprofit group that has tried to educate new drone users about safe flying standards, the FAA missed a chance to responsibly inform the public about the possible risks that drones may pose when the agency released the database.

“There is no doubt that a number of these incidents (in the database) are real safety issues that need to be addressed,” said Richard Hanson, the AMA’s government and regulatory affairs director.

“But we would like to see the FAA analysis filter those (non-close calls) out and not embellish the issue or put out information that has the potential of causing public concern,” Hanson said.

“Not that they shouldn’t be concerned, but we don’t want to inflate that concern beyond what we are dealing with,” he said.

More than 700 incidents

Less than two weeks after an Aug. 12 news release, the FAA posted a database on its website with sightings reported since mid-November of unmanned aircraft systems, also known as drones, or sometimes referred to as UAS.

The database contains more than 700 incidents in the U.S. through Aug. 20.

On July 24, a pilot flying a small jet known as an Embraer 135 reported seeing a UFO flying over the U.S. capital at 51,000 feet, far from the plane.

The UFO, or unidentified flying object, was moving west to east just above the horizon with “steady light illumination,” according to the FAA’s description of the sighting. It was “fast moving” and “gone within 5 minutes.”

A few months before, on March 25, a drone capable of carrying missiles crashed about 4 miles east of Wilsona Gardens, Calif., which is about 25 miles south of Edwards Air Force Base.


The MQ-1C, made by General Atomics Aeronautical, is “an extremely reliable UAS,” according to the company’s website.

Known as the Gray Eagle, it can fly up to 29,000 feet, and can carry multiple payloads, including laser equipment, radar and four Hellfire missiles.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s media staff could not be reached for comment through an email containing the FAA description of the incident.

Another incident in California happened Aug. 18, when the LA Police Department reported a drone.
According to the FAA’s description, the Inglewood Police Department was working a crime scene at a gas station about 2 miles from a runway at Los Angeles International Airport. The LAPD was told that the drone activity was not authorized and had to come down, according to the FAA.

The LAPD apparently was told by Inglewood that the drone was privately owned.

LAPD media officials did not immediately know about the incident and asked that a request for information be submitted in writing.

Inglewood police officials did not return calls Friday.

What’s a “close call?”

FAA spokesman Les Dorr said he could not provide more information about the UFO, military drone or crime-scene incidents.

“What’s in the database is everything we have,” Dorr said.

“The MQ-1C aircraft was likely operated by the military. Suggest you contact DoD. For the August 18 incident, it appears, LAPD, Inglewood PD or the L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. might have more information,” he said in an email.

The Aug. 12 FAA news release titled “Pilot reports of close calls with drones soar in 2015” led to reporting by several newspapers.

Asked whether it would be fair to say that the FAA should have better vetted the data to give a better assessment of the “close call” risks UAS pose to manned aircraft, Dorr said:

“The definition of a near mid-air collision for all aircraft is within 500 feet vertical, ½ mile lateral distance.

“Since the majority of the pilot reports can’t be verified — the drones typically don’t show up on radar nor is the operator identified — we can’t say for certain what the actual separation distance was. The use of the phrase ‘close calls’ is simply part of a news headline; there is no regulatory definition of ‘close call,’ as such.

AMA officials, responding to Dorr’s comment, said that these types of incidents are not directly informative about the risks that drones may pose to manned aircraft such as planes and helicopters.

“It is irresponsible for the FAA to assert in the media that ‘close calls’ happened when the agency admits that they don’t have a clear regulatory definition of what that means.

“It needs to have a definition or at least be more precise with its language when issuing these reports.
“If the FAA hasn’t been able to verify what these are, they shouldn’t refer to them as close calls,” Hanson said.

Source:  http://www.journalnow.com/news/local/cloudy-faa-data-skews-drone-threat/article_80e10858-3fbb-51ba-827c-e5fb55a26534.html

Manta-ray shaped UFO in Costa Rica

On March 22, 2015, a person was on a soccer field in Cuidad Colón (in Costa Rica) when he has seen a dark manta-ray-shaped in the sky. What is it?
Witness statement:
I was on a soccer field. Saw dark hovering object against sky to tehe East. At first I thought it was a photography drone. I grabbed my camera and started capturing the object, then, I was not pretty sure what it was, because I could not see propellers, like the ones on a drone.

The object had a manta-ray shape. Surface did not reflected sunlight much, despite it was a bright morning.

Object overerd downtown, similar to a drone type-flight. It Descended a few meters and flew slowly towards North. Object ended Up near a hill where I lost sight, blended with tree canopy. Sighting lasted around 11 minutes.

Source: http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/6240/Manta-ray%20shaped%20UFO%20in%20Costa%20Rica