14 August, 2014

UFO workshop draws thousands 
to Hi-Desert

Erich von Daniken, right, the Swiss writer who brought his "Chariots of the Gods" ancient astronaut theory to the public almost 50 years ago, receives a standing ovation from the standing-room-only Contact crowd before his lecture, "Unsolved Mysteries of the Past," in Noble Hall Sunday morning, Aug. 10.
An estimated 2,000 people from around the world attended Contact in the Desert, a four-day program exploring extraterrestrial contact past, present and future, at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center Friday through Monday.
For a second year, attendees were treated to lectures and workshops featuring top names in the fields of UFOs, archaeological and astronomical mysteries, consciousness studies, government cover-ups and the citizen disclosure movement.
“It’s not about depending on the government telling us the truth, it’s about us finding the truth,” Tim Blackhurst from Bakersfield declared.

 “I was fascinated by space and alien technology as a kid, ever since I got my first copy of ‘Project Blue Book,’ Michael Pannullo from the Bay Area said, referring to the government study of UFOs released in 1969. “I’ve been to three of these kinds of events.”

Laurie Marie and Diane Leprince are Internet journalists form Paris, France.

“We’re going to report on this to the French people, explain to them the things we’re being told here,” Marie said.

“I came last year,” Diane Alhamad of San Diego said. “This year I’m going to get my copy of ‘Gold of the Gods’ signed by Erich von Daniken.”

Von Daniken, the spirited Swiss octogenarian who sparked the ancient astronaut movement with the 1968 German release of his book, “Chariots of the Gods,” was the star guest at Contact this year.
He lectured and gave programs with plenty of new material on his arguments about the Great Pyramid of Giza and Bible accounts of encounters with “gods.”

He also signed many books for fans.

Also at the top of the bill for the second year were Giorgio Tsoukalos, the adventuring host of the popular History Channel television series “Ancient Aliens,” now in its seventh season, and George Noory, host of the long-running “Coast to Coast” radio show about all things mysterious.

New this year was Nick Pope, the former British ministry of defense head of UFO investigations, exploring the alleged alien contact on a military base in England.

“The continuing study of UFOs is challenging our concepts of what we thought they were even 20 years ago,” Richard Dolan, investigator of military and government cover-ups, said during a panel discussion on conspiracies. “The battle is about secrecy versus freedom and we want to flow to freedom.”

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