21 October, 2014

Charlotte NC Man Sees A UFO And Has The Video To Prove It

Date of sighting: October 11, 2014, Sat
Location of sighting: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
When I took screenshots of the UFO as seen above, I noticed the UFO was triangle shape. This conforms the the Los Alamos Lab TR3B craft. The TR3B has a massive glowing circle in its center…its not glowing here, but it on the craft as seen in the below screenshot with altered lighting. This may be a UFO, but also could be TR3B test flight. One thing we do know…it was not a plane or helicopter. SCW 
News states: 
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Picture going outside on a Saturday night, looking up in the sky and seeing what appears to be a UFO.
That’s what happened to Luis Rodriguez last weekend when he was taking his dog for a walk outside his apartment in the Arwen Vista Complex.
“Tried to make sense of it just like any other rational person would,” Rodriguez said. “I thought it was a plane or some sort of aircraft that was just flying really low.”
After watching it go across the sky he believes it was a UFO, a spaceship of some sort. NBC Charlotte sent the video to some experts at UNCC. (More at source).

Luis Rodriguez looked up into the nights sky and seen something that he could not identify.

Source= http://www.wcnc.com/story/news/2014/1…
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Link:  https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/charlotte-nc-man-sees-a-ufo-and-has-the-video-to-prove-it-oct-2014/


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