17 November, 2014

New Area 51 alien autopsy image is ‘smoking gun’, researcher claims

One of the most enduring mysteries of the past few decades could be about to be solved, as a researcher claims to have uncovered a clear photograph of an alien from Area 51 – on film which maker Kodak has dated as authentically being from 1947, the date of the supposed crash.

UFO expert Tom Carey was sent images of ‘insect-like’ aliens from 1947, photographed after autopsy inside the secretive facility – by a woman thought to be involved in one of America’s intellligence agencies.

Carey describes his discovery as ‘the smoking gun’.

Carey has contacted oficial Kodak historians to certify the authenticity of the film stock – and to ensure the date is accurate. He aims to reveal his findings in full early next year.

The content of the images is explosive – showing clear images of aliens under autopsy, something the US has always denied.

Several staff at firms such as Lockheed Martin claim that not only were aliens examined at the site, their technology was reverse-engineered to make hi-tech aircraft.

Tom Carey has been researching the crash – where many believe that the U.S. government either autopsied alien bodies, or captured them alive – since 1991, and has written numerous books on the subject.

He claims that the new image has been certified by Kodak’s official historian as not being Photoshopped – with the expert having examined Kodachrome colour slides showing an ‘alien’ body lying inside a case. Carey says there is a clear contrast between his images and other common images and videos of ‘aliens’ supposedly from Area 51.

Carey says: ‘What’s interesting is, the film is dated 1947. We took it to the official historian of Kodak up in Rochester, New York, and he did his due diligence on it, and he said yes, this filmstrip, the slides are from 1947. It’s 1947 stock. And from the emulsions on the image, it’s not something that’s been Photoshopped like today. It’s original 1947 images, and it shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case.’

Carey says that the creatures are smaller than humans – around three to four feet tall. ‘The head is almost insect-like. The head has been severed, and there’s been a partial autopsy; the innards have been removed, and we believe the cadaver has been embalmed, at least at the time this picture was taken.’

Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes UFO Investigations Manual, cautions that several researchers have promised similar ‘smoking guns’ in the past: ‘Usually when people make promises that they have the smoking gun of ufology – positive evidence of their existence – they come to nothing or they produce rather underwhelming evidence.’

‘However, if aliens were retrieved it would be a world changing event and I can’t imagine they could keep the lid on such an event throughout the 50s and 60s.’
Carey was sent the slides by a couple in Texas. ‘The woman was a high-powered Midland, Texas, lawyer with a pilot’s licence. We think she was involved in intelligence in World War II, and her husband was a field geologist for an oil company,’ claims Carey.

Link:  http://metro.co.uk/2014/11/16/new-area-51-alien-autopsy-image-is-smoking-gun-researcher-claims-4950320/


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