15 August, 2015

Orange UFO Seen Over The Glaswegian Sky! Scotland

A Scottish Photographer Captures UFO During An Upcoming Meteor Shower

The images, showing a strangely-shaped orange object in the sky, were captured by Scottish photographer Stuart Noble as he was preparing his equipment ahead of the Perseids meteor shower earlier this week.
Stuart said: “I was shooting the Perseids shower and just setting my cameras exposure when I caught this. Shaped like an arrow, the object can be seen near the top of the photos and doesn’t look like conventional images of aircraft at night, or indeed the International Space Station (ISS).
Most UFO ‘sightings’ in the UK are normally put down to the ISS or lights from aircraft. But in 2013, the pilots of an Airbus A320 on approach to Glasgow Airport reported coming into close contact with a ‘blue and yellow’ aircraft that passed around 450ft beneath the aeroplane as it was coming into land.

An report from Airprox, the body that investigates near-misses, was inconclusive, with members unable to identify what the mystery object might have been.

Source:  http://scottishindependence.com/2015/08/ufo-spotted-in-glasgow-sky/


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