29 November, 2014

Russian Scientists Discover 250 Million Year Old Microchip?

Amazing "artifact" - a stone with a "microchip", whose age is nearly half a billion years old, found in the Krasnodar region. Scientists studying the find, came to the conclusion that on Earth to have more advanced civilization.

The stone was found last summer in the Krasnodar Territory resident of Labinsk Viktor Morozov Hojo in the river, while fishing.

The find has been given to researchers. Verdict announced only a few days ago: under the act geological scientific examination, which was conducted at the Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Novocherkassk Polytechnic in the Rostov region, the age of the stone more than 250 million years, which confirms the theory that while the world was already in existence and life high technology, which we may have yet to discover.

Details scientists plan to publicly announce in the near future.

Link:  http://mirnov.ru/lenta-novostej/nauchnaja-sensacija-uchenye-dokazali-suschestvovanie-drugoi-civilizacii-na-zemle.html

28 November, 2014

Earthlings Will Send 90,000 ‘Hellos’ to Mars On Friday To Mark 50 Years Of Exploration

Radio telescopes on Earth will certainly beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Friday to celebrate the launch 50 years ago of the initial robot probe to go to the world.

Uwingu’s “Beam Me To Mars” campaign welcomed interested participants to send electronic radio-wave transmissions of their names, messages and also photos to Mars for charges varying from $5 to $99.

The initiative attracted many celebs consisting of star and also comic Seth Green as well as actor George Takei, that portrayed Mr. Sulu on the television series “Star Trek.”.

The transmission is planned to start just after 3 p.m. EST on Friday. Taking a trip at the rate of light, the messages will certainly take 15 minutes to get to Mars. The entire transmission will certainly be duplicated twice.

While there is no one on Mars to answer the telephone call, job planners claim that is next to the factor.

Copies of the messages will be delivered to Congress, to NASA headquarters in Washington, and the United Nations in New York as a show of assistance for area expedition.

Roughly 40 minutes prior to closest technique on July 15, 1965, at a variety of 9,845 kilometres, the television video camera aboard Mariner began taking the very first of 21 photographs.

It showed that the area was pock-marked similar to the moon.

The effort attracted several personalities including star and also comic Seth Green and also star George Takei, which represented Mr. Sulu on the tv series “Star Trek.”.

Seafarer 4’s data showed that the atmospheric tension on the surface area was fairly low. The probe spotted daytime area temperatures of concerning minus 148 levels Fahrenheit. A quite weak radiation belt, about 0.1 % that of the Earth’s, was additionally uncovered by Mariner 4.

The spacecraft outlasted its intended eight-month goal and remained in its solar orbit, proceeding lasting research studies of the solar wind and also making collaborated dimensions with the Mariner 5 mission to Venus. Get in touch with was lost on December 21, 1967.

Mariner 9 as well as Vikings adhered to and also included in the Mars information generated by Mariner 4.

Given that then orbiters and vagabonds have actually joined the melee on Mars, consisting of probes from Europe as well as India, submitting to vital data on the geology as well as chemical make up of the earth. Actually, the wanderer Opportunity has actually finished 10 years on earth, covering 42 kilometres.

The various other vagabond Curiosity, which landed in 2012, will start its go up a location hill, doing soil drills and laboratory analysis of content prior to continuing.

The most recent is the orbiter Maven which is made to smell at the planet’s upper setting and also study the components. It was put in an elliptical machine orbit around Mars this September.

Traveling at the speed of light, the messages will take 15 minutes to reach Mars. Mariner 4’s data showed that the climatic stress on the surface area was fairly reduced. The probe identified daytime surface temperatures of about minus 148 degrees Fahrenheit. A very weak radiation belt, about 0.1 % that of the Earth’s, was also discovered by Mariner 4.

Mars Has An Interplanetary Airport Says Retired US Army Commander

In his historical presentation at the Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona in July 2009, Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean had publicly announced the existence of interplanetary airport on Mars. 

Down below is his famous presenatation.

Link: http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2014/11/mars-have-interplanetary-airport.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ufo_blogger+%28UFO-Blogger.Com%29

“Another” Martian UFO?

This is probably one of the many images sent back by NASA’s curiosity rover which shows a unidentified object in the Martian sky.

Many UFO hunters around the web believe that in this image they may have found evidence of a UFO streaking through the sky  on Mars. This image, available at NASA’s online archive has raised many questions as what these objects are. Product of another intelligent race? Illusion? or… is this a… ehm, weather balloon?

Check it out and let us know what you think!


Closeup of the image

27 November, 2014

Woman Claiming To Be Former NASA Employee Says She Saw Humans Walking On Mars In 1979

A woman named "Jackie," who claims to be a former NASA employee, called Coast to Coast AM in the U.S. She claimed she had seen evidence of two human figures walking towards the Viking lander on Mars in 1979.

A color mosaic taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover Mast Camera (mastcam) shows strata exposed along the margins of the valleys in the "Pahrump Hills" region on Mars in this undated handout photo courtesy of NASA. After 18 months of driving, scientists on September 11, 2014, announced that Curiosity had arrived at the base of Mount Sharp ahead of schedule, thanks to a somewhat serendipitous decision to take an alternative path that would be gentler on the rover's damaged wheels. Within two weeks, Curiosity will reach an outcrop of rock called Pahrump Hills, where the first drill samples of Mount Sharp real estate will be made.
The "former NASA employee" asked the radio show presenter to solve a 27-year-old mystery for her. She claimed she had worked for NASA and that her job was to handle the downlink telemetry from the lander. The Viking lander was the first vehicle to send back pictures of the surface of the Red Planet.

She said that while she was working, she saw two people walking across the Martian surface. She continued that she and six colleagues were watching the footage of the Viking rover moving around on multiple screens when she noticed two men in spacesuits walking to the Viking Explorer from the horizon. She added the men's suits looked protective but unlike what astronauts wore.
The "former NASA employee" said she and her colleagues were maintaining the equipment when suddenly the video feed got cut off. She went on to say that when they ran upstairs, they found the door was locked and paper was taped over the door so nothing could be seen. She posed a question to the radio presenter asking whether or not the two men she saw were guys from NASA. The agency has yet to comment on the claim.

Blogs that report on UFO and conspiracy theories have backed the "former NASA employee." They claimed humans had been on Mars to polish off the lander's solar panels. Metro.co.uk wrote that this seemed off because if the humans were there, they could have filled petrol into the lander or take photos themselves. A few other conspiracy theorists claimed that in the sixties, there were secret landings on Mars. They further claimed that the Apollo landings were a cover-up for wider exploration of the solar system. 

