09 October, 2014

UFO Sighting in Norman, Oklahoma on October 7th 2014

The visibility was clear and the moon appeared almost full. I decided to take a picture of it. While I was preparing my cell phone to take the picture I observed three small bright lights flashing just below the moon.

I took the picture and when I examined it I noticed a faint orange object below and slightly west of the moon. I enlarged the picture and using my magnifying glass could see very clearly a very large orange object with a white dome light on top of it.

 My reaction and photographic evidence makes me convinced that this object is manufactured and bears further investigation. I do not know how to transfer my photo to my computer.

For more information on the UFO sighting,  http://www.ufostalker.com/ufostalker/UFO+Sighting+in+Norman+Oklahoma+United+States+on+October+7th+2014/60437?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ufostalker+%28UFO+Stalker%29


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