08 September, 2015

UFO Spotter Films ‘Blob’ Near Donald Trump’s Chopper

While Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump's helicopter was flying a group of children over the Iowa state fair as part of his campaign, an unnamed UFO spotter filmed a "blob" flying near the billionaire's chopper.

The witnesses posted a copy of the video on YouTube and reported the incident to the US national UFO database, Express reported on Friday, although the incident happened in mid-August. The intention of the witness was just to capture on video the helicopter flight.

"It was very hard to see the helicopter because of the glare on the screen. Later on that day when I was sitting in the shade I got my phone out to see how my picture came out. That's when I noticed the object in the photo," Huffington Post quotes the witness.

Following the witness's report, the Iowa Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) branch is reportedly investigating the incident. Roger Marsh, MUFON spokesman, did not discount the possibility that the blob could just be a bird or a second helicopter. He said photo analysis would be done to pinpoint what exactly was that object.

The photo that the witness submitted was tagged Case 69530 in the Mutual UFO Network database. MUFON is a California-based non-profit group that records and investigates reports of UFO sightings worldwide.

Besides Trump, UFOs are also allegedly bugging the Clintons. In 2014, former President Bill Clinton told TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he tried to investigate the activities at Area 51. For Pentagon, it is a top secret military base found north of Las Vegas, but to UFO believers, it is the alleged hiding place of crashed flying saucers.

Source:  http://en.yibada.com/articles/61141/20150907/ufo-spotters-film-blob-near-donald-trump-s-chopper.htm


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