An audio recording, titled "NASA Worker Sees Men Walking Over To Viking Lander On Mars", was posted on YouTube by YouTube channel Starman Chronicles. The video has managed to get more than 11,000 views and about 16 comments as of this writing. Listen to the audio recording below:

Link:  http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/574079/20141126/woman-former-nasa-employee-humans-mars-1979.htm#.VHcI5sknMnW

25 November, 2014

UFO Sighting In Indiana: Dog chases after Alien Entities

Map of United States, Indiana State Highlighted Red
A witness in Indiana, US, has reported sighting alien entities, which were chased by his dogs, on 13 November, 2014 at 5:00 pm. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), published on 17 November, 2014.

Dogs Barking

The witness begins the report by describing what how he was alerted of the presence of the UFOs by his dog.

“So I heard my dog barking outside, I looked out to see what he w a s barking and howling at.”

He says that he saw a giant orb that he tried to record, and his dog tried to chase the entities.

“There was a giant orb, I started recording and I was recording I noticed these little lights shooting out of it the dog seem to be chasing them.”

He then tells us how the orbs disappeared. He also talks about seeing faces in the orbs.

“I continue to record for 8 to 10 minutes the orbs slowly disappeared like faded away as I went back and viewed the footage, he noticed face which appeared to be a grey and then it looked like the face morphed into my deceased father then a woman.”

Link:  http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/ufo_extraterrestrials/2014/11/23/8872.html

24 November, 2014

Japan Invests More in Robots as Workforce

Robots have been a dream for the science fiction readers of the last several decades – mechanical servants that do everything they are asked to do without expecting anything in return. The same subservient workers are in turn a nightmare for politicians, who consider them a dangerous creation that would replace workforce in factories, leading to huge unemployment and serious problems for human workers. Japan seemingly considers robots a useful economic factor – this is why the local government is investing funds into robotics with the goal of regaining the country’s lead in the field.
In an article posted yesterday, ABC News Australia presents Pepper, the world’s first “emo” robot.

The machine represents a major leap forward in artificial intelligence, reading facial expressions, voice tones and body language, and responding in the right way to the input. Pepper works in a mobile phone store in Tokyo, doing market research. It is almost four feet tall, it has big puppy eyes. It compliments patrons, jokes, and generally acts similar to a human clerk. With a price tag of $2,000, Pepper will surely be a bargain. As a household machine, it will wash, vacuum and other chores, and does not stop smiling for a moment. Such a machine would be a nice addition to any household, saving its owners a great deal of time.

The Japanese government and the industry has other plans for the cute little robot. Japan wants to build 30 million (yes, 30,000,000) of these cute little helpers, and use them as workforce to regain their lead in industrial manufacturing. Robots are a cheap, reliable alternative to human workforce. The best example to show this is the case of Nextage, a Japanese company that builds ATMs and vending machines – the factory outside Tokyo has experienced a five-fold increase in productivity since the factory introduced robotic workforce two years ago.

Robots like Pepper could mean the end of manual labor in Japan – at least for human beings. This would be great for the country, considering that it has a continuous shortage of workforce – out of its almost 130 million citizens, over 31 million are over 65 years old, and this number is expected to grow rapidly in the next few decades. In the next five years Japan plans to increase the use of robots 20 times, hoping to bring on the next industrial revolution.

Link:  http://www.iknowtoday.com/2014/11/24/japan-invests-robots-workforce/

23 November, 2014

Romanian Photographer Looks for Input on Photograph of UFO

I had taken a picture of something which I had not seen at the time

Predeal-Brasov, Romania – 06-28-12

I’m living in Romania in Europe and some parts of our country up to the mountains have really strange stories about extraterrestrial activities!

As we know up at the Carpathian mountains not so far from cities –Busteni and Azuga exists; even a secret army base.

The reason why I write to you is that a couple of years ago during a summer camp with kids at the mountains not so far from the mentioned area, I was taking random pictures.

 When I got home I started to erase the bad pictures and I get to the picture I’m talking about and when I opened it, I thought that my monitor has some dust on it, but I realized that I had taken a picture of something which I had not seen at the time.

I sent my picture to the the Romanian UFO Society and they said that I had taken a photo of a UFO, but they didn’t have the expertise to truly analyze it.

They forwarded my picture to a German group, but they never answered back. I would like to ask you if you can give me feedback on what the object is.

Photo taken with NIKON D80

 Link: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/metaphysics/galactic/romanian-photographer-looks-input-photograph-ufo/

22 November, 2014

BAS To Investigate UFO Claims

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) Institute for Space Studies recently held its first official conference on the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, Prof. Lachezar Filipov told the Nova TV breakfast show.

“Until now this topic was sort of banned among the scientists,” he said. “But the growing public interest, not only in Bulgaria, but abroad, made BAS believe that we must respond to such phenomena.” According to Filipov, the conference was prompted by the claims of “a serious man” that he saw a “large saucer of platinum colour, with no windows, hovering over Sofia's Kremikovtsi district” in mid-October.

The witness told Filipov no one else around seemed to have noticed the flying object, or at least no one reacted. “He found me and told me the story, but wishes to remain anonymous, because he is a serious man with large business enterprises and is afraid the people will make fun of him,” Filpov said. “He only told his wife and me.”

According to Filipov, there have been other documented cases where only one person among many, saw the UFO. Filipov told Nova TV that the witness claims that after the “flying saucer” flew away, he experienced “a time warp” incident. “This is why we want to set up a working group within our institute,” Filipov said. “There have been such reports previously, but no one seemed to take them very seriously.

We need to investigate those claims and see how reliable they are. There are people who make things up, there are people who see things but tell nobody, there are people who find me and tell me what they saw. But most people are afraid everyone will think they're crazy.

 If they see that the scientists investigate such incidents, they might come out and tell us.”

Link:  http://www.novinite.com/articles/164917/BAS+To+Investigate+UFO+Claims

21 November, 2014

19 November, 2014

The 1962 Las Vegas UFO Crash

Yeah...you read the title correctly. There is evidence that a UFO crashed in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada on August 18, 1962...specifically, near Nellis AFB. Thought to be nothing more than rumor, reports and statements from eyewitnesses slowly started to emerge. Eventually, researchers started digging for more information.

The object was first spotted over Oneida, New York and was heading in a westerly direction. There were also reports of the object in Kansas, Colorado and Eureka, Utah. The object was the seen in the town of Reno, Nevada and was seen to 'turn' in a southern direction where it disappeared over the Nellis Air Force Base. The object was also tracked at several radar sights.

The object was reported by over a thousand people, most of whom, assumed that the object was a meteorite. Various newspapers covered the story the following morning although most of them concluded also that it must of been just a very spectacular meteorite.

However, Air Defense Command, after watching the object for several hours scrambled several fighters. This was a highly unusual act since meteorites never cause such a response.

