05 September, 2014

UFO base filmed by Airline pilot?

Strange lights popping up from the depths of the Pacific, were captured in flight by a commercial airline pilot.

An aircraft pilot captured these extremely interesting images while flying from Hong Kong to Anchorage. The pilot witnessed an eerie reddish glow of still unknown origin while flying over the Pacific Ocean, near the Kamchatka peninsula. It was JPC van Heijst a Dutch pilot , who stated this as the ” scariest ” ever paranormal encounter occurred throughout his long career as a commercial pilot.

According to the official account , after five hours of flight, the pilots spotted in the distance, over the Pacific Ocean , an intense flash of red light projecting into the sky : “It looked like lightning [ ... ] I’ve never seen anything like it ” said van Heijst.

While there were no records of thunderstorms in the line of the flight path , the pilot preemptively decided to stay alert to possible atmospheric phenomena that could unexpectedly occur .

“I decided to take some pictures of the night sky and the eerie green glow that was present in the northern hemisphere ,” said the pilot, who , just 20 minutes later, saw the presence of a deep red to orange glow, ” this was indeed a bit odd , since it was assumed that there was nothing but an infinite ocean beneath us , “he said . “The closer we got , the more intense it got” described van Heijst , frightened by the notion that the nearest airport was approximately two hours away and had almost no alternative flight routes over such a dangerous and unknown region.

“We reported our findings to Air Traffic Control and they have opened an investigation.” No official explanation has been given. Let us know what you think!

Link:  http://www.ancient-code.com/ufo-base-filmed-airline-pilot/


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