01 December, 2014

LISTEN: Mysterious bangs over Swansea bay and rest of UK blamed on secret US stealth jet, aliens, meteors and the end of the world

8548200-large IT seems that whoever you speak to, you get a different explanation for what caused the mysterious bangs heard over Swansea Bay and the rest of the UK on Saturday night. Debate is continuing over the source of the noises, which were heard at around 10pm from Glasgow, down to London and across to Wales. And one person even recorded the sounds, which resemble the noise you might expect from a firework display. Explanations have included meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere, space junk causing sonic booms as it plummetts to Earth, aliens and the end of the world. One expert has suggested the bangs sounded similar to a type of experimental jet engine. Listen to a recording of the bangs here... Dr Bhupendra Khandelwal, an engineering research associate from Sheffield, said the ‘pulse jet engine’, used the force from a series of explosions caused by mixing a fuel mist with air intake to generate thrust. He distanced himself from conspiracy theorists, however, who have suggested a top secret Aurora spy jet might be using the technology and might have been flying and causing the noise. Whatever the cause was, it woke children in their beds and set animals barking. The Met Office has ruled out any weather-related cause. So what did cause the bangs? Perhaps we will never know.


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