03 October, 2014

UFO like an empty gallon of milk over Oklahoma

On July 2014, over Oklahoma City (USA), several persons have seen, in the sky, an unidentified flying object seemed like an empty gallon of milk. One the witness has taken an incredible photo…
Witness statement:
Oklahoma City Sighting - Object seemed like an empty gallon of milk (general appearance but not in shape), with pipe structures visible when it was on top of 2 witnesses. Picture taken when object was from far away; unfortunately, no memory on cell phone was available to take pictures when the object was closer. Had to delete personal pictures to take the attached photo. When object was far away, and before disappearing behind trees in the horizon, it looked like a saucer (disk).
My fiancé spotted the object first. Duration of sighting was about 5 minutes.
Please examine picture and enhance digitally to figure out what the object was.

Link:  http://activite-paranormale.net/news/read/3429/UFO%20like%20an%20empty%20gallon%20of%20milk%20over%20Oklahoma


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