31 March, 2014

UFO in Chile Said to be the Size of Two Soccer Stadiums

UFOlogists in Chile say that this image is of an enormous, unidentified object spotted over a reservoir in the southern part of the country.
From a translation of the news report on Inexplicata:
The photo of an alleged UFO in Chile has left more than one viewer startled after that country's Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anomalos (CEFAA) confirmed its authenticity.

The image was taken in the area known as El Yeso Reservoir by a Venezuelan couple living in the southern country. The image was investigated by CEFFA through its director general, Gen. Ricardo Bermudez (Ret.).

"After considerable research time we reached a series of conclusions that are the same obtained in the United States, and which are: this photograph is real and not a hoax; Second, that the incidence of the light in these clouds is the same as that which falls upon the object; Third, that it has its own light, and therefore a series of portholes are visible. This is according to our Ph.D in meteorology, and according to the clouds existing at the time during that season in the Cordillera, makes it twice the size of the National Stadium (in Chile)," he told Terra Chile.

"We do not know what it is or where it came from, but the anomalous aerial phenomenon described as an unidentified flying object is real and we have the proof and the eyewitness accounts to support it," notes Bermudez, who was a military pilot for the Chilean Air Force, flying F-5 fighters among other craft.

Link:  http://io9.com/ufo-in-chile-said-to-be-the-size-of-two-soccer-stadiums-1553302591

Aboriginal ‘Pleiades Embryo’ Carving Reveals Origin Of Human Creation

This brief article is the most accidental and one of the most important I have yet penned.
Evan and I recently received some archival records of immense importance, relating to studies, sites and conclusions that Frederic Slater (President of the Australian Archaeological Society of Australia), along with a bevy of well connected associates, shared openly in the public arena in 1937. According to the archives, this group of scholars were adamant that some (then) recently discovered rock engravings were of Egyptian inspiration, and made reference to a rock platform near the Cave of the Golden Boomerang we ourselves had previously stood upon – and came to the same conclusion.
Evan searched online for further details of that particular site, and there amongst a Newcastle University discussion about this location and its archaeology, was a photograph. The figure it depicted was a rather unusual semi-embryonic foetus, and much to our surprise – and delight – it was claimed that this icon represented the Pleiades.

The Pleiades Embryo

Our reaction was instant. We both immediately recognised the symbol, where it was found, and how dramatically the traveller’s narrative of the Cave of the Golden Boomerang had been extended — into the heavens and beyond. Knowing how sacred this cave was, detailing the beginning of modern humans, we had previously known of the general details, but none of the specifics. This changed everything.
Initially taken by the precision of the artist and the impressive array of huge human figures, we saw the small figure to the right of the ‘standing woman’ and took it to be, with some hesitation, a new borne child. But that explanation sat uneasily, because every other human figure here is representational and proportional to the true human figure. By comparison, the ‘baby’ appears so odd and distorted and only vaguely resembles an infant. It is neither being held nor cared for by the closest female, rather it is seated beside the woman’s shin but is not touching nor dependent on her. There is also no crib or traditional coolaman dish depicted.
Deliberately apart from the others, this embryonic figure is the first engraving in the gallery. The most prominent and tallest figure is the female, and until we were made aware of the constellation marker, we had assumed the narrative began with her. But the three human-like figures and the sacred Golden Boomerang come after, not before, the constellation marker. The narrative of creation doesn’t begin with her, it begins at the Pleiades.
We were already aware that this gallery itemizes the agents involved in the creation of modern humans, but we never had such a firm archaeological foundation upon which to base our belief in an off-world involvement, until now. Knowing that it represents the Pleiades, that tiny icon adds so much to this ancient Original record of humanity’s genesis; it provides an introduction, a place of setting and a genetic backdrop. As far as we are concerned, this is the most convincing evidence of an ancient Pleiadian ancestry on this continent we have seen.


A Light That Shines Far Off

The only question unsolved relates to whether the woman depicted was from the Pleiades. The placement of the Pleiades signature beside her left shin, with her right hand extended and touching another woman who could be seen as floating in space (perhaps in transit to Earth) certainly adds weight to that interpretation.
The second floating woman reaches forward and touches a male who is standing on solid ground near the sacred boomerang. We were never told whether or not that male actually touched, or was reaching towards the holy object – that part of the narrative we could not determine even when standing on site.
But for now there is at least one certainty: at the very beginning of humanity’s creation, beings from the Pleiades stood beside the very first humans. At least 5,000 years ago, this magnificent piece of representational art was created in a way that could never be claimed to be cryptic or symbolic; this was not abstract art, and there were meant to be no questions. It is a narrative of creation, and it began in the Pleiades. That is what was engraved. From that starting point, the details are still open for consideration.
This fortuitous discovery is the final nail in the coffin of any who deny a Pleiadian presence in ancient times in Australia. Granted, we had already seen 8 UFO-like engravings at Bambara and a 2 x 4 metre pecked “Star Fish” nearby…. we have in our possession the metal and crystal objects found in the area…. we know Frederic Slater’s translation of the First Language emphasises that the Creation Beings “came to Earth” from “a light that shines far off”…. and above and beyond these truths is theOriginal truth: the Original Dreaming story “The Seven Sisters” is the only ancient narrative that is universally known to all Original tribes, transcending all tribal, language and geographic boundaries. But nothing silences naysayers like solid archaeology. And this is solid archaeology.
The ancient Original custodians have engraved lines in the rock that start with the distant Pleiades constellation, and culminates in the beginning of humanity. The reason this was done is simple; our story here began a long way out there. That was their eternal truth and remains our collective ancestry.

For more information, check out my previous article “Does The Cave of The Golden Boomerang Contain Profound and Ancient Pre-Historic Rock Engravings?

Link: http://www.shiftfrequency.com/steven-strong-aboriginal-pleiades-embryo-carving-reveals-origin-of-human-creation/

Megadump of UFO Images, Extraterrestrials, Antigravity Spaceships, Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Civilizations Sourced From The Deep Web

I Found this a few days ago in a Spanish speaking blogspot post i've translated most of the translation.

Megadump de Imágenes OVNI, Extraterrestres, Naves Antigravedad, Astronautas Ancestrales y Civilizaciones Antiguas sacadas desde la Deep Web

Megadump of UFO Images, Extraterrestrials, Antigravity Spaceships, Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Civilizations Sourced From The Deep Web

He aquí un dump de imágenes que encontré en la deep web referentes a fenómenos paranormales, ovnis y extraterrestres. No se el origen de ninguna de ellas, ya que algunas , localicé, provienen de facebook de distintos grupos y otras directamente desde la Deep web y la Darknet. Es increíble lo que se puede encontrar uno cuando le da por buscar un buen rato en ese sitio. Seguro se sorprenderán:

Here's a dump of images that I found in the deep web concerning paranormal pheonmena, UFOs and extraterrestrials. I have no idea where the originals originated from, yet since some are, sourced, come from different facebook groups and others directly from the Deep Web and Darknet. It's incredible what you can find one when we feel about looking for a good amount of time on these sites. surly you'll be surprised:

Link: http://elrinconparanormal.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/megadump-de-fotografias-de-ovnis-extraterrestres-y-documentos-graficos-sacados-de-la-profundidad-de-la-deep-web.html