12 August, 2014

Several UFOs Flying Above São Paulo, Brazil

Several UFOs are captured on film flying and hovering above São Paulo in the latest UFO sighting news from Brazil.
These bright UFOs were caught on video as many onlookers watched amazed at the aerial display they were putting on over the city of São Paulo, Brazil on August 8, 2014. These glowing orbs were buzzing over the city almost as if they were in search of something as the maneuvered around above the hillside in the night sky. Hovering at times and flying at a high rate of speed around each other in this 4 minute video. Some might believe these to be some type of Remote Control quadracopter off to your I would disagree. These craft appear to be much to large to be a toy.

Link: http://anythingufo.blogspot.com.au/2014/08/several-ufos-flying-above-sao-paulo.html


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