08 October, 2014

‘UFO’ spotted shadowing passenger plane over Seattle

An ‘alien spacecraft’ has been filmed appearing to stalk a passenger jet in what is the latest apparent UFO sighting.

Filmed from the right side of a passenger plane flying over Seattle, Washington, the saucer-shaped craft moves in and out of the thick cloud cover as it shadows the airliner.

And alien enthusiasts have speculated as to what the flying saucer would be doing in plain sight.

‘I can see two possibly reasons and three possible outcomes for any UFO-type craft to do this in this day and age,’ writes YouTube user tony budz.

‘1. They are attempting to see if they can be detected by the aircraft’s technology.

‘2. They want to be seen since they obviously know they are being filmed. Possible outcomes? Destroy, capture or guard the aircraft.’

While that’s all very well and good, there’s no window frame to show it was actually filmed on a plane, the quality is appalling and the sound gives no indication as to where it was taken, to name just a few problems with the video.

Still, it could be real.


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