04 February, 2015

UFO spotted in Crewe sparks search for truth

A UFO has been spotted in Crewe sparking debate as to whether the town has been visited by extra terrestrials.

The Photograph of The UFO, Crewe, Cheshire, England

The photo, which was posted on Facebook, was originally taken last Friday to highlight a possible health and safety issue concerning a worker a top of Crewe’s Clock Tower.

But look closely and you can see an eerie glowing light eerily sits in the sky, prompting some to wonder whether the truth was out there.

Crewe Town Council clerk Steve McQuade said: “I knew when I took up this job that Crewe is a very interesting place and attracts folk from far and wide, but events last Friday moved Crewe onto the intergalactic level.

“We are trying hard to attract people into Crewe for events, meetings and conferences using the great facilities in the town and I can only assume that our message has got out well beyond the solar system.

“It was a surprise to receive the image of what looks like the classic flying saucer hovering over the clock tower.

“We need independent verification of course, but alien spotting may now compliment train spotting as a leisure activity.”

While some people on social media remain open to the possibility of being visited by alien life, it seems not everyone is impressed.

And some even have their own, more plausible, theories.

Jason Griffiths said: “It IS the reflection of a light fitting on the glass of a window in Delemere House.

“The photo was initially taken to capture the amazingly stupid actions by the person on top of the clock tower attempting to clean the flag pole.”

Link:  http://www.creweguardian.co.uk/news/11768297.UFO_spotted_in_Crewe_sparks_search_for_truth/


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