It was claimed the object came down near Eureka, and at the same time the town experienced a total blackout. However, the object was then seen to take off again, and as it did the power came back.

The object was also seen at various times by several commercial airline pilots who reported that the object was below them, again unusual for a meteorite.

The official Air Force explanation was that the object witnessed was a meteor. However, this does not explain why flights were scrambled, or why the object changed course and later appeared to land and then take off again.

A report issued in June 2010 stated:

The Air Defense Command was alerted after the object was tracked by NORAD and ground witnesses as it traveled for 32-minutes from Oneida, New York across the midwest, through Kansas & Colorado, Utah, and the disappeared from Nellis AFB radar at 10,000 feet. Jets had been scrambled from two locations. Power outages were reported and the object made a turn toward the east and landed. There is quite a bit of information from numerous sources concerning this major incident, including Project Blue Book documents, and now possible confirmation by a radar man at ATIC. The case is also NOT explained in a BB monthly sighting listing for April 1962. It is very interesting that every one of these states except Utah, has or was in the process of obtaining ICBM Bases: New York, Plattsburg AFB; Kansas, Forbes AFB, McConnell AFB; Utah, Minuteman production at Air Force Plant 77 at Hill AFB; Idaho, Mountain Home AFB; Montana, Malmstrom AFB; New Mexico, Walker AFB; Wyoming, F. E. Warren AFB; Arizona, Davis Monthan AFB; California, Beale AFB.

Like many of the reports of UFO crashes, the Las Vegas case was overlooked by most of the UFO research community. Frank Edwards, who mentioned the Roswell case in a single paragraph in his 1966 book UFOs and Flying Saucers: Serious Business wrote more about the crash near Las Vegas in his 1964 book Strange World

According too Edwards, an object sighted over Oneida, New York, continued westward. There were reports from Kansas and Colorado, and indications of something near the ground outside of Eureka, Utah. Something bright enough to later light up the streets of Reno, Nevada, like the noonday sun, and then turn toward Las Vegas, far to the south and hack to the east. It flared brightly and disappeared from the Nellis Air Force Base radar scopes at ten thousand feet.

This was an object seen by thousands as it crossed the country on the evening of April 18, 1962. The Air Force and debunkers quickly wrote it off as a bolide, a meteor so bright that it could light the darkened ground like the afternoon sun...but certainly not under intelligent control. (NOTE: sounds similar to the official explanation of the December 9, 1965 UFO incident near Kecksburg, PA).

Edwards claimed that only one newspaper carried anything about the exploding object. The Las Vegas Sun had printed the story titled 'Brilliant Red Explosion Flares In Las Vegas Sky', and Edwards, without interviewing a single witness himself, had used that as the basis for his report.

The Project Blue Book files stated that on April 18th, there was a radar sighting at Nellis Air Force Base that was at first labeled as "Unidentified" but later changed to "Insufficient Data for a Scientific Analysis." On the Project Record Card (ATIC FORM 329) the case was summarized as a:

"Radar sighting. Speed of object varied. (Important to note that] Initial observation at 060, no elevation. Disappearance at 105 [degrees] az [at] 10,000 feet altitude. Heading tentatively NE, however disappeared instantly to S. Observed by search and height radars. 'No visual."

Beginning in 1989, researcher Kevin Randle, in various books, progressively documented the case, culminating in A History of UFO Crashes Randle interviewed witnesses, searched Blue Book documents and newspaper articles, and provided by far the most complete picture of the events of April 18, 1962. Randle concluded that the object which crashed that night was an extraterrestrial craft.

The entire NICAP report compiled by Kevin Randle can be found at The Las Vegas UFO Crash. NICAP put together an excellent site with links to several documents that can be found at ADC
Alert - From New York to Las Vegas - A Ten-State Incident

Link:  http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2014/11/the-1962-las-vegas-ufo-crash.html
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Giant Structure Found On Mars, Nov 18, 2014, UFO Sighting News

This photo was taken by the Global Mars Surveyor mission. I was searching through some NASA photos and came across this one that shows a foundation in a square pattern. The lower left hand corner is still standing and has another smaller structure near it. This structure takes ups a whopping 20% of the entire photo! These walls (building actually) were just one large structure, but over millions of years in space, they get covered by cosmic dust particles and get buried. It would take millions of years for that to happen. This is an archaeologists dream come true. It doesn't get more intestine than studying a ancient culture on another world.

The Original Image
Link: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2014/11/giant-structure-found-on-mars-nov-18.html

18 November, 2014

‘Bagel plane’: Airbus seeks to patent bizarre UFO-like aircraft

Airbus has filed a patent for a new concept plane that looks more like a Star Trek contraption than a conventional jet. The “bagel plane” will seat passengers in a ring, while its new body shape will allegedly minimize the aircraft's structural stress.

While the traditional “approximately cylindrical” geometry of an aircraft's cabin is designed to withstand pressurization loads, the front and rear ends of the cabin are much more sensitive to such loads, the patent application states. It goes on to offer an easy solution – twist the cylinder into a bagel shape with no longitudinal ends.

“The purpose of the invention is particularly to provide a simple, economic and efficient solution to these problems, or at least partially overcome the...disadvantages,” the application says.
The interior will see passengers seated in a bagel-like formation rather than in neat rows, as per the traditional jets. This formation will maximize efficiency, while the aircraft’s shape will reduce stress on the front and back ends of the plane. Apparently, this will also allow for a higher volume of passengers.

“An approximately cylindrical geometry limits possibilities for increasing the passenger carrying capacity of the aircraft,” the application states.

However, Airbus spokesman Justin Dubon told NPR that the design is not currently in production.

“There are some very clever people here that have fantastic ideas. And who knows? Maybe one day they will come light,” Dubon said. However, he reminded that more than 6,000 patents every year are filed by the company.

Only “some of these become the seed for other ideas with practical use,” he said.

Other bizarre ideas produced by the company have included the possibility of introducing bicycle-like “standing” seating for passengers in economy class, and the introduction of virtual reality helmets to entertain passengers.

The “bagel” is, however, one of the biggest adaptations made to the whole structure of the aircraft. An analyst at the Virginia-based Lexington Institute, which receives funding from Airbus’ rival Boeing, told the Financial Times that there is some skepticism surrounding the idea.

“I’ve never seen anyone suggest anything like this in a heavier-than-air system,” Loren Thompson told the paper.

Link:  http://rt.com/news/206335-airbus-patent-bagel-plane/

'UFO' Discovered (Sigh) In Apollo 12 Photograph, 45 Years Later

The European Space Agency's comet lander might have died after just three days - but as we know, data recovered from space can yield insights long after the mission itself is over.

Take Apollo 12, for instance.

