10 October, 2014

Motherlode Of 1962 UFO Pics? Or Load Of Crappola? - And, What About The OTHER UFO?

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In seven years I've yet to have an opportunity like this one - either an incredible FIND - or a complete cock and bull story (origin of this term used in the 1960's too). First, this is from the Latest MUFON reports - submitted on 10/8 in the evening - about 5 old-time UFO photos found in an old photo album from Albuquerque New Mexico in 1962 (more about the exact date at the end of this posting)..... Let's start with the `report':
the short description
5 historical photos of amazing daytime disc found in Air Force captain's photoalbum
the long description
Long Description of Sighting Report
i made a report of this a week ago, but the photo attachments didnt work so im trying again. My wife and I found these 5 incredible daytime disc polaroid photos in an old photo album belonging to her grandfather, who was a captain in the air force and was stationed in albuquerque NM from 1961-1965. the man seen in the picture pointing to the object is my wife's grandfather. i scanned these photos in and blew them up and they are very compelling. If it was a hoax, it's a good one.
So, not ONLY are these old-time FOUND UFO pictures of the classic `flying saucers' of the 1960's - the person in possession of them was an Air Force Captain. (excuse me, what's the odds of that?) - and the UFOs must be associated with him in some manner, right? Was he a caller? Did he have a lot of photography equipment for the era?

Indeed, I'm full of questions.... did the man EVER talk about these pictures with family - such as a grand-daughter?  This proof would certainly be something to be quiet about. Was there any caption? Did he have any association with UFOs in the Air Force based on family conversations?

Why bring up a hoax?
Now To The Pictures Submitted
pic 1
The enlargement appears to show `lights' or details around the saucer.... but, if you look carefully, the same `lights' are on the horizon of the picture too. Suggesting to me that that detail is nothing more than static from the enlargement. That said, the enlargement holds my interest too - are those Orbs in the upper right and on the UFO? (Is this another three orb `image'?)

Was it hovering (no motion in picture that I see) above a radio tower possibly also I think - how did it leave? That said, picture one LACKS IMO the strangest anomaly of them all in this picture series as you will see shortly.
Pic 2
First you MUST look at the enlargement!
this picture would suggest the object moved
Now the real mystery perhaps.
On all the remaining pictures (one being truly exceptional) there is a 2nd OBJECT associated with this `UFO' - that black object, in this picture below the UFO - what the H?
Pic 3
As you can see at the enlargement - the `black thing' - same exact shape - is now PART of the UFO! I mean WTH? Was that thing visible? Was that thing flying around? Did it come out of or go into the saucer?

And, how could the submitter not even mention it? Right?
Pic 4
The saucer is MUCH lighter in this picture - almost an apparent morphing in appearance.
Want the other picture?
The last picture too is excellent - please go check it out.

Do you need a kicker on this story? Thought so. The DATE listed for this UFO over New Mexico was
April Fools Day
The Anagram For UFO Disclosure Remains
Ludicrous Foes

Link:  http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com.au/2014/10/motherlode-of-1962-ufo-pics-or-load-of.html


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