28 May, 2016

New Geoglyph Found near Nazca Lines

The 98-foot (30 m) long mythical animal in the Nazca Desert, Peru. Aerial View
A team of scientists from Japan has discovered a completely new geoglyph in the Nazca Desert, southern Peru.

The newly-discovered geoglyph appears to represent a creature sticking out its tongue.

The geoglyph is 98 feet (30 m) long and is located about 10 miles (16 km) from the famous Nazca Lines.

Yamagata University researchers Masato Sakai and Jorge Olano made the discovery.
“The depicted animal exhibits spotted markings on the body and has many legs, and is therefore inferred to represent an imaginary or mythical creature,” the scientists said.

“This geoglyph was created by (i) removing surface stones of darker color to expose the underlying whitish ground and (ii) piling up the removed stones to shape the animal image like a relief,” they added.

“This is a typical technique during the Late Paracas Period (400-200 BC).”

About five years ago another geoglyph was discovered nearby.
The Mythical Animal, Archaeological Construction of the Geoglyph
“We interpret this geoglyph, which represents a pair of anthropomorphic figures, as a scene of decapitation,” Dr. Sakai and Dr. Olano said.

“It was created using the same technique as the newfound geoglyph.”

‘Because both geoglyphs were located on the slopes, they could easily be identified on the ground level,” the scientists said.

“Between these two geoglyphs was found an ancient path leading to the ceremonial center of Cahuachi.”

“We suspect that the geoglyphs were probably related to the pilgrimage to Cahuachi.”

 Yamagata University Finds 24 New Geoglyphs On Nazca Plateau – HeritageDaily

Source: http://www.sci-news.com/archaeology/geoglyph-nazca-lines-03900.html

Paleolithic Paintings Found in Northern Spain

ATXURRA, SPAINThe Local reports that archaeologist Diego Garate has found at least 70 paintings of bison, horses, and goats in Spain’s Atxurra caves at a depth of nearly 1,000 feet. Garate says the hunting scenes, spread over 14 panels, are between 12,000 and 14,000 years old. “I have been searching the caves of the Basque Country for ten years and have discovered lots of new caves but none as important as Atxurra,” he said. “It could very well be the cave with the most animal figures in the Basque Country.” One of the images is thought to depict a bison pierced by more than 20 spears. Charcoal and flint tools have also been found in the caves.

Source:  http://www.archaeology.org/news/4495-160527-spain-atxurra-caves

27 May, 2016

Aristotle’s 2,400-Year-Old Tomb Found Pictures

Greek archaeologists at Ancient Stagira, Central Macedonia, say they have found Aristotle’s tomb. Addressing the Aristotle 2400 Years World Congress, they point to the 2,400-year-old tomb as the most important finding from the 20-year excavation.

The discovery of the tomb of Aristotle was announced by archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis, according to whom the findings from the 1996 excavation lead to the conclusion that the tomb belongs to Aristotle.
Artist Concept of The Tomb of Aristotle
Aristotle was born in Stagira in 384 BC and died in Chalcis, Evia, at 322 BC. The great philosopher was originally believed to have been buried at Chalcis, however, archaeologists are now certain that the tomb they have found belongs to Aristotle. Two literary sources indicate that the people of Stagira may have transferred his ashes to his birthplace.

The mounded domed tomb has a marble floor dated to the Hellenistic period. It is located in the center of Stagira, near the Agora, with 360-degree views. The public character of the tomb is evident by its location alone, however archaeologists also point to a hurried construction that was later topped with quality materials. 
Photograph of The Tomb of Aristotle current state, top view
There is an altar outside the tomb and a square-shaped floor. The top of the dome is at 10 meters and there is a square floor surrounding a Byzantine tower. A semi-circle wall stands at two-meters in height. A pathway leads to the tomb’s entrance for those that wished to pay their respects.
Photograph of The Tomb of Aristotle current state, side view
 Other findings included ceramics from the royal pottery workshops and fifty coins dated to the time of Alexander the Great. The tomb structure was destroyed by the Byzantines, who built a square tower on top of it.

Greek Archaeologist Claims He's Found the Tomb of Aristotle | The Xenologist

Source: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2016/05/26/aristotles-2400-year-old-tomb-found-at-stagira-photographs/

Greek Archaeologist Claims He's Found the Tomb of Aristotle

THESSALONIKI, Greece — A Greek archaeologist who excavated the birthplace of Aristotle in northern Greece in the 1990s says a destroyed structure he discovered may have been the tomb of the ancient philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great.

Konstantinos Sismanidis concedes that he has "no proof but just strong indications" to back up his theory, presented Thursday at a conference marking the 2,400th anniversary of the philosopher's birth.

Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) was a pupil of Plato and one of history's most influential thinkers.
Sismanidis said the structure unearthed in the ruins of Stageira, 70 kilometers (43 miles) east of Thessaloniki, was once a public monument where Aristotle was honored after his death. No human remains were found there.

Sismanidis also quoted medieval references to Aristotle's ashes being interred in his hometown.

Source:  http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2016/05/26/world/europe/ap-eu-greece-archaeology-aristotle.html

Official Night of UFOs, Brazil / A Noite Oficial Dos Ovnis


Aeronáutica libera gravações de diálogos da 'noite oficial dos óvnis'
Aeronautics releases dialogues recordings of 'Official Night of UFOs'

Ouça o áudio dos diálogos entres torres de comando de São José dos Campos, São Paulo e Brasília e a Defesa Aérea, sobre perseguição de óvnis.
Listen to the audio of the dialogues between São José dos Campos Command Towers , São Paulo and Brasilia and Air Defense, about the UFO chase.

Trinta anos depois, o Fantástico teve acesso às gravações de áudio do episódio que ficou conhecido como “A noite oficial dos óvnis”. Em maio de 1986, o ministro da Aeronáutica convocou uma coletiva para anunciar que a FAB perseguiu sem sucesso 21 óvnis sobre a região de São José dos Campos (SP).
Thirty years later, Fantástico had access to audio recordings of what became known as "The Official Night of UFOs." In May 1986, the aviation minister called a press conference to announce that the FAB pursued unsuccessfully 21 UFO over the region of São José dos Campos (SP).





Octávio Júlio Moreira Lima was Minister of Aviation, March 15, 1985-March 15, 1990
FAB: Força Aérea Brasileira, Brazil Air Force

https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noite_Oficial_dos_Óvnis / Portuguese
https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octávio_Júlio_Moreira_Lima / Portuguese 
https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/4knl7a/brazil_divulges_30_year_old_formerly_classified/t1_d3gtsmt / Even More Information

13 May, 2016

Will It Happen? Will Hillary Clinton Disclose? She Has Too

On 11th of May, President Barack Obama's office maintained it wouldn't release the files, despite Clinton's comments.

If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination and then becomes president she will be making history by releasing the secret files.

For the last 60 years, every commander-in-chief has refused outright to let the public see the documents on extraterrestrial life at Area 51.

Joseph G. Buchman, who led calls for the US government to be honest about UFOs, told the New York Times: "Hillary has embraced this issue with an absolutely unprecedented level of interest in American politics."

But, on other media coverage this topic has come to be called the “Hillary Clinton UFO story” has gone from quiet mentions in lesser known publications to bodacious stories from major news organizations.

In the past 48 hours, both The New York Times and The Times of London have addressed a complicated, mystifying narrative which has emerged in past months. Mrs. Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, senior advisor John Podesta and even President Obama have publicly acknowledged UFOs, extraterrestrials and other topics previously confined to the X-Files realm.

“UFO fans are rooting for Hillary Clinton to win the White House, hoping that her avid interest in theories of alien life will lead to secret U.S. files on the subject being made public,” the New York paper noted Tuesday.

On Thursday, the news out of London was this: “Mrs. Clinton has vowed that barring any threats to national security, she would open up government files on the subject, a shift from President Obama, who typically dismisses the topic as a joke. Her position has elated U.F.O. enthusiasts, who have declared Mrs. Clinton the first ‘E.T. candidate’.”

MSNBC, Discovery Channel, The Boston Globe, The London Daily Telegraph, The Weekly Standard and a dozen other publications also covered the story Thursday. This year alone, the topic generated some 350 news accounts.

Stephen Bassett, a registered lobbyist and “disclosure” activist who has urged the White House, military and federal government to release official records about such phenomena, deems the “political media coverage of the extraterrestrial presence issue” unprecedented.

Mr. Bassett has followed Mrs. Clinton’s link to it all since 2001, his intense interest punctuated by press conferences, public events and congressional outreach. He also founded a research group and XXPAC - the “Extraterrestrial Political Action Committee.”

Mr. Bassett, along with increasing cadre of journalists now following the story, say the former secretary of state’s interest in the subject can be traced back 21 years ago to her personal meeting with billionaire Laurance S. Rockefeller, who had long urged U.S. leaders to disclose some facts about the reported crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

“Secretary Clinton will not make it into the White House without discussing the Rockefeller initiative with the American people,” Mr. Bassett said in an interview.

The press, meanwhile, is now covering the Clinton/ET connection from a unique political angle, rather than as a sensational novelty designed to titillate the public and ramp up social media.