You might think that the second manned mission to the Moon - while remarkable even now - has given up all of the scientific secrets we could expect over the last 45 years.

Well not so, according to the UFO community, who claim to have spotted something… unusual in the depths of one of the photos from the mission.

The image was rediscovered by YouTube user Streetcap1, and hosted on UFO Sightings Daily. It shows, well, not much - a sort of sprite, perhaps a trick of the light or a camera artefact, or maybe an ALIEN CRAFT.

USD seems convinced - even though they seem to think Apollo 12 mission was unmanned and lasted four months longer than it actually did. Either way they've given it a 95% chance of being real.

There's a good discussion of the various real-life photographic issues relating to Apollo 12 here.

This is really just another image of the Copernicus crater, one of the most prominent on the moon. It's about 4km deep, 100km wide and there are many more images of it at the Astrosurf website.

Link:  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/11/17/ufo-apollo-12_n_6169872.html?utm_hp_ref=uk

Object 2014-28E – Space junk or Russian satellite killer?

It is a tale that could have come from the cold war. A mysterious object launched by the Russian military is being tracked by western space agencies, stoking fears over the revival of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy satellites.

For the past few weeks, amateur astronomers and satellite-trackers in Russia and the west have followed the unusual manoeuvres of Object 2014-28E, watching it guide itself towards other Russian space objects. The pattern appeared to culminate last weekend in a rendezvous with the remains of the rocket stage that launched it.

The object had originally been classed as space debris, propelled into orbit as part of a Russian rocket launch in May to add three Rodnik communications satellites to an existing military constellation. The US military is now tracking it under the Norad designation 39765.

Its purpose is unknown, and could be civilian: a project to hoover up space junk, for example. Or a vehicle to repair or refuel existing satellites. But interest has been piqued because Russia did not declare its launch – and by the object’s peculiar, and very active, precision movements across the skies.

Russia officially mothballed its anti-satellite weaponry programme – Istrebitel Sputnikov or satellite killer – after the fall of the iron curtain, though its expertise has not entirely disappeared. Indeed, military officials have publicly stated in the past that they would restart research in the event of a deterioration in relations with the US over anti-missile defence treaties. In 2010, Oleg Ostapenko, commander of Russia’s space forces, and now head of its space agency, said Russia was again developing “inspection” and “strike” satellites. 

Moscow’s ministry of defence did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
“Whatever it is, [Object 2014-28E] looks experimental,” said Patricia Lewis, research director at think-tank Chatham House and an expert in space security. “It could have a number of functions, some civilian and some military. One possibility is for some kind of grabber bar. Another would be kinetic pellets which shoot out at another satellite. Or possibly there could be a satellite-to-satellite cyber attack or jamming.”

In a week when the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft landed a probe on a comet, the peregrinations of 2014-28E could seem insignificant, but they highlight an area of growing – if so far little publicised – concern for defence strategists: the weaponisation of space.
Having the ability to destroy or degrade an opponent’s satellite communications has been regarded as a powerful military capability since the space race began but, after the collapse of the iron curtain, many of the secret research projects Soviet and US engineers were working on were quietly shelved. In the past few years, however, interest in space weapons has revived.

“It would be odd if space were to remain the one area that [militaries] don’t get their hands on,” says Ms Lewis. Cyber attacks on satellites are already a reality, she points out: last week, hackers linked to the Chinese government infiltrated US federal weather satellites.

Russia has in the past been at the forefront of efforts to try to secure an international treaty to prevent weapons being deployed in space, but its efforts have fallen on stony ground.
Amid rapid advances by other foreign powers, and the recent deterioration in relations between Moscow and the west, plans to revive the IS programme would make strategic sense, said one Russian military expert. 

As far back as 2007, the Chinese showed they had the ability to shoot down satellites with rockets and in 2008 the US demonstrated it had the same capability.

More recently, in May this year, a Chinese satellite known as Shijian 15 began to exhibit unusual propulsion capabilities and eventually intercepted another Chinese satellite, Shijian 7.

“The experiment was linked to the possible use of a remote capture arm and close proximity operations,” said Max White, a member of the Kettering group of astronomers, which made a name for itself in the 1960s by pinpointing the location of Soviet spy satellite launches. “Both can have peaceful as well as military nuances, with the former for refuelling in space, and the latter for disabling an active payload belonging to a foreign nation, potentially without causing a debris cloud.
“Whether the Russians feel they need to demonstrate such capability is a matter for debate,” Mr White added. He, too, has been following the activities of object 2014-28E.

In a signal of international sensitivities over the prospect of anti-satellite technologies being rapidly developed, a Chinese missile test this year drew an unusually fiery response from the Pentagon. US authorities said they had “high confidence” that a July launch was a test for a ground-based weapon to strike a satellite, accusing the Chinese of “destabilising actions”. China’s test was later also condemned by the EU.

Link:  http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/cdd0bdb6-6c27-11e4-990f-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3JMwxYtRy

17 November, 2014

A New Global UFO Database - Kickstarter

The Mutual UFO Network has designed a new system to capture UFO reports, display the data, and find answers. Now we need to build it.

First things first. Some good news about taxes: MUFON is a 501(3)c non-profit. Your donation is tax deductible!

Second important line of business: Existing members and donors! We have you covered. Please be assured that we recognize your support through the years! If you are an existing member of MUFON and select a reward that includes a 2-year Premium Explorer membership, 2 awesome things will happen:

1) Your existing membership will be upgraded to Explorer level. (scroll to the very bottom of the page for the fine print on this new premium membership.)

2) Your membership will be extended 2-years from the expiration date of your current membership.
**And a special thanks to James Fox for the interview clips at the beginning of the video, as well as his endorsement of this project.**

Now to answer the big questions.

A New Global UFO Database

Link: http://www.supernaturalufo.com/a-new-global-ufo-database-a-kickstarter-project/

16 November, 2014

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Two US Military Air Defense Radar Operators Track 8 UAPs For Four Hours

On occasion I will post interesting UAP activities from one of the worlds largest and most professional UAP research organizations. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Here is a fascinating case from MUFON’s “Sighting Of The Month”.

Although this incident occurred in 1967, I decided it was worthy to print because of the number of competent, multiple U.S. Air Force military witnesses coupled with two separate radar installations including three Marine F-4 Phantoms in pursuit of the bogeys. The UAPs were tracked at an astonishing 5000 mph!

On or about March 31, 1967 two US Military Air Defense Radar Operators tracked a total of eight unidentified targets over coastal areas of southern Florida. The operators and radar stations were separated by approximately 100 miles. These two distinct radar sites were located at Homestead AFB, Florida and the Army Air Defense Battery on Key West, Florida. The radar tracking and observation lasted for approximately four hours. Two separate UAP flight areas were identified, one off of the east coast near Miami, Florida (Flight Area A) and the second just south of the Florida mainland and north of Key West, Florida (Flight Area B).

