11 November, 2014

Fireball Strikes The Texan Skies: Was it meteor or UFO?

Fireball in Texas sky, 2014, is making headlines across the world. Was it meteor or UFO?, people are wondering.

Astronomers are showing keen interest in reports of spotting of fireball in Texas. Till now fireball—possibly a meteor—used to be seen in video only but not anymore after reports surfaced of such activities being spotted through the sky above Texas on Saturday night.
Since then everybody has been talking about it. The images and videos have gone viral and have been observed by many.

 The source of one video has come from a Burnet County Sheriff’s patrol car. As if one was not enough the other too has its root from a police car in Hewitt, Texas, near Waco. Lara Chorn is an eyewitness to this account. “It was just a fireball. From my account, it seemed like it was just bright yellow with a white trail, and there’s other accounts of a blue and green trail,” said Lara, who lives in Dripping Springs and had seen it unfold while she was driving home from Lakeway.

The image and video have sparked a debate about the identity of the object. After going through the video images, amateur astronomer Paul Lennous is convinced that it looks like meteor to him.
“Most meteorites are about the size of basically a dust particle that you see. Most of the bright ones–about a grain of sand. That thing was substantially larger,” said Lennous.

Link:  http://nvonews.com/fireball-in-texas-sky-2014-was-it-meteor-or-ufo/


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