However there’s no reason to think that’s true. The fact is that most people already think that extraterrestrials not only have visited Earth but may even be secretly living among us. According to a 1997 CNN poll, “80 percent of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. About 54 percent believe intelligent life exists outside Earth. Sixty-four percent of the respondents said that aliens have contacted humans, half said they’ve abducted humans, and 37 percent said they have contacted the U.S. government.”

So will the great debate continue only time will tell.


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09 May, 2016

Man Creates Homunculus, Here Are The Results

Right now the internet is a buzz with the Homunculus, a small human creature, why? because a Russian Youtuber called "Как Сделать", has actually created the creature and has shown how to create this Homunculus. The videos attract what the f*$&, factor.

Mr Nightmare, Disturbing Video of a "Homunculus" Created by a Russian Youtuber (Videos 1-4)

Experiment 4, Enclosure and Observations Test.

More Sources,
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Как сделать гомункула #4 (Homunculus) | How To Make A Homunculus #4
Homunculus - Wikipedia  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homunculus

08 May, 2016

Experts Theorise Once Long Ago, Advance Civilisations Existed

Experts at the University of Rochester and the University of Washington, have tweaked the infamous Drake Equation, one with Dr. Frank Drake, and the University of Rochester's own new theory of possible extraterrestrial civilisation.

According to a new paper, to be published in Astrobiology, also shows for the first time just what “pessimism” or “optimism” mean when it comes to estimating the likelihood of advanced extraterrestrial life.

 The questions posed in the equation are simple “We’ve known for a long time approximately how many stars exist. We didn’t know how many of those stars had planets that could potentially harbor life, how often life might evolve and lead to intelligent beings, and how long any civilisations might last before becoming extinct. The question of whether advanced civilisations exist elsewhere in the universe has always been vexed with three large uncertainties in the Drake equation,” says Adam Frank, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Rochester and co-author of the paper.

“The fact that humans have had rudimentary technology for roughly ten thousand years doesn’t really tell us if other societies would last that long or perhaps much longer,” Dr. Frank explained.

But Dr. Woodruff Sullivan of the Astronomy Department and Astrobiology Program at the University of Washington, also co-author of the paper, found they could eliminate that term altogether by simply expanding the question.

“Rather than asking how many civilisations may exist now, we ask ‘Are we the only technological species that has ever arisen?" said Dr. Sullivan. “This shifted focus eliminates the uncertainty of the civilisation lifetime question and allows us to address what we call the ‘cosmic archaeological question’—how often in the history of the universe has life evolved to an advanced state?”

They set out what they call the “Archaeological-form” of the Drake equation, which defines A as the “number of technological species that have ever formed over the history of the observable Universe.”

The top the original Drake equation the bottom the new "Archaeological-form," Drake equation

They then calculate the odds of advanced life developing, then against it occurring in order for humanity to be the only advanced civilisation in the entire history of the observable universe.  Then calculated the line between a Universe where humanity has been the sole experiment in civilisation and one where others have come before us.

“Of course, we have no idea how likely it is that an intelligent technological species will evolve on a given habitable planet,” says Dr. Frank. But using our method we can tell exactly how low that probability would have to be for us to be the ONLY civilisation the Universe has produced. We call that the pessimism line. If the actual probability is greater than the pessimism line, then a technological species and civilisation has likely happened before.”

Using this approach, the researchers calculate how unlikely advanced life must be if there has never been another example among the universe’s ten billion trillion stars, or even among our own Milky Way galaxy’s hundred billion

But the most astonishing find is that one in 10 billion trillion civilisations may have existed

“To me, this implies that other intelligent, technology producing species very likely have evolved before us. Think of it this way. Before our result you’d be considered a pessimist if you imagined the probability of evolving a civilisation on a habitable planet were, say, one in a trillion. But even that guess, one chance in a trillion, implies that what has happened here on Earth with humanity has in fact happened about a 10 billion other times over cosmic history!” says Dr. Frank.

“The universe is more than 13 billion years old,” replies Dr. Sullivan. “That means that even if there have been a thousand civilisations in our own galaxy, if they live only as long as we have been around roughly ten thousand years—then all of them are likely already extinct. And others won’t evolve until we are long gone. For us to have much chance of success in finding another "contemporary" active technological civilisation, on average they must last much longer than our present lifetime.”

It  seems as humanity faces its crisis of sustainability and climate change we can wonder if other civilisation-building species on other planets have gone through a similar bottleneck and made it to the other side?

Source: https://www.rochester.edu/news/are-we-alone-in-the-universe/

05 May, 2016