The only visual object description was from a member of the Army Air Defense launch crew who commented the one object was moving so fast it was like a meteor, but was flying level. Based on the radar return the primary witness estimated the size of one UAP as between 31 and 100 feet.

DF stated; It was late March 1967. I was a buck Sergeant In the United States Air Force. I was stationed at the 644th Radar Squadron, Richmond Air Force Station, Florida. The radar squadron was just north of U.S. Highway 1 in Miami, Florida. I was working a twelve hour shift from 7pm To 7am. I was speaking with WS about 10pm, when I received a priority telephone call from NORAD Headquarters. They advised that four unidentified aircraft had been picked up on Canadian radar passing over mid Canada and heading south along the east coast of the United States at a very high rate of speed.

I notified the duty officer and waited for my radar to paint the four unidentified aircraft. The radar showed four targets coming into range at approximately 5000 mph and decelerating to approximately 1500 mph. I had WS on my telephone and advised him as the situation developed. Bill advised that he had the four aircraft on his radar. We both watched the aircraft flying grid patterns for approximately four hours. At approximately 2am, Bill told me that one of the aircraft had broken formation and was flying toward his site. I lost contact with Bill a few moments later.

WS stated; it was late March of 1967. I was in the army at that time, and assigned to an air defense center in Key West, Florida. I spent many of my nights in a radar control center watching the various screens. My second cousin was also in the scope dope business. He was in the Air Force at the time and worked in a radar station in Homestead, Florida, just outside Miami.

We spent many an evening conversing on the air defense net, although our conversations rarely had anything to do with air defense. My cousin called me one night on the net and advised me that something unbelievable was happening in South Florida. He opened the net so I could monitor the traffic regarding the incident taking place. I pulled my headset to my ears as I listed to various NORAD stations tracking a UAP just off the coast of Miami.

At the time, Homestead was a SAC base, and any such traffic was a great concern to the Air Force. Although I was about 100 miles from the target under discussion, I had the capability to observe activity in the area with my own radar. I had only to take it off standby. As I was bringing up my antenna, the chatter continued, and referred to three more objects in the sky near Miami. It was also noted that civilian observers had now sighted the objects and the sighting was being reported on local commercial radio.

As my scope came up the first thing I noticed were three Marine fighters departing Boca Chica Naval Air Station, heading north. The UAPs were clearly visible just southeast of Miami. They appeared to be moving just East of North, skirting the Florida Coast. They then turned sharply west, crossing the keys near Everglades National Park on the south tip of the Florida mainland. It only took the Phantoms a few minutes to reach the area of the bogies.

I have no idea if the pilots sighted the targets visually, or electronically. The air channel was not part of the NORAD net. As the phantoms approached the targets they disappeared off the scope. Now there is only one way to disappear when being observed by a PAR (Pulse Acquisition Radar). You must go straight up, or straight down. This cat and mouse game went on all night. There is much too much to type in this report.

Visual observations in Miami included the observation of one large object and three small. This I cannot verify, although I imagine the Miami Herald would have some record of it. To me, they appeared to be flying a search pattern. The way the Coast Guard would search in grids. After about four hours one of the unknowns began moving south directly towards my location. The target was really moving, probably twice the speed of anything I had ever tracked, around 1100 miles an hour. This would provide me with an excellent opportunity to lock onto the target with a different type of radar. This other type of radar, which I probably should not identify, has the capability of bringing back actual sounds of the target. Turbo prop, jet engines, or the thud of rotary aircraft could clearly be heard with this system.

As the target approached it decelerated but was still supersonic. I brought the targeting radar into alignment with it and brought the unit on-line. For a short moment, a very short moment, I could hear a high-pitched whine, similar to a jet engine, but smoother and much higher pitch. At this point the target obviously detected my lock and hit my sight with some type of Electronic Counter Measure. It appeared to reverse the polarity of every piece of equipment on the sight, although I was never able to verify that.

Needless to say this caused an instant shut down of the system and erased a great many taxpayer dollars. As I was exiting the control center the launch crew stated that they had seen the object pass over. It was moving so fast that one of the guys swore it was a meteor, but was flying level. When last seen the object was headed south towards Cuba. It was many years later that I read newspaper articles about a two-week flap in the Miami area. I would also later learn about a Cuban MIG21 that was allegedly destroyed during an encounter with a UAP in March 1967.

The characteristics of the object do not match known aircraft. According to the one Army launch crew member it had an anomalous appearance, like a meteor that was flying a level course. On radar, the objects indicated anomalous movements; broken or interrupted trajectories, and apparition of physical-spatial incongruities; disappearing and reappearing on radar. At least one of the objects demonstrated supersonic speed without producing a sonic boom.


This is a historical case that occurred approximately 47 years ago. The primary witness is a MUFON Field Investigator and he has investigated this case over a several year period.
Checked MUFON CMS database for the months of March and April 1967, no other cases found in Florida.

Checked NICAP database and found 4 Florida cases, 1 case may be related to this case. It was in March 1967, however a specific date and time were not identified. It is the case involving a Cuban Mig-21 destroyed while engaging an unknown target over NE Cuba. Some investigative reports suggest the unknown was an A-12 or SR-71 American Spy Plane.

Note, if memory serves, The SR-71 is a recon airplane without armaments.

My words. Checked NUFORC database and found 1 Florida case from April 01, 1967 that we believe is related. This case was reported in June 2005, but the event date was listed as approximately April 1, 1967 and the location was at the Flamingo Campgrounds near Homestead, Florida. The description of the event has similarities with observations made by the radar operators. The location also matches.

Checked meteor/fireball database and did not find any that matched location and date for this case.
Several newspaper articles were discovered that refer to sightings within a few weeks of this case, however the Air Force determined the many witnesses, three teachers and several students from the Crestview School in Opalocka, Florida, were observing a Coast Guard Helicopter engaged in training maneuvers at an airport approximately 3 miles from their location. The witnesses did not agree with this assessment. The date, time, and objects movements as well as colors seem to match the primary witness’s description of the event. All was documented in the local newspapers.

Witnesses are credible, at the time of the event they were US Military radar operators.

NUFORC Case Posted 6/20/2005 and reported 6/2/2005 location was Homestead, Florida and event date was approximately 4/01/1967. USAF Investigation and Findings document number 1003764 dated 4 May 1967, event date April 7, 1967. Crestview School daytime UAP sightings.

Our conclusion for these objects is UNKNOWN-UAV. They do not match the capabilities of known military or commercial aircraft from that time period.

Fascinating! Isn’t it?

