17 August, 2014

Father, son claim they saw 3 UFOs

A 61-year-old businessman and 36-year-old son claimed they saw three unidentified flying objects circling the moon at 12:20 a.m. on Aug. 12 and managed to take photos of the occurrence.

Isagani Caparas said he and his son Gilvert were drinking at the third floor of their house in Gen. T. de Leon in Valenzuela when the younger Caparas saw the three objects moving in crisscross fashion.

“The objects were round, one was color red and the two were white,” said Caparas.

At one point, the UFOs formed a straight line with the red object in the middle, according to Caparas.
Caparas, who supplies drainage equipment for a major mall, said he is wondering why there was not a single report of the unusual activity. He said the objects were very visible and were assuming that others also witnessed the event.

“To our surprise, however, there was nothing of that sort that was reported,” said Caparas in the e-mail he sent to newspaper offices. “We are wondering how and why such a very spectacular occurrence that lasted for more than 30 long minutes did go unnoticed by concerned space observer agencies worldwide.

Isagani sent four photos, the authenticity of which could not be determined.

The elder Caparas said he tried contacting the University of the Philippine observatory to confirm what he saw but could not get through.

“People might say we’re crazy but we know what we saw,” said Isagani who admitted he’s a fan of Ancient Aliens, a television show.

Hernan Dizon, secretary of the Philippine Astronomical Society, said they have not heard about the occurrence.

“Events like this need to be verified by experts,” said Dizon. “Unfortunately, as far as I know, there’s no group here in the country that specializes on such phenomenon.”

There have been numerous UFO sightings and various books and documentaries have been made that tackle them, but none so far has come up with conclusive evidence of extra-terrestrial beings.

Link:  http://www.tempo.com.ph/2014/08/father-son-claim-they-saw-3-ufos/


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