09 October, 2014

‘Rocket launcher’ is the latest object discovered on Mars

The 18th century weapon will be no match for our armed forces if Johnny Martian dares to start anything
Mars Curiosity Rover yesterday uncovered yet more compelling evidence of life on Mars – with a strange rock formation which looks eerily like an 18th Century naval cannon.

The good news for the paranoid is that if Martians are still using rock versions of such outdated weaponry, they will be easily annihilated by our hydrogen bombs.

The intriguing discovery comes in the wake of several sightings spotted in Curiosity’s photo stream by ‘enthusiasts’  – which appear to show a traffic light, football and a kestrel on Mars. The terrifying evidence is pictured below.

While HG Wells has little to say on the subject of kestrels, he seems to have predicted the discovery of guns on Mars in the chilling prologue to War of the Worlds, where he speaks of a ‘huge gun, from which their projectiles were fired at us.’
HG Wells predicted the cannon in his classic War of the Worlds. His views on kestrels are unknown

Thankfully, the gun pictured by Curiosity is probably so small that it would cause little more than a stinging sensation, even if it somehow made it through Earth’s atmosphere.

What Wells would make of Mars’s traffic system is unknown.

Martian kestrel attack

The kestrel is pictured in the centre of this photograph. You might think it’s just a dot, but UFO fans know better

UFO enthusiast site UFO-Blogger said of the kestrel-like bird pictured hovering above Mars’s surface, ‘This is an actual object in 3 dimensions out there in the background. Look at the shading around its edges.

‘The shading gets lighter at the edges indicating this is a real object out there with sun light reflecting more on its top than on its bottom.’

Or it could just be a dot. Scientists have yet to clarify the origin of this new mystery of the Red Planet.

Red, Green and Yellow planet

The traffic lights on Mars (top right). It’s unclear whether Martian traffic regulations are legally binding for vehicles from Earth

Thankfully, Curiosity has not encountered any traffic so far on Mars, but this traffic light appears to be conclusive proof that it was once there. Either that, or it’s an oddly shaped stone.

Keen-eyed Joe Smith, 45, noticed the set of traffic lights. Joe, a space video journalist, from Bristol, said: “I have been following the images from Nasa since the start and I flick through them on the Nasa website every day.”

As yet, Science has yet to speak out on whether this is the fossilised remnant of an Earth-like traffic system on Mars, or just a rock.

Martians United? 

From the appearance of this spherical stone, it appears Martians play proper football, not the American kind. Or possibly even cricket

At first sight, this rock seems to be proof that Martians enjoy the beautiful game (and it’s spherical, hinting that they like proper, British football, not the American kind), and offering the possibility that we may one day invite teams from Mars to the World Cup.

Spoilsport scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory claim that the ball is much too small for a conventional game of football, being just 1cm wide. This may, of course, indicate that Martians are just very small.

Link:  http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/08/mars-rover-finds-proof-martians-have-cars-footballs-kestrels-and-guns-4897448/


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