Link:  http://googleufonews.com/unidentified-aerial-phenomenon-military-air-defense-radar-operators-track-8-uaps-hours/

15 November, 2014

Alien conspiracy theorists think the government is on the verge of spilling big secrets

 For as long as I've been reading about alien conspiracies, it's been an accepted article of faith among believers that the government was the enemy of the people and was conspiring with an alien race, or simply with other governments in our world, to keep evidence of a sentient extraterrestrial presence hidden.

In 2012, authors Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel became instant iconoclasts within the believer community when they published a book, After Disclosure, that laid out meticulously what the government should do to prepare the public for the "disclosure" of the conspiracy. The book leans in to the notion itself. The government conspirators, say these two, think that the conspiracy is untenable and that a full and open discussion of the fact of alien sentience is the best way to unite the world. Somehow.

This big secret will be revealed in 2015, if the chatter on shows like Coast-to-Coast AM is any indication. Why? Well, the "Grays" — the name given to the aliens who either conspire with the government to keep their presence hidden or are on the verge of attacking the Earth — have somehow given an ultimatum to their human co-conspirators. Maybe it's time to move humanity into the next phase of their existence. Maybe humans are battering the planet so badly that the Grays, who need the milk of the Earth to survive, are in peril. If humans fail to disclose the Grays' existence, then the Grays will make themselves known by, perhaps, a global television event that shows off their gravity-defying hardware.

One-third to half of Americans give real credence to the possibility that aliens exist and are living among us. That's 80 million to 100 million adults. They don't just think that alien DNA might have helped spark life on Earth, or that life exists elsewhere in the universe. They believe in the conspiracy. We treat them as ninnies with tin-foil hats and bumper stickers. But they are all of us!
I'm a skeptic of the Penn Jillette variety. I would not believe that a sentient alien life-form had visited the Earth even if I were to meet an alien face-to-face. I trust in my own eyes, in my own fallible, pattern-seeking brain, quite a bit less than I do the laws of science and the record of empiricism. However, humans believe in weird things for all sorts of reasons. Based on data points alone, it should be much easier to believe in the existence of ETs than it is to believe in creationism, and yet...

My interest in the UFO community is motivated by entertainment, yes, but also by professional curiosity.

The government is broadly unpopular. Americans see it lurch along, indifferent to their concerns, unable to figure out how to really enhance their lives, redistributing resources according to popular whims, too subservient to the interests that bankroll the politicians who run it. It is incapable of orchestrating major policy changes without significant hiccups. Whistle-blowers with incontrovertible evidence of government misdeed talk to The Washington Post, to Congress, or to Laura Poitras.

UFO believers hold two opposing beliefs. One is that the government we all know is but a projected shadow on the cave. The real government, the deep state, controls the world and remains hidden. The other is that this government, all powerful and capable of keeping an alien conspiracy from coming out, is not all powerful and not capable of keeping an alien conspiracy from coming out. They've got witnesses; 500 military, intelligence, credentialed witnesses who can testify to some part of the conspiracy. (Canada's former defense minister!)

The shift from paranoia to optimism within the UFO community might represent a new strategy to gain public acceptance. UFO sightings go viral and are debunked just as quickly; perhaps, the believers believe, it's time to use the same tactics that successful political campaigns use to get the real media to pay attention, and to begin to seriously pressure political leaders to come clean. (Whether the media is part of the conspiracy itself is...well, I can't tell you.) And look: The disclosure of alien life would truly change the world overnight. Big conflicts would seem irrelevant. It would be much easier to tackle global problems if humans were forced to think of themselves as members of a single planet.

The scientists who search for extraterrestrial intelligence do not believe that aliens have visited Earth. They think that we might pick up unambiguous evidence of the existence of another civilization someday. (See the movie Contact, which was based on a book by Carl Sagan.)
Two vastly different belief architectures both agree on this: "Disclosure" or discovery would change everything. I remain skeptical. But it's fun to think about.

Link:  http://theweek.com/article/index/271791/alien-conspiracy-theorists-think-the-government-is-on-the-verge-of-spilling-big-secrets

UFO appears during Blue Angel Air Show, Florida

On November 9, 2014, a person watched the Blue Angel Air Show, in the Naval Air Station Pensacola (in Florida). Suddenly, he has noticed a strange bright UFO over the planes. Witness has taken an incredible photo.
Witness statement:
I was at the Blue angel Air show and was taking pictures of the planes when I noticed something shiny much higher than the planes. I took picture towards the direction I saw it - I was unaware that I even had a picture but when I uploaded the pictures to my computer there were 2 that are very strange. I'm not saying it is a UFO but I have no idea what it could be.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/3751/UFO%20appears%20during%20Blue%20Angel%20Air%20Show,%20Florida

12 November, 2014

Life on Mars? UFO aficionados tackle question at gathering

Capilla del Monte (Argentina), Nov 11 (IANS/EFE):

UFO researchers addressed such big questions as whether there is life on Mars and "invisible" beings at the 17th International Ufology Congress in Capilla del Monte, an Argentine city located 800 km west of Buenos Aires.

The four-day gathering, which ended Sunday, drew Argentine and foreign UFO researchers who discussed progress in their work, personal experiences and audiovisual records of contacts with alien spacecraft with the nearly 200 aficionados who attended the congress.

"We fulfilled the objective of demystifying Mars and showing that we may be closer than we think," congress organiser Luz Mary Lopez told Spanish news agency Efe.

Attendees were shocked by some revelations, including those of Americans Andrew Basiago and Laura Eisenhower.

Basiago, who participated in the conference, and Eisenhower, who made her presentation via Skype teleconference, said they were chosen by the government to be tele-transported on secret missions to Mars.

"I was on Mars 40 times and there is Martian and human life there," Basiago said during a two-hour presentation to an auditorium packed with people who were a mix of the mesmerised, the sceptical and the excited.

"It gave me chills, but they hide so much from us, I believe it could be true. I've seen UFOs and I believe that scientists tell people almost nothing," a woman from Cordoba who identified herself only as Mabel told Efe.

Fernando Correa, a Mexican astronomer and reporter on the "Tercer Milenio" television show, supported Basiago's story.

"There is evidence that we are already on the Red Planet, such as a Google Mars site that shows a human base there," Correa told Efe.

The Mexican scientist hosted one of the closing talks, screening security-camera videos that showed supposed "invisible" beings and "shadows" from around the world.

"Today, you have to try to explain with science the so-called paranormal phenomena that, in reality, are more normal than the rest," Correa said.

Argentine researchers also made presentations at the conference.

Silvia Simondini, who runs the Vision Ovni (UFO Vision) centre in Victoria, a city located 200 km from Buenos Aires, discussed analyses done of spaceship fragments, local stories about alien spacecraft and collective UFO sightings across Argentina.

