03 September, 2015

UFO Report File from German intelligence

The universe, aka/the final frontier, nevertheless provides boundless room for speculation. This will by no means satisfy stubborn UFO adepts. For instance, the editor of the Web site grenz/wissenschaft aktuell [boundary/science blog spot] dug up another UFO file from the Foreign Intelligence Service [the Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND] that is supposed to remain sealed until 2021. File B206/1914 from the Federal Archives in Coblenz is keeping the issue of extraterrestrials alive: On August 26, 1986, three officers working the night shift at the Puttgarten border control and ferry station observed an unidentified flying object hovering outside the window of their office. And with the thoroughness expected of Germans, one is quoted as saying: "Please initiate UFO procedure!"

Source:  http://worldmeets.us/dertagesspiegel000020.shtml#.VeedXpc2W1R


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