27 August, 2015

U.S. astronaut says he was told there were UFO's at Roswell

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell recently talked to the Observer.com to clarify some remarks that have been attributed to him about UFO's and the famous incident in Roswell, New Mexico, where some claim a UFO crash-landed in the 1950's.

Mitchell, who grew up in the area, said he had never seen a UFO himself.

But he said he had talked to people who worked at the White Sands nuclear facility, who confirmed to him that UFO activity did take place.

He also said that the incident was kept secret because of the technology that could be obtained from the UFO's by "moneyed" interests.

More On the said topic: http://observer.com/2015/08/edgar-mitchell-apollo-14-astronaut-speaks-out-on-roswell-the-existence-of-aliens/

Source:  http://www.krmg.com/news/news/local/us-astronaut-says-he-was-told-there-were-ufos-rosw/nnRZZ/


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