The curious of all ages from across this South American country attended the congress.

Link:  http://www.daijiworld.com/news/news_disp.asp?n_id=276145

11 November, 2014

NASA Curiosity Spotted Levitating Object On Mars

In January, NASA Mars rover Curiosity spotted levitating object on mars surface. The levitating object was photographed on January 29, 2014 by NASA Curiosity onboard Navcam.
Down below are NASA Mars Curiosity rover photographs showing an object from two different angels which is levitating above the ground.

NASA Original Image : Here & Here

Link:  http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2014/11/nasa-curiosity-spotted-levitating.html

‘UFO’ Spotted on Moon in Apollo 15 Mission Photo

Zoomed-in screenshot of a photo taken by the Apollo 15 crew on the Moon circa 1971. (wms.lroc.asu.edu/)
A YouTube uploader claims to have found a UFO near the surface of the moon during the Apollo 15 mission.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, “This UFO was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. It shows a rock-like craft which could easily hide on the surface of the moon (drone or AI) and fly after any intruder to their airspace.”

It adds: “This one is a solid. I mean, think in terms of a 3D printer making a USAF drone…but making it solid to give it strength. That would make it 1000X stronger and if its a drone or AI, it will last much longer if its tech is all inside of the metals.”

The image of the alleged UFO was sourced from a photo taken during the Apollo 15 mission–the ninth manned mission, which started July 26, 1971.

The “UFO” in question has an odd shape and could just be an asteroid or a piece of space debris.
The original YouTube uploader says that the object is a “large vehicle,” and added: “I have not seen this before and did a thorough check on Google using the full link. Apologies if this has been posted before by someone else. Looks like this link has been removed already.”

Zoomed-in screenshot of a photo taken by the Apollo 15 crew on the Moon circa 1971. (wms.lroc.asu.edu/)
Zoomed-in screenshot of a photo taken by the Apollo 15 crew on the Moon circa 1971. (wms.lroc.asu.edu/)

People have been claiming to have spotted UFOs or alien objects in NASA photos of the moon for decades.

In mid-October, a Huffington Post blogger claimed to have spotted “strange objects zipping across the moon.”

“In early October, Crow Tripplehorn — a frequent moon observer who shoots high definition videos through an 8-inch telescope — captured intriguing footage of a seemingly unusual object flying above the lunar surface,” the blogger said.

“I see nothing to indicate that the object was computer generated. Having said that, the video also lacks anything that would have me believe the object is something other than a conventional satellite,” said ex-FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen of the recent finding.

“The sun’s reflection off the moon backlights the object, and we would expect it to look silhouetted, which it does,” Hansen added. “Regarding the ‘halo’ light the videographer mentions, a video artifact called ‘pixel bleed’or ‘color bleed’ is quite common, especially when the video is compressed in editing. The result is more noticeable with magnification and appears as if the edges of objects are blurry or extend beyond the boundaries of each pixel.”

Link:  http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/1073006-ufo-spotted-on-moon-during-apollo-15-mission/

Fireball Strikes The Texan Skies: Was it meteor or UFO?

Fireball in Texas sky, 2014, is making headlines across the world. Was it meteor or UFO?, people are wondering.

Astronomers are showing keen interest in reports of spotting of fireball in Texas. Till now fireball—possibly a meteor—used to be seen in video only but not anymore after reports surfaced of such activities being spotted through the sky above Texas on Saturday night.
Since then everybody has been talking about it. The images and videos have gone viral and have been observed by many.

 The source of one video has come from a Burnet County Sheriff’s patrol car. As if one was not enough the other too has its root from a police car in Hewitt, Texas, near Waco. Lara Chorn is an eyewitness to this account. “It was just a fireball. From my account, it seemed like it was just bright yellow with a white trail, and there’s other accounts of a blue and green trail,” said Lara, who lives in Dripping Springs and had seen it unfold while she was driving home from Lakeway.

The image and video have sparked a debate about the identity of the object. After going through the video images, amateur astronomer Paul Lennous is convinced that it looks like meteor to him.
“Most meteorites are about the size of basically a dust particle that you see. Most of the bright ones–about a grain of sand. That thing was substantially larger,” said Lennous.

Link:  http://nvonews.com/fireball-in-texas-sky-2014-was-it-meteor-or-ufo/

10 November, 2014

Carbondale marks 'alien' incident 40th anniversary

CARBONDALE, Pa. (AP) — Embrace it or ignore it.

That was the advice a tourism planning consultant gave Carbondale a few years ago about how to deal with its mysterious UFO legend that began 40 years ago.

On Nov. 9, 1974, three teenage boys told police they saw "a red, whirring ball fly over Salem Mountain and into the mine pond," and the Carbondale UFO legend was born. It created quite a hubbub, as police, military, UFO enthusiasts and curious spectators from across the country descended on the city and pond. The submerged object glowed for nine hours. Two days later, a diver emerged from the murky waters with a railroad lantern.

Twenty-five years later, one of the former teens admitted he had thrown a battery-powered lantern into the pond to scare his sister.

Some believe that story, but others insist a craft from space landed in the small pond and the government covered it up. One theory holds that the object was a fallen spy satellite, either from the U.S. or Russia.

But whether it was a prank, hoax or satellite, the legend lives on.

"It's one of those things that you fully embrace it or never mention it," said Christine Tocki-Mulvey, the city's Office of Community and Economic Development director and the administrator of Carbondale's Route 6 Task Force on tourism.

Carbondale, nicknamed the Pioneer City, founded in 1822 and known for its anthracite resources and as the site of the first underground mine in 1831, has chosen to embrace — tongue-in-cheek — its 1974 UFO legend.

The city will hold a 40th anniversary celebration Thursday at the Best Western Pioneer Plaza hotel on Main Street from 5 to 8 p.m. A $5 ticket must be purchased in advance, and there will be cash bar and food. For tickets or more information, call City Hall at 570-282-4633.

The "Throwback-Thursday" celebration will feature a UFO/alien theme. Items from the incident, including a 1974 report by the UFO Research Investigation Center in Philadelphia and the railroad lantern that was pulled from the pond, will be on display, said city Clerk Michele Bannon.

The UFO legend has had renewed interest in recent years, particularly after being mentioned in a WVIA "My Town" documentary in 2012 about the city, said Bannon and Tocki-Mulvey. The legend also has spawned a website, carbondalien.com, and a mascot — a green, big-headed extraterrestrial dubbed Carbon D. Alien — that has been digitally added into pictures old and new so he appears ever-present, everywhere.

S. Robert Powell, executive director of the Carbondale Historical Society & Museum, said of the UFO legend, "It's an interesting corollary to the history of Carbondale," and the city's part in the UFO hysteria of that time.

