24 October, 2014

Is Mount Kailash A Man-Made Pyramid?

Kailash is a sacred Tibetan mountain shrouded in mystery and legends. With an impressive height of 6718 meters, Mount Kailash represents the axis of the world or the stairway to heaven for the people in the region. Both Buddhists and Hindus, as well as older religions, recognize Mount Kailash as an ancient holy place. Approach Kailash not only prohibited, but dangerous. In the immediate vicinity of mountains time flows much faster, and people have gone to the mountain, often not returned. 
Its shape is remarkable and has led to speculations over the centuries. The area around this great mountain is the source of four life-giving rivers; the IndusBrahmaputraSutlej and the Karnali River (a tributary of the Sacred River Ganga). Two lakes are situated at the base of the mountain. The higher lake Manasarovar (one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world), is the sacred lake, and is round like the sun. The lower lake Rakhast Tal (one of the highest salt-water lakes) is the devil’s lake and has the shape of the crescent moon. The two lakes represent solar and lunar forces, good and negative energies respectively.
In 1999, the expedition of Russian scientists led by Professor Ernest Muldashev found that the top of Mount Kailash is actually a giant man-made pyramid from ancient times. It is surrounded by more than 100 other small pyramids and various monuments, clearly oriented to the cardinal points. According to tentative estimates, the height of the rest of the complex of pyramids lie in the range 100-1800 m (for comparison: the pyramid of Cheops – 146 m). This complex, moreover, might be the centre of a worldwide system connecting other monuments or sites where paranormal phenomena have been observed. If this is true, then human history has to be re-written. It is larger than any pyramid known today.

Scientists headed by Professor
Ernest Muldashev concluded that the complex of pyramids Kailash, the so-called “City of the Gods“, was built by the representatives of advanced civilization, who knew the laws of subtle energy (torsion field) and the time and knew how to manage them they had been, and is subject to gravity. Otherwise it is impossible to move large masses of stone or grinding of mountain ranges that had to be done during the construction of these Pyramids, and “mirrors”. 

The idea of the pyramid in this region is not new. It goes back to the timeless Sanskrit epic of the Ramayana.
The Axis Mundi, the centre of the universe, the navel of the world, the world pillar, Kang Tisé or Kang Rinpoche (the ‘Precious Jewel of Snow’ in Tibetan), Meru (or Sumeru), Swastika Mountain, Mt. Astapada, Mt. Kangrinboge (the Chinese name) – all these names, real or legendary, belong to one of the holiest and most mysterious mountains in the world – Mount Kailas.

According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance and illusion, resides at the summit of mountain 
Kailash, where he sits in a state of perpetual meditation along with his wife Pārvatī. Hindu mythology recognises it as the only abode of the gods that can be visited by man in his mortal body.
To Tibetan Buddhists, Kailas is the abode of the tantric meditational deity Demchog.

Jains revere Kailash as the site at which their first prophet received enlightenment.

The Bön, an aboriginal religious sect of the Tibetan pre-Buddhist era call it Yung-drung Gu-tzeg, or “9-storey Swastika” because on the south face of Kailash can be seen a swastika.
Perhaps the Buddhist legends about Mount Kailash gives the most interesting indication of its true significance. Buddhists believe that ‘their’ sorcerer Milarepa challenged the sorcerer of the Bön religion, Naro Bön-chung. There was a fierce superhuman battle, but both sorcerers turned out to be equally powerful. They then decided to race each other to the top of Mount Kailash. Now what is interesting is that one of them used some sort of magic drum to reach the top, while the other won by using ‘rays of the sun’.
What does this sound like, if we take it literally? Did one of these legendary figures use a spacecraft and the other some form of teleportation? What if these magicians were actually ancient aliens, using advanced technology that primitive humans could only explain by calling them ‘Gods’?

However, it is only fair to add that the Russian claims to have discovered in the Mt.Kailash area the highest ever human-built pyramids were denied three years later by Chinese scientists in the official Chinese Press. 
*Similarly There is more information on this site http://geolines.ru/eng/publications/NEW-IN-HISTORY/Mount-Kailash.html


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