06 September, 2014

Argentina: A UFO Over San Francisco de Bellocq

Source:La Voz del Pueblo (Argentina) and Planeta UFO
Date: August 27, 2014

Argentina: A UFO Over San Francisco de Bellocq

08.27.14 - it was captured yesterday morning in a photo taken by an aide to municipal delegate Gerardo Chedrese. Last night they noticed the presence of an oval, plate-shaped figure. There is even a similar one that is less visible. A report from the author of the image that has caused interest and renewed speculation.

There was considerable surprise last night in San Francisco de Bellocq when what looked like a spot or dot on the screen resulted in the discovery of an Unidentified Flying Object. Andrés Stessens, secretary to municipal delegate Gerardo Chedrese, took the photo - among others - yesterday morning from a tall structure in the community in order to capture the condition of flooded rural roads and adjacent areas. He was accompanied by Chedrese himself and two other locals as he used his camera. As hours went by, an unusual new development occurred.

The photo even shows a similar object, albeit less clear and more susceptible to being called into question. The clearest photo makes evident the presence in the sky of an oval or plate-shaped UFO. A revealing document that brings front and center a subject that is always the cause of analysis by experts and causes questions among the public.

"It is both impressive and odd," said Andrés Stessens to La Voz del Pueblo when asked about the matter by this newspaper.

When he decided to photograph adjacent areas to the community, flooded roads and the rural areas most affected by the storm on a windy morning, he had no idea that he could be capturing something that would result in the detection - hours later - of a shape that strongly resembles a plate.

"Looking at the photo in the evening to analyze the effects of the flood and the town's situation, we did a close-up with the zoom and saw it," he notes.

The shots were taken around 10:30 and 11 a.m. "There were four of us," he explains. "I took around ten photos and we found clearly visible plate-shapes in one of them. It's startling." A question arose in this regard: "One object or two?" Stessens stressed that "one can be clearly seen, and there is another similar shape in the distance, but much more distant and removed."

The computer magnification was employed in order "to better view the lagoon that is menacing the rear part of the town. Something was visible over the hills, we closed in on it and found a plate or a plate-shape." While he had heard of others' experiences, he noted "this had never happened to me, not personally. Never."

He uses his camera to document situations he finds interesting, although he is not a shutterbug. "In this case, it was due to the matter of water in the community, which causes concern. And we found this."

The story represented a different way to end the day to Andrés Stessens, Gerardo Chedrese and others who looked at the computer screen and agreed on the record's importance. Amid the difficulties caused by the storm, and while controls are scheduled from the delegation, an unexpected event occurred which shall draw even more attention after it is published in La Voz del Pueblo.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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