He recalled that around 25 years ago, former Mayor Charlotte Moro entrusted into his hands the railroad lantern that is a tangible artifact of the incident. In 1974, the plastic orange lantern with a hoop handle was a modern-day railroad lantern, he said.

"She had a reverential attitude about the lantern. She said, 'Robert, you ought to have it,'" for the museum, Powell said.

Bannon was 4 years old at the time of the UFO incident and vividly remembers the commotion it caused.

"I remember my grandpa was alive and he walked us to the park and it was all roped off," Bannon said. "There was a whole bunch of agents at the pond. They brought in a lead-lined truck" to cart away an object removed from the pond.

The 40th anniversary celebration is an opportunity to share such memories and hopefully spur some tourism in Carbondale, said Bannon and Tocki-Mulvey.

"Everybody has a little bit of folklore" about the incident, Bannon said. "We're having a blast with it."

Link:  http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Carbondale-marks-alien-incident-40th-anniversary-5881751.php

09 November, 2014

Evidence Of Alien Life: International Space Agency Allegedly Attempts Stealing Meteor Fragments Of Aliens?

New claims have come to light about evidence of alien life existing here on Earth. According to a Sri Lankan politician, an international space research institute agency team made up of “white gentlemen” attempted to steal evidence of aliens. That evidence consists of steel meteor fragments which is the proof that aliens exist.

Open Minds UFO News released an episode of Spacing Out that covers a variety of questions surrounding aliens and what’s been documented so far. The 13-minute video below unveils some intriguing claims, many of which are highlighted in this story.

Minister Wimal Weerawansa, the leader Sri Lanka’s Jathika Nidahas Peramuna political party, announced to a crowd at a religious temple in Hanwella on October 23 that the agency’s attempt to make off with fragments is linked to western creationists who are trying to “undermine Buddhist teachings of the universe. He says they want to cover up the idea that “creationism is a blatant lie,” Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror reports.
“This team attempted to take hold of this valuable evidence almost immediately after local scientists had made this vital discovery.
“Why did they do this? It’s because they don’t want the world to know that creationism is a blatant lie. When it is proven that life outside planet earth exists, creationism would turn into a lie. This was a fact that was initially declared and proven by the Buddha and his teachings on the universe.”
Weerawansa accuses the agency of attempting to take possession of the raw material and information based on meteor fragments that fell into a paddy field in the Sri Lankan district of Anuradhapura in December 2013. Scientists were investigating the meteor fragments that were found to contain unicellular organisms “embedded in the alien rock,” which backs the theory that alien life exists.
Weerawansa says the team “attempted to take hold of this valuable evidence almost immediately” after scientists in the area had encountered the groundbreaking evidence.

News of the agency’s attempt to pilfer meteor fragments hasn’t made it into western news, but claims over the evidence that aliens exist have.

Scientists from the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology in the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham — as well as the Medical Research Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka — allege that what they uncovered is believed to be “complex biological structures” inside the fragments, “which are not of terrestrial origins,” the report states.

Professor Milton Wainwright from the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology, shared pictures of particles of a “Dragon Particle.” They’re defined as “space-borne biological entity they retrieved using balloons they floated into the stratosphere.”

Aerospace scientists at Buckingham Center for Astrobiology have shared other discoveries in past years. They announced the discovery of micro-organisms they believe originated from space.

Colleagues there have received credence for establishing the concept of “panspermia,” an idea that “life is abundant throughout the universe and is spread via asteroids and meteoroids.”

A lot of scientists believe the micro-organisms experts at Buckingham have found were the result of contamination from the Earth.

Alejandro Rojas mentions on Open Minds that he found nothing detailing an attempted theft of meteor fragments. It’s even possible he fabricated the part about creationists conspiring to steal evidence of alien life for some kind of political agenda. It’s unclear what the solid answer is.

Link: http://www.inquisitr.com/1595695/evidence-of-alien-life-international-space-agency-attempts-stealing-meteor-fragments-of-aliens-video/

08 November, 2014

Leaked! Secret Russian Satellite Images of UFO Around Saturn

Description: Date: Thursday, 6-Nov-2014 23:42:45 (Thanks, B. :) Reader B. forwards to us: ===== I was caught up with several emergencies when this report was published, last May. I missed it then, so here it is, now: A MAJOR leak in the UFO world emerged in new secret Russian satellite images, displaying a massive alien craft near the planet Saturn. Link: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=3602
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07 November, 2014

04 November, 2014

Moon size UFO near sun may be evidence of Type II alien civilization

A moon sized UFO appeared near the sun in film footage captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory recording solar activity in a video uploaded to Youtube on November 2. According to a post on UFO Sightings Daily released today, the UFO has an unusual geometry comprising right angles that leads to the conclusion that it is of alien origin. The UFO appears to have a trail of solar particles behind it in the film footage of large solar flare activity originally recorded on October 28. If the UFO is of alien origin, it would be a dramatic example of a Type II extraterrestrial civilization able to harness solar energy according to the Kardashev scale of a civilization’s technological advancement.

The November 2 video shows large solar flare activity in the form of coronal loops occurring near the sun on October 28 as recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The film footage was recorded by the SDO ultraviolent instrument called the Extreme ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE). EVE provides dramatic real time footage of the sun which is regularly released to the public as still shots and short movies. NASA SDO film footage of coronal loops recorded from October 26 to 29 is available here.

According to Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily:
We have a nice close up of the UFO and behind it you can see there is a trail of solar particles in its wake. This UFO has a really interesting geometric form to it. Notice the uneven shape with many right angles to it. Maybe aliens don't want humanity to know about them yet, but I say why wait for an invitation. We may not be able to shake their hands, but we sure as heck can track their ships near our sun. SCW
The unusual geometry and the solar trail behind the UFO suggest it is not a camera anomaly due to pixelation. Another possibility, that the UFO is a comet is not likely given its proximity to the sun. This makes it plausible that the moon sized UFO interacting with the sun is an alien spacecraft. The long solar trail may be evidence that the UFO is harnessing the Sun’s plasma energy suggesting that it belongs to a Type II extraterrestrial civilization according to the Kardashev scale.

The Kardashev scale of extraterrestrial civilizations was developed by Soviet Astronomer Nikoli Kardashev in 1964, and distinguished between extraterrestrial civilizations based on their ability to harness different types of energy at a macro scale. A Type I civilization harnesses energy at planetary level, a Type II uses energy at a solar level, while Type III civilizations use galactic level energies. The November 2 video of the moon sized UFO near the sun may be evidence that our solar system is being visited by very advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that can harness the sun's plasma energy.

Link:  http://www.examiner.com/article/moon-size-ufo-near-sun-may-be-evidence-of-type-ii